equipment and spare parts

  • SST 421-280
    Spray Solvent Tool
    Wafer Size: 200mm
    Number of Tanks: 4
    Number of heated Tanks: 2
    Class 1
    Touch Screen Monitor
    Pneumatic Pumps Trebor 610
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  • SRD and SST 
    Stainless Steel Rotos 
    all Sizes New & Repair
    Made to Customer Specification


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  • Flow-Meter 
    Turbine Flowmeter installed in Semitool SST available new and repair Original Semitool Part Number


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  • Bowls for Spin Rinse Dryer -SRD- and Spray Solvent Tools -SST-
    New available & Repair capability


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  • Assorted Spare Parts

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  • A variety of spare parts for Semitool Equipment is available

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various spare parts

  • Refurbished Spin Rinse Dryer
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SRD 260 S

SRD 270 S

SRD 870 S

SRD 880S

SRD 2300S

SRD 4300S

SRD 8300S


  • Services
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  • Used SRD & SST Rotors
A182-50MB (Balance 0...25)

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