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Description      PN
Filament Power Supply Control 0342-0601-4001
A19, Scan Generator PCB 0342-0607, Rev. B
Magnet Terminal Data Link Chassis With AMU 0342-0651
AMU H.V. Terminal Data Link PCB 0342-0652
Printer Interface PCB 0342-0668
Printer Interface PCB 0342-0668-4001, Rev. B
Scanner PCB 0342-0678, Rev. E
System Monitor Interface PCB 0342-0679
System Monitor Interface PCB 0342-0679, Rev. A
System Monitor Interface PCB 0342-0679-4001
F5 Digital I/O Card PCB 0342-0681, Rev. D
I/O Card Acknowledge Interface PCB 0342-0684-4001
Autoflood Control 0342-0685, Rev. A
F1, F2 Analog Digital I/O Card PCB 0342-0689, Rev. E
AMU Display PCB 0342-0701
Relay Control Center Assembly, CRYO 0342-0703
Metering Resistor Display PCB 0342-0704, Rev. B
Source Vaporizer Display Option Assembly PCB 0342-0705, Rev. F
Inteface Computer 0342-0707, Rev. C
Mykrols repair
FC-2900 repair
FC-2910 repair
FC-2920 repair
FC-2952 repair
Mass Flow Controller - Dual Channel MFC Metering Resistor Display PCB 0342-0709, Rev. A
Regulator Discharge Power Supply PCB 0342-0716, Rev. B
Regulator Discharge Power Supply 0342-0716-4001
AMU Meter PCB 0342-0717-4001
F9 Programmable Counter PCB 0342-0720, Rev. A
F10 Modification Programmable Counter PCB 0342-0721
AUX Extraction Voltage Metering Resistor 0342-0722
Option Display Panel AMU, H.V., Oven Vaporizer 0342-0736, Rev. A
Terminal Control Chassis with AMU Option 0342-0740, Rev. B
Panel, Status Interface, Relay Driver 0342-0744, Rev. B
Capacitor Mounting PCB 0342-0748
Ion Source Control PCB 0342-0749, Rev. D
Ion Source Control PCB 0342-0750, Rev. B
MX 80 Printer With Option 0342-0768, Rev. A
A/D Converter, Modified 0342-0770
F7 A/D PCB 0342-0770
IEEE-488 Interface, Modified 0342-0771
6802 MPU PCB, Modified 0342-0772, Rev. A
Autoflood Control PCB 0342-0797, Rev. A
NO. 2 Cable Tray, CRYO Pump 0342-0804, Rev. B
Beam Monitor Control Chassis 0342-0810, Rev. B
No. 1 Cable Tray 0342-0841, Rev. A
Indexer Drive PCB 0342-0900
Magnet Terminal Data link PCB 0342-0906-0001
Gas Servo Amplifier PCB 0342-0910-4001
Leak Servo Assembly 0342-0911-3001
Gas Servo Amplifier Assembly 0342-0912
Assy PCB 0342-0918
Stepper Motor PCB 0342-0922
Stepper Motor Controller PCB 0342-0922-4001
I/O PCB 0342-0977-4001
Input/Output PCB 0342-0977-9001
Buffer PCB 0342-0987-4001
H4 PCB 0342-1000
PCB 0342-1013-4001
High Current Motor Driver 0342-1027-4001
Scan Generator PCB 0342-1049-0003
Scan Generator PCB 0342-1050-0003
Scan System K5 PCB 0342-1052
Front Panel I/O PCB 0342-1054
A-24 End Staton Vacuum Controller Interface Assy 0342-1077-4001
Source Terminal Data Link 0342-1101
Magnet Power Supply 0342-1429-002
Accel-Decel Suppressor 0342-1430-0001
ARC Discharge Power Supply 0342-1431-0001
Filament Power Supply Chassis Assembly 0342-1432-0001
Controller Source Gas 0342-1433-0001
Thermal Controller 0400-00034
Motor Speed Controller 0440-00027
Temp Controller (SS Relay ) 0440-00031
Temperature Controller 0440-00031
Control Relay 0490-00019
Solid State Relay 0490-00037
Thermocouple 0853-00031
KLA Tencor Laser refurbishment  
KLA-Tencor Laser refurbishment
Tencor Laser repair refurbishment
Surfscan Laser
Surfscan Laser repair refurbishment
Sufscan 4500 laser
Surfscan 6200 laser
Surfscan 6220 laser refurbishment repair laser retubing
Surfscan 6400 laser refurbishment repair laser retubing
Surfscan 6420 laser refurbishment repair laser retubing
Surfscan 7600 laser refurbishment repair laser retubing
Surfscan 7700 laser refurbishment repair laser retubing
KLA Tencor 6200 laser 30mW refurbishment
KLA Tencor 6220 laser refurbishemnet repair prealigned
KLA Tencor 6400 laser refurbishemnet repair
KLA Tencor 6420 laser refurbishemnet repair
KLA Tencor 7600 laser refurbishemnet repair
KLA Tencor 7700 laser refurbishemnet repair
Particle inspection 4500 Tencor Surfscan
Particle inspection 6200 Tencor Surfscan
Particle inspection 6220 Tencor Surfscan
Particle inspection 6420 Tencor Surfscan
Particle inspection 7600 Tencor Surfscan
Particle inspection 7700 Tencor Surfscan
Therma-Wave Laser
Therma-Probe laser
Therma Probe laser
Thermaprobe laser
Therma-Wave laser refurbishment repair
Laser ALC 60B/C  thermaprobe therma-probe
Thermaprobe TP 200 TP200 laser    ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Thermaprobe 240 TP240 laser    ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Thermaprobe 300 TP300 laser   ALC 60B / C ALC 60C
Thermaprobe 400 laser TP400  ALC 60B/C   ALC 60C 
Thermaprobe 420 TP420 TP420 laser    ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Therma-probe 200 laser   TP200 ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Therma-probe 240 laser   TP240 ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Therma-probe 300 laser   TP300 ALC 60B / C ALC 60C
Therma-probe 400 laser   TP400 ALC 60B/C   ALC 60C 
Therma-probe 420 laser   TP420 ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Therma-probe 200 laser   TP200 ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Therma-probe 240 laser   TP240 ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Therma-probe 300 laser   TP300 ALC 60B / C ALC 60C
Therma-probe 400 laser   TP400 ALC 60B/C   ALC 60C 
Therma-probe 420 laser   TP420 ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Therma Probe 200 laser   TP200 ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Therma Probe 240 laser   TP240 ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Therma Probe 300 laser   TP300 ALC 60B / C ALC 60C
Therma Probe 400 laser   TP400 ALC 60B/C   ALC 60C 
Therma Probe 420 laser   TP420 ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
LASER repair AMAT Orbot WF 736 laser refurbished refurbishment
LASER repair AMAT Orbot WF 736-300 laser refurbished refurbishment
"""O"" Ring (Pneumatic Assembly)" 0905-00020
"Drive Belt, SS (24"" Oven)" 0905-00044-01
"Drive belt, SS (32"" Oven)" 0905-00044-02
"Drive Belt, SS (40"" Oven)" 0905-00044-03
"Drive Belt, SS (48"" Oven)" 0905-00044-04
"Drive ""O"" Ring Belt" 0905-00057
"""O"" Ring (Drive Indexer)" 0905-00061
"""O"" Ring (Drive Indexer)" 0905-00061
"""O"" Ring (Drive Indexer)" 0905-00061
"""O"" Ring (Drive Indexer)" 0905-00061
"""O"" Ring Belt" 0905-00061
"Drive ""O"" Ring Belt" 0905-00061
"Manifold ""O"" Ring" 0905-00064
"""O"" Ring (Drive Indexer)" 0905-00084
"""O"" Ring (Drive Indexer)" 0905-00084
"""O"" Ring (Drive Indexer)" 0905-00084
"""O"" Ring Belt" 0905-00084
"Drive ""O"" Ring Belt" 0905-00084
"Drive ""O"" Ring Belt" 0905-00085
"""O"" Ring (Conveyor Indexer)" 0905-00087
"""O"" Ring (Conveyor Indexer)" 0905-00087
"""O"" Ring (Conveyor Indexer)" 0905-00087
"""O"" Ring (Conveyor Indexer)" 0905-00087
"""O"" Ring (Conveyor Indexer)" 0905-00087
"Drive ""O"" Ring Belt" 0905-00087
"Drive ""O"" Ring Belt" 0905-00087
"""O"" Ring Belt" 0905-00089
"Drive ""O"" Ring Belt" 0905-00090
"Drive ""O"" Ring Belt (32"" Oven)" 0905-00091
Rubber Belt (4 Element) 0905-00091
"Drive ""O"" Ring Belt (24"" Oven)" 0905-00092
Rubber Belt (3 Element) 0905-00092
"Drive ""O"" Ring Belt (40"" Oven)" 0905-00093
Rubber Belt ( 5 Element) 0905-00093
"Drive ""O"" Ring Belt (48"" Oven)" 0905-00094
Rubber Belt (6 Element) 0905-00094
"""O"" Ring Belt" 0905-00096
"""O"" Ring Belt" 0905-00101
"""O"" Ring Belt" 0905-00102
"""O"" Ring Belt" 0905-00104
"""O"" Ring Belt" 0905-00107
"Drive Belt, SS (24"" Oven)" 0905-00113-01
S/S Belt (3 Element) 0905-00113-01
"Drive belt, SS (32"" Oven)" 0905-00113-02
S/S Belt (4 Element) 0905-00113-02
"Drive Belt, SS (40"" Oven)" 0905-00113-03
S/S Belt (5 Element) 0905-00113-03
"Drive Belt, SS (48"" Oven)" 0905-00113-04
S/S Belt (6 Element) 0905-00113-04
"""O"" Ring (Drive Indexer)" 0905-0061
"""O"" Ring (Drive Indexer)" 0905-0084
Dual C Drive 0906-0108-0001
Stepper Motor Drive Amplifier, PCB 0906-0191-0001
Pump Control PCB 096-01265-07
Scan and Tilt DI Assembly 1027-0102-0001
Terminal Dose DI Dual Input Assembly 1027-0102-0004
Terminal Rotate and Transfer DI Assembly 1027-0103-0002
Source Sub Assembly 1100040/1, Rev. V
Arc Chamber, Source 1100070, Rev. F
Arc Power Supply 1100310, Rev. M
Ion implanter Planet 1100-4001
Disk Isolation Valve 1100610, Rev. N
Alignment Bar Assembly 1100630, Rev. F
Slide Plate Drive Assembly 1100640, Rev. R
Ball Screen Assembly 1100650, Rev. K
Disk Cover 1100660, Rev. J
Beam Controller Source Assembly 1100720, Rev. M
Aperture Assembly 110080, Rev. A
Vaporizer Assembly 1100820, Rev. V
Front Panel Assembly Vaporizer Controller 1100840, Rev. C
Rear Cover Assembly Vaporizer Controller 1100850/1, Rev. C
Source Cabinet Power Distribution Box 1101090, Rev. H
Disk Clamp Hub Assembly 1101391/2/3, Rev. J
Valve Source Isolation Assembly 1101490, Rev. K
Vaporizer Controller 1101580/1, Rev. K
Modification (Master) Analyzer Magnet Power Supply 1101850, Rev. F
Modification Source Magnet Power Supply 1101860, Rev. D
Enclosure Disk Filter PCB 1101870, Rev. E
Gas Feed Thru Source 1102030, Rev. E
80KV Electrode Assembly 1102040, Rev. C
Source Blank Off Assembly 1102040, Rev. C
Timer Panel 1102110
Timer Panel 1102170/1
Proteus Flow Switch Modification 1102222/1, Rev. E
Disk Drive Assembly 1102260, Rev. H
80KV Manipulator Drive Assembly 1102470, Rev. E
Window Assembly 1102710/1, Rev. D
Multifunction Interface Module 11027830
Cabinet Control Module Assembly 110310, Rev. K
Air Distribution Panel Module No. 1 1103190, Rev. F
Drive Shaft Assembly 1103250/1, Rev. C
Cryo Head Modified Assembly 1103260, Rev. B
Vacuum Control Assembly 1103320, Rev. Q
Valve Interface Module #2 1103510, Rev. E
AMU Assembly 1103600, Rev. P
PIAB Pump Modification Valve Interface Module #2 1103630
Wear Mounting Plate Assembly 1103670, Rev. D
Actuator Cover Assembly 1103790, Rev. C
Beam Striker Plate Assembly 1103860, Rev. C
Beam Guide Assembly 1103970, Rev. C
Manual Vacuum Controller 1104100, Rev. G
Sliding Seal Vacuum Line 1104110, Rev. B
Sliding Seal Vacuum Line 1104120, Rev. A
High Voltage Divider Assembly 1104130, Rev. C
Foreline Assembly 1104200, Rev. C
DOSE Controller Assembly 1104230, Rev. L
Left & Right Disk Arm Control Assembly 110460-1, Rev. E
Rough Line Cryopumps 1104630, Rev. B
Rough Line Disc Assembly 1104640, Rev. A
Electrode Manipulator Controller 1104740, Rev. B
Filament Power Supply 1104860, Rev. F
Module Power Supply 1104870, Rev. F
Electrode Suppression Power Supply Assembly 1104900, Rev. E
80KV Source Cabinet Assembly 1104930, Rev. A
Power Supply Cabinet Enclosure Assembly 1104940, Rev. C
Gas Tube Assembly 1104950, Rev. A
Fuse Box Assembly 1104960/1, Rev. B
Air/Oil Tank Assembly 1105040, Rev. D
HCIG Adapter Brazing 1105060, Rev. A
Valve Plate Assembly 1105170,-1,-2, Rev. D
Disk Interchange 1105280, Rev. G
Regulator Panel 1105380, Rev. B
Actuator Assembly 1105440, Rev. E
Actuator Assembly 1105441
Actuator Assembly 1105442
Disk Exchange Head Assembly 1105610/1, Rev. H
Actuator Assembly 1105670
Actuator Assembly 1105670, Rev. D
Venting Valve Assembly 1105690, Rev. A
80KV Source Cabinet Assembly 1105800, Rev. B
Disk Sensor Assembly Door 1105830, Rev. B
Disc Sensor Assembly Chamber 1105840, Rev. C
Rotary Drive Assembly 1105950, Rev. D
Control Console P.D. 1105960, Rev. B
Faraday Disk Assembly 1107000, Rev. C
Translator Assembly 1107130, Rev. C
Flag Filter - Faraday Burn Thru Sense 1107140, Rev. B
Source H2O Distribution Panel Assembly 1107150, Rev. A
Disk H2O Distribution Panel Assembly 1107160, Rev. A
E.S. Power Distribution 1107170, Rev. D
Electron Shower 1107190, Rev. B
Status Display Assembly 1107220, Rev. B
Bezel Assembly Front Panel Status Display 1107230, Rev. B
Disk Door Pneumatic Assembly 1107270, Rev. E
Beam Control Console Assembly 1107290, Rev. C
Stepper Motor Controller Assembly 1107320/1, Rev. M
Electron Flood Controller 1107430, Rev. E
End Station Controller Assembly 1107490, Rev. F
Connector Bracket Assembly/Console 1107540, Rev. A
Connector Bracket Assembly/End Station 1107600, Rev. A
Connector Bracket Assembly/Disk 1107610, Rev. A
Card Cage 1107690, Rev. A
Card Cage 1107740, Rev. A
5 Position Card Cage 1108000, Rev. A
EMO Assembly 1108090, Rev. C
Index Oven Interface I/O 1108-1042
Dc Power Supply Rack - Europe 1108970, Rev. A
Faraday Flag 1110070, Rev. B
Radiation Cooled Disk Assembly 82MM 1110520, Rev. B
Not AUS (EMO) Assembly 1110740, Rev. A
Plate Strike Assembly 1112350
Nova Coil Assembly 1113520
High Voltage Power Supply 1121150
Infranor Servo Controller 1134060x
Source Terminal Data Link -268086
Electron Shower Power Supply 1168892
Controller Assy 1175581R
Terminal Electronics DI Assembly -248058
Beam Electronics DI Assy. -248056
Terminal Beamline DI assembly 1220-0015-0001
Ribbon Connector 1251-00315
Stepper Idle Motor Control 1301800, Rev. C
Log Ratio Module PCB 1400630, Rev. A2
Current VC 1400830
Remote Log A/D PCB 1405950 Rev C
Bearing (Spindle) 1410-00223
Term. Electric Rack D1 PCB 1417410

2213-75SLRAM072 argon laser

2213-75SLRAM072  Orbot WF736 Orbot WF 736 laser
2213-75SL    laser refurbishment
2213-15VL     repair laser
2213-75GL    rebuilt laser
2213-75SLRAM072 Orbot WF 720 Orbot WF720 laser


ORBOT WF736 Laser
ORBOT FW720 Laser
ORBOT WF-736 Laser
ORBOT FW-720 Laser
ORBOT WF 736 Laser
ORBOT FW 720 Laser
4-Axis Motor Controller PCB 1420960
PCB 1420980
Load lock interconnect PCB 1421730
Drive Sprocket 1430-00140
Drive Sprocket (Bead Belt) 1430-00140
Drive Belt (Brush) 1500-00083
Digital Control PCB 1500001
"""O"" Ring (Conveyor Indexer)" 1500-00100
Control Interface PCB 1500002
Prereg Interface PCB 1500003
DC/DC Converter PCB 1500004
Analog PCB 1500005
Variac Control PCB 1500006
Overload PCB 1500011
ARC / Controller PCB 1500070
Arc Current Control PCB 1500070, Rev. E3
Filament Supply Control 15001030
I/O Port J2 1500181
I/O Port (J2) PCB 1500181/2/3, Rev. F
Analog Extension Module, Source 1500191
Analog Extension Module, Source 1500192
Serial Extension Module (J3) PCB 1500211, Rev. D4
Mother PCB Analyzer 1500233, Rev. H
Solid State Relay Assembly 150025
Vaporizer Temperature Control PCB 1500290, Rev. C3
Front Panel Interconnect Beam Controller PCB 1500340, Rev. J1
Universal 50 Pin Interconnect 1500360,Rev. B
Analyzer Interconnect PCB 1500400, Rev F1
Source Interconnect PCB 1500410, Rev. E1
Disk Faraday PCB 1500460, Rev. D1
Source Magnet Supply PCB 1500482, Rev. G3
Timer Driver PCB 1500510, Rev. A3
Digital Gauge Controller 1500518
Temperature Limit Control PCB 1500530, Rev. B2
Current Limit PCB 1500570, Rev. D
Pneumatic Switch PCB 1500580, Rev. A
AMU Front Panel Assembly PCB 1500600, Rev. C3
TC & CRYO Temperature PCB 1500610, Rev. A2
Logrithmic A/D Converter PCB 1500620, Rev. B3
Emission Control PCB 1500640, Rev. B2
H.G.I. Mother PCB 1500650,Rev. A1
I/O Vacuum Controller PCB 1500660, Rev. A
Mother PCB Vacuum Controller 1500670/1, Rev. A1
Status Display Vacuum Control PCB 1500680, Rev. B1
Grid Power Supply PCB 1500690, Rev. B
Alpha Numeric Display PCB 1500700, Rev. A1
Thumbwell Switch Interconnect PCB 1500740/1-2,Rev. C
Optoisolator / Interconnect PCB 1500750, Rev. D1
Manual TC & Cryo Temperature PCB 1500760, Rev. A
I/O Vacuum Controller Manual PCB 1500770, Rev. A1
High Voltage Divider PCB 1500780, Rev. A
High Voltage Divider PCB 1500790, Rev. A1
Current / Voltage Converter PCB 1500830, Rev. D1
Keyboard PCB 1500840, Rev. B
Alpha Numeric Display PCB 1500850, Rev. C
Relay PCB 1500870, Rev. B
Relay PCB 1500870, Rev. B2
Output Buffer PCB 1500910, Rev. C
Datalock / Master 1500930, Rev. B
Input Buffer PCB 1500940, Rev. A4
Input Buffer PCB 1500940, Rev. A5
Electrode Surge Protection 1500960, Rev. A
Flat Sensor Collector PCB 1500970, Rev. A2
Flat Sensor Emitter PCB 1500980, Rev. A2
Vaporizer Control Mother PCB 1500990, Rev. A1
Power Control PCB - Vaporizer 1501000, Rev. A3
AMU 50 Pin Interconnect PCB 1501010, Rev. B
Electrode Suppression Sense 1501020, Rev. A
Filament Supply Control PCB 1501030, Rev. A
Electrode Divider Readout 1501040, Rev. A
Electro Cup 1501050
Electrode Suppression Power Supply PCB 1501050, Rev. A
Counter/Timer PCB 1501060, Rev. B2
FilterI PCB 1501070, Rev. A1
Battery Backup Control PCB 1501080, Rev. B
Disc Sensor PCB 1501110, Rev. A
Disc Sensor PCB 1501120, Rev.. A2
Mother PCB Console 1501141, Rev. B1
Mother PCB Source 1501142,Rev. B
Analyzer Magnet Supply PCB 1501150, Rev. A1
D/A Converter PCB 1501210
D To A Converter PCB 1501210, Rev. A
End Station Extender PCB 1501230, Rev. A-2
Status Display PCB 1501250, Rev. D
Faraday Burn Thru Sense PCB 1501270, Rev. C
I/O Cassette to Cassette PCB 1501280
Input / Output Cassette to Cassette PCB 1501280, Rev. B1
L.E.D. Rotary Drive PCB 1501290, Rev. B
Input to I/O 80 PCB 1501300, Rev. B
Input To 990/305 PCB 1501310, Rev. A2
36 Output Buffer PCB 1501320, Rev. C
Stepper Motor Output Interface PCB 1501330, Rev. C
End Station Controller Mother PCB 1501340, Rev. A1
End Station Controller Mother PCB 1501340, Rev. A1
Data Aquisition PCB 1501360, Rev. D1
Electron Shower 1501370, Rev. B
Electron Flood Control Panel PCB 1501390, Rev. B
End Station Front Panel Display 1501400, Rev. A3
Station Front Panel Display 1501400, Rev. A3
Clamp Ring Contact PCB 1501410, Rev. A
Indexer Sensor PCB 1501420
Index Sensor PCB Assembly 1501420, Rev. B
End Station Mother Board 1501430
End Station Mother PCB 1501430, Rev. A2
End Station Mother PCB 1501430, Rev. B
Run Speed Sense PCB 1501460,Rev. B1
Data Aquisition Power Supply PCB 1501490, Rev. B
Universal Mother PCB 1501500,Rev. B
CPU 1501520
Remote Emission Control PCB 1501600 Rev G
PCB 1501620
Stepper Motor Driver PCB 1501660, Rev. A2
Pneumatic Communications PCB 1501710
Data lock / Slave Optoisolator 1501820, Rev A
Cassette Stepper Controller PCB 1501850,Rev. D
Analog Extension Module (J4) Analyzer 1501860, Rev. A
Keyboard PCB 1501990,Rev. A2
I/O Expansion Module PCB 1503000, Rev. A
TM990/310 Modification 1503020, Rev.A
TM 990/310 1503030, Rev.. A
TM 990/310 Modification 1503030/TM990-310
TM 990/201-42 Modification 1503040, Rev. A
Controller Remote PCB 1503060
Beam Controller Remote I/A Bd. 1503070
TM 990/305 IO Modification 1503090, Rev.. B
Output Buffer PCB 1503100, Rev. A
Beam Controller Serial I/O PCB 1503180
Flood Gun PCB 1503190
TM 990/101MA Modification, I/O PCB 1503200, Rev. B
Memory ExpansionPCB 1503220, Rev. A2
Analog A/D PCB 1503230
Antilog A/D PCB 1503230, Rev.C
Electrode Supression Power Supply PCB 1503750
Z80 Controller Remote 1503900
I/O Remote Vacuum Controller PCB 1504030
Cassette Stepper Controller PCB 1504080
Flat Sense Collect LPCB 150 MM0 1504090
Flat Sense Collector PCB 1504090
Flat Sensor Emitter PCB 150 MM0 1504100
Electro Surge Board 15041050
AMU Remote 1504230
Surge Protection 1504260
Beam Controller Z-80 CPU 1505320
Speed Controller 1505430
Optoisolator Dose Controller PCB 1505490, Rev.. A1
Electron Shower PCB 1505500
AMU Front Panel 1505710
AMU Ground Level Board 1505720
AMU Ground Level Board 1505722
I/O PCB 1505722
Output Buffer PCB 1505750
Data Concentrator PCB 1505810
CPU TM 990/100 MA Dose Cont Module 1505820, Rev..A
EMO Remote PCB 1505890 Rev. A4
Remote Log A/D PCB 1505950 Rev C
Remote Emission Control PCB 1505960
Beam Controller Transceiver PCB 1507370
Optoisolator PCB Dose Controller 1507400
AMU Remote PCB 1507440
Controller PCB 1507700
Shower Piggy Back PCB 1516820 Rev A
Detailed Logic Diagram TM 990/101 MA 1516900
EMO Chassis Remote Control PCB 1517000 Rev D
Remote DI PCB 1517100
D.I. Power Conditioner 1517310
D.I. Power Conditioner PCB 1517310
Analog I/O PCB 1519313
I/O Vacuum Controller PCB 1519350
General Input/Output D.I. PCB 1520510
Dose Opto Isolator PCB 1520530
Optoisolator PCB Dose Controller 152122
Flat Finder PCB 1521250
PCB 1521940
Resonator Control DI PCB 1522270
I.H.C. Source Controller, PCB 1522620
Y - Scan Servo Control BD 1550321
Counter / Timer PCB 15522
V-Notch sensor interface PCB 15S0301
Y-Scan Servo Controller Board 15S0321
TM 990/305 Logic Diagram 1600047
Voltage Regulator (7805 CK) 1820-00249
Transistor 2N6282 1850-00081
Bridge Rectifier 1901-00094
LED (Til 31) 1901-00095
Photo Transistor (Til 78) 1990-00019
Photo Transistor 1990-00020
Option Index Sensor 1990-00023
Photo Transistor (Til 81) 1990-00027
I/O Expansion Module PCB 2000011
Emitter PCB 2000045
PCB 2000070
Lamp 2140-00066
28 Volt Lamp 2140-00073
Lamp 2140-00073
Lamp 2140-00076
63 Volt Lamp 2140-00077
Lamp 2140-00077
Lamp 2150-00019
PDAR Power Filter Board 211843
Switch (Alt) 3101-00133
Switch (Momentary) 3101-00134
Toggle Switch 3101-00136
Push Button Switch 3101-00138
Switch 3101-00146
Switch 3101-00147
Pressure Sensor 3101-00206
Drive Motor (Oven Belts) 3140-00073
Oven Drive Motor 3140-00073
Pump, Hydraulic 461211
Terminal Data Link 342-0448-4001
Element With Thermocouple 400-31891-01
Bumper Strip 400-35012-01
Bumper Strip 400-35012-02
Keyboard Assembly 400-35178
Seals 400-35470-01
Spin Motor 40036901-01
Power Supply 400-40288-01
Seal (Spindle) 401-06886
Bead Belt 403-02106-02
Mohair Brush 403-04367
Photo Coupler 403-06967
Photo Sensor 403-06967
Centering Device Solenoid 403-06984
Bellows Assembly 410-06293
Encoder Strip 413-30134
Motherboard 50001
Speed / Accel PCB Assembly 5001-6017
Conveyor Drive PCB 5001-6050
Dispense Tank 501-01553, Rev. G
Dispense Tank 501-01570, Rev. G
Conveyor Drive PCB 501-06050
Tach Encoder PCB Assembly 501-06059-02
Indexer Motor Assembly 501-07025
Spindle Motor 501-07027
Carriage Drive Motor Assembly 501-07028
Unload Catch Assembly 501-07029
Unload Latch Assembly 501-07029, REV. D
Spindle Assembly 501-07039, Rev. F
Spindle Motor 501-07058
Photoresist Pump Assembly 501-07123,
Photoresist Pump Assembly 501-07123, Rev. F
Bellow Pump PCB 501-07124
Brush Carriage Assembly 501-07224, Rev. G
Brush Carriage Assembly 4000B 501-07224, Rev. H
Carriage Actuator Assembly 501-07227, Rev. J
Carriage Actuator Assembly - 4000B 501-07227, REV. M
Canister 501-07230, REV. G
Canister 501-07230, Rev. G
Brush Drive Motor Assembly 501-07235
Drive Motor (Brush) 501-07235
Pneumatic Harness Assembly 501-07415, Rev. C
Pneumatic Harness Assembly 501-07415, REV. C
Pneumatic Assembly Spin/Developer 501-07467, Rev. H
Pneumatic Assembly Spin/Developer 501-07467, Rev. E
Centering Device Assembly - 4000B 501-07477
Centering Device Assembly 501-07477, Rev. C
Conveyor Drive Assembly (Indexer) 501-07480
Conveyor Motor Assembly 501-07480
Pneumatic Assembly Scrubber 501-07509, Rev. F
Pneumatic Assembly Scrubber 501-07509, Rev. J
Drive Motor Assembly 501-07746, Rev. G
Drive Motor Assembly 501-07746, REV. L
Upper Reflector Assembly without Thermocouple 501-07753
Reflector 501-07756
Reflector Assembly 501-07756
Iinsulation Panel Assembly 501-07757
Insulation Panel 501-07757
Spinner Size Kit 4500B 501-23413, Rev. B
Pump Assembly - Scrubber 501-30024, Rev. L
Pump Assembly - Scrubber 501-30024, REV. T
High Pressure Scrubber Assembly 501-30025, Rev. L
High Pressure Scrubber Assembly- 4000B 501-30025, Rev. V
Basic Mechanical Assembly 501-30036, Rev. F
Basic Mechanical Assembly - Spin/Developer 501-30044, Rev. F
Basic Mechanical Assembly - Spin/Dev - 4000B 501-30044, Rev. N
CPU Mechanical Assembly 501-30050, Rev. H
Q1 Assembly 501-30064
Basic Mechanical Assembly - Scrubber - 4000B 501-3036, REV. P
Pump Valve Assembly 501-30402
Control Housing Assembly 501-30511, Rev. F
Control Housing Assembly 501-30511, Rev. M
Gauge Assembly 501-30536, Rev. C
High Pressure Gauge AssemblyI- 4000B 501-30536, REV. E
Scrubber Valve Box Assembly 501-30672, Rev. D
Scrubber Valve Box Assembly 501-30672, Rev. F
Developer Valve Box 501-30869, Rev. B
Developer Valve Box Assembly 501-30869, REV. C
3 Zone Oven Controller 501-31039
Lower Element With Thermocouple 501-31179, Rev. C
Heater Element With Thermocouple 501-31187
Upper Element With Thermocouple 501-31187, Rev. D
Oven Track Assembly 501-31190, Rev. F
Control Panel Assembly 501-31211, Rev. B
Control Panel Assembly 501-31211, REV. G
Tach Encoder PCB 501-31233
Tach Encoder PCB Assembly 501-31233
Tach Encoder PCB 501-31233, Rev. D
Tach Encoder PCB Assembly 501-31233, REV. D
Tach Encoder PCB Assembly 501-31233-01
Dual Developer Valve Plate 501-31316, Rev. C
Bottom Keyboard Display PCB 501-31540, Rev. C
Top Keyboard/Display PCB 501-31541, Rev. C
Top Keyboard/Display PCB 501-31541, Rev. C
Brush Control Assembly 501-31544, Rev. B
Keyboard/Display Assembly 501-31569
Keyboard/Display Assembly 501-31569, Rev. B
Keyboard Assembly 501-31569-01
Oven Sensor Harness 501-31750, Rev. D
Spin Motor Drive PWA 501-31768, Rev. C
Spin Motor Drive PWA - 4000B 501-31768, Rev. E
Search Sensor Assembly 501-31893-01
Sensor Assembly 501-31893-01
Brake Sensor Assembly 501-31895-01
Spray Assembly 501-31908
Level Sensor 501-31928
Level Sensor Assembly 501-31928
Bake/Spin/Bake Conveyor Assembly 501-32360, Rev. A
End Housing Assembly 501-32407
Developer Size Kit 4500B 501-32414, REV. C
Basic Mechanical Assembly - Spin/Dev 4500B 501-32417, REV. G
Carriage 501-32418
Carriage Assembly 501-32418
Carriage Assembly 4500B 501-32418, Rev. C
Positive Developer Size Kit4500B 501-32419, Rev. C
High Pressure Scrubber Assembly - 4500B 501-32445, Rev. C
Basic Mechanical Assembly - Scrubber 4500B 501-32446, Rev. H
Spindle Motor Assembly with Nitrogen Purge 501-32575
Spindle Motor Assembly with Nitrogen Purge - 4500B 501-32575, REV. E
Spin Motor Assembly 501-32575-01
Spindle Motor Assembly 501-32575-01
Centering Device Assembly - 4500B 501-32577, Rev. B
Nozzzle Pressure Gauge Panel Assembly 501-32602, Rev. A
Brush Carriage Assembly 501-32603, Rev. G
Oven Track Assembly 501-32672,Rev. E
Oven Sensor Assembly 501-32767
Oven Sensor Assembly 501-32767, Rev. A
Pneumatic Assembly - Developer 4500B 501-32768, Rev. E
Basic Indexer 501-33113
CPU Mechanical Assembly 501-33225, REV. B
Photo Sensor PCB Assembly 501-33255-01
Regulator / Gauge / Filter Assembly 501-33425, Rev. A
Pneumatic Indexer Module Assembly 501-33453, Rev. F
Power Sequencing Kit 501-33477, Rev. D
Pneumatic Sensor 501-33565
Pneumatic Sensor (Conveyor) 501-33565
Pneumatic Sensor 501-33565, Rev. C
Track Oven Conveyor- 4500B 501-33566, Rev. A
Track Oven Conveyor - 4000B 501-33586, Rev. A
Brush Drive Motor (Purged) 501-33980
Elevator Motor (Purged) 501-33981
Positive Developer Dispense System Assembly 501-34080
Pump / Valve Assembly 501-34081
Display Panel Assembly 501-34096
Display Panel Assembly 501-34096
Centering Device 501-34178
Centering Device Assembly 501-34178
Basic Cabinet Assembly 501-34179
Battery Backup Assembly 501-34261
Track Pneumatic Assembly 501-34273
Purged Conveyor Motor Assembly 501-34287
Spinner Bottle Rack 501-34288
Brush Carriage Assembly 501-34289
Carriage Drive Motor Assembly 501-34332
Basic Track Assembly 501-34336
Scrubber Basic Track Assembly 501-34336
Scrubber High Pressure Head 501-34338
Conveyor Drive (Purged) 501-34342
Final Indexer Assembly TrackI 501-34343
Exhaust Box Assembly 501-34355
High Pressure PumpI 501-34356
Conveyor Cover Assembly 501-34368
Track / Oven Conveyor 501-34369
Valve, Regulator, and Gauge 501-34447
Regulator & Gauge Assembly Developer Valve 501-34448
Regulator and Gauge, Developer Valve 501-34448
Basic Electronic Module 501-34453
5 Volt Power Supply 501-34460
12 Volt Power Supply 501-34461
12 Volt Power Supply Assembly 501-34461
24 & 40 Volt Power Supply Assembly 501-34462
Flusher / Nozzle Assembly 501-34473
Track Control Module Assembly 501-34480
Track Control Module Assembly 501-34480-01
Station Control Assembly 501-34481
Station Control Module Assembly 501-34481
Intergration Kit 501-34487
Spindly Assembly 501-34489
Brush Pressure Control Panel 501-34503
Photoresist Pump 501-34504
Basic Console Assembly 501-34505
Pneumatic Control Panel 501-34506
Dispense System, Negative Developer 501-34507
Basic Track Assembly 501-34521
Basic Track Assembly (Spin/Dev) 501-34521
Indexer SIE Conversion KIt 501-34574
Track Indexer Function Conversion Kit 501-34575
Final Track Assembly - Spinner / Developer 501-34579
Final Cabinet AssemblyI 501-34580
Final Track Assembly - Scrubber 501-34581
Spray Wash 501-34584
Spray Wash Assembly 501-34584
Size Conversion and Conversion Kit (BOM Only) 501-34588
Track Size Conversion Kit 501-34588
Spindle Cabinet Button-up Kit 501-34599
Photoresist Head 501-34615
Spinner Dispense 501-34616
Spinner / Negative Developer Spray Head 501-34617
Dual Spray Head 501-34618
Negative Developer Dual Spray Head 501-34618
LSI 50 Oven Track Assembly 501-34646
Oven Track Assembly 501-34646
Oven Cabinet Assembly 501-34647
LSI 50 Pneumatic Control Panel 501-34651
Pneumatic Control Panel Assembly 501-34651
Control Panel (Temperature Zones) 501-34652
Control Panel Assembly 501-34652
Indexer Button-Up Kit 501-34653
180 Degree Turnaround Final Assembly 501-34719
FIinal Indexer Assembly - Oven 501-34740
Track Cover Assembly 501-34750
Oven Hood Assembly 501-34761
LSI 50 Motor Drive Assembly 501-34778
Motor Drive Assembly 501-34778
End Insulator 501-34779
End Insulator 501-34779
Functional Spares 501-34804
Electric Spares 501-34805
Basic Spindle Spares 501-34806
Basic Oven Spares 501-34807
Module Componets Assembly 501-34809
Power Supply Housing Assembly 501-34810
Card Cage 501-34812
Switch Confined Box Assembly 501-34814
Voltage Regulator Heatsink Assembly 501-34815
Voltage Regulator Heatsink Assembly 501-34815
Canister 501-34847
Photoresist Pump Sensor Assembly 501-34852
Upper Element Assembly Thermocouple 501-34864
Uppper Element 501-34864
Idler Assembly 501-34865
Idler Assembly Track / Oven Conveyor 501-34865
LSI 50 Track / Oven Conveyor 501-34868
Track / Oven Conveyor 501-34868
Contactor Control Panel 501-34870
Contactor Power Supply Assembly 501-34870
Console Assembly 501-34913
Oven Button-up Kit 501-34921
High Pressure Filter 501-34942
Spin Motor Drive Assembly 501-34969
Spin Motor Drive Assembly 501-34969-01
Lower Element Therocouple 501-35001
Lower Element without Thermocouple 501-35001
Lower Element Therocouple 501-35002
Lower Element with Thermocouple 501-35002
Wafer Lot Control Panel Assembly 501-35091
Basic Console Assembly 501-35366
Module Componets 501-35374
"Switch Confined Box (Power ""On"")" 501-35395
24 And 40 Volt Power Supply 501-35406
Pump / Valve 501-35419
5 Volt Power Supply 501-35428
Power Supply Housing 501-35436
Coolant Solenoid Assembly 501-35440
LSI 45/60 Console Extension Assembly 501-35449
Basic Electronic Module 501-35455
LSI 60 Oven Assembly 501-35580
LSI 45/60 Basic Cabinet Assembly 501-35581
Intergration Kit 501-35583
LSI 45/60 Final Cabinet AssemblyI 501-35585
Oven Chassis Asssembly 501-35586
Hot Plate Assembly 501-35587
Cool Plate Assembly 501-35588
LSI 60 Interface Ramp (Conveyor) 501-35590
Puffer Valve Assembly 501-35595
Pneumatic III Basic Indexer Assembly 501-35800
"Final Indexer - Track (3"" - 125mm)" 501-35807
"Final Indexer - Oven (3"" - 125MM)" 501-35808
Final Track Assembly (Spin / Dev) 501-35949
Scrubber Final Track Assembly 501-35950
Basic Cabinet 501-36019
Final Cabinet 501-36020
LSI 50 Console Assembly 501-36024
LSI Oven Cabinet 501-36025
Positive Developer Dispense 501-36101
Oven Control Box Assembly 501-36190
Positive Developer 2 Gallon Reservior 501-36203
Spindle Assembly (-03 Coat/ Dev)(-04 Scrub) 501-36242
Dual Developer Spray Assembly 501-36267
Positive Developer Dispense System 501-36274
Positive Developer Dual Pump Control Panel 501-36276
Dual Developer Pump/Valve Box 501-36277
Pump / Valve Assembly 501-36317
Card Cage 501-36438
Photoresist Head 501-36644
Dispense System 501-36843
Card Cage (Mother Board) 501-50001
Module Station Controller 501-50003
Station Control Module 501-50003
Station Control Module Assembly 501-50003, Rev. F
Station Control Module 501-50003, REV. G
CPU PCB 501-50004
CPU PCB 501-50004, Rev. H
CPU PCB 501-50004, REV. H
Track Control PCB 501-50005, REV. K
Track Control MODULE 501-50005-03, Rev. J
Lot Control Disply 501-50006, REV. D
Lot Control Module Assembly 501-50006, Rev. D
Index Sensor PCB 501-50008
Indexer Sensor PCB 501-50008, Rev. A
Indexer Sensor PCB 501-50008, Rev. B
Indexer Sensor PCB 501-50008, REV. B
CPU Power Supply PCB 501-50010
CPU Power Supply PCB 501-50010
CPU Power Supply PCB 501-50010, Rev. A
CPU Power Supply PCB 501-50010, REV. D
Indexer Sensor PCB 501-50011
Search Brake Boat Sensor PCB 501-50011, Rev. B
Search Brake Sensor PCB 501-50011, Rev. E
Process/Transport I/O PCB 501-50012, Rev. J
I/O Process Transport 501-50012, REV. N
Process I/O PCB 501-50012-02
Brush Position PCB 501-50013
Oscillation PCB 501-50013
High Pressure Scrubber Sensor 501-50013 Rev B
High Pressure Scrubber PCB 501-50013, REV. E
High Pressure Scrubber Sensor 501-50013. Rev. D
Keyboard Assembly 501-50020
Memory PCB 501-50021
Memory PCB 501-50021, Rev. B
Memory PCB 501-50021, REV. U
Track Control Module 501-50022
Track Control Module 501-50022, REV. D
Track Control Module Assembly 501-50022, Rev. D
Station Control PCB 501-50023, REV. K
Station Control PCB 501-50023, Rev. K
Track Control Module 501-50023-01
Station Control Module PCB 501-50023-01, Rev. A
Oven Sensor PCB 501-50033
Reflective Sensor PCB 501-50033, REV. D
CCU PCB 501-50051
CCU PCB 501-50051, Rev. B
CPU PCB 501-50054
Unload Latch Assembly 502-07029
BSB Oven Wiring Diagram 504-30463, Rev. A
Sensor Harness Wiring Diagram 504-30467
Developer Valve Box Wiring Diagram 504-30877, REV. A
Element Power Harness 505-35791
ICO Drive Motor Harness 506-07767
Jumper Cable - Thermo Switch 506-08177
Thermo Switch Harness Assembly 506-08178
Sensor Harness Assembly 506-30467, Rev. A
T/C Extension Harness 506-31207
Heater Harness 506-31210
Oven Control Box Harness 506-31212
Chassis T/C Harness 506-31213
J16B Harness Assembly 506-31221
Control Housing Bus Cable 506-31598
Oven Sensor Assembly 506-31750
Oven Sensor Harness 506-31750
Oven Sensor Harness 506-31750, REV. E
IIndexer Module Harness (I/O POS. 9) 506-32562
Indexer Module Harness 506-32562
Kasper 4500 Main Frame Harness 506-32574
Cable, Fuse PCB 506-32843-01
Indexer Module Harness 506-33454, REV. B
Spin Motor Drive Harness 506-33499-01, REV. A
Battery Backup Interconnect Cable Assembly 506-34262
Wire Diagram - Battery Back-up Interconnect PCB 506-34262
Conveyor Harness Assembly Purged 506-34333
Console Signal 506-34463
Console Signal Harness 506-34463
Control Panel Harness 506-34463
Indexer Extension Cable 506-34464
Indexer Extension Harness(I/O POS. 2) 506-34464
Main Frame Track Harness 506-34465
Track Main Frame Harness PCB 506-34465
Spin Motor Cabinet Harness 506-34466
LSI 45/50 Interface Harness 506-34467
CCU Cabinet Harness 506-34469
Scrub Brush Sensor Harness 506-34470
Pneumatic Control Panel PCB 506-34495
Pneumatic Control Panel Harness 506-34495
Operator I/O Electronic Module Harness 506-34668
Cabinet Harness 506-34670
Main Cabinet Harness 506-34670
Control Panel Cabinet Harness 506-34671
Spindle Sensor Harness 506-34673
Main Electronic Module Harness 506-34674
Spin Motor Electronic Module Harness 506-34675
Spin Motor Digital Cable 506-34676
Dispense Extension Cable 506-34680
CCU Electronic Module Harness 506-34681
Photoresist Pump Harness 506-34682
High Pressure Mechanical Harness 506-34684
Positive Develop 506-34685
Positive Developer Interconnect Harness 506-34685
Indexer Conversion Harness 506-34686
Communication Link Cable 506-34727
Scrub Valve Box Harness 506-34903
Negative Develop Valve Box 506-34904
Negative Develop Valve Box Harness 506-34904
Positive Develop Valve Box PCB 506-34907
Positive Developer Valve Box Harness 506-34907
Exhaust Switch Harness 506-34911
P505 Wiring Harness 506-34924
Double Unload Indexer Cable 506-34928
Contactor Power Harness 506-34929
Contactor Harness 506-34930
Contactor Relay Harness 506-34930
Contactor Relay Harness 506-34930
Belt Reset Harness 506-34931
Contactor/Breaker Harness 506-34934
Contactor/Breaker Harness 506-34934
Oven Draw Harness PCB 506-34935
Oven Drawer Harness 506-34935
Control Panel Power Harness 506-35068
LSI 45/50 Cabinet Harness 506-35326
LSI 45/50 Interface Harness 506-35326
Indexer Cable Harness (I/O POS. D & E) 506-35327
Temperature Control Module Harness PCB 506-35377
LSI 60 Cabinet Harness 506-35378
LSI 45/60 Indexer Harness (I/O Positive D & E) 506-35379
LSI 60 Oven Mainframe Harness 506-35380
Interface Ramp Harness (I/O Positive 8) 506-35381
Track Power Control Harness 506-35459
Mercury Switch Harness 506-35811
Contactor/Breaker Harness 506-35897
Control Box Harness 506-35928
Contactor Power Harness 506-35958
Pneumatic Control Cabinet Harness 506-36027
Contactor Box Power Harness 506-36123
Contactor Box Control Harness 506-36124
Spin Motor Cabinet Harness 506-36286
Operator I/O Harness 506-36494
Series II E/M Backplane Power Harness 506-37413
Operator I/O Auxiliary Harness 506-37414
208 Vac Input Harness 506-37415
208 Vac Circuit Breaker Harness 506-37416
Shuttle Sensor Harness 506-37424
Main Electronic Module Harness 506-37507
Brushless Drive Electronic Module Harness 506-37579
Brushless Spin Motor Cabinet Harness 506-37756
VPU Sensor Harness 506-37884
VPU Drive Harness 506-37885
Wafer Sensor Harness 506-37898
Track Power Control Harness 506-38027
Waste Bottle Switch Extension Harness 506-38135
VPU Bubble Assembly Harness 506-38292
H.P. Pump Valve Interconnect Harness 506-50019
Conveyor Harness Assembly 506-50031, Rev. J
Oven Sensor Harness 506-50042
Oven Sensor Wiring Harness 506-50042
WIire Dress - STO 508-08162
Indexers, Interface, Oven I/O PCB 522-32035, Rev. A
Brushless Spin Motor Drive PCB 524-37715-04
Interface PCB 527-31954
Positive Develop Interface PCB 527-31954
Positive Develope Interface PCB 527-31954
Index Oven Interface I/O 527-32035, REV. C
Index Oven Interface I/O 527-32035-01
Index Oven Interface I/O 527-32035-01
Bake/Spin/Bake Indexer/Interface 527-32148
Photoresist Pump PCB 527-32569-01
Photoresist Pump PCB Assembly 527-32569-01
Photo Sensor PCB 527-33255
Photo Sensor PCB Assembly 527-33255-01
Photo Sensor PCB Assembly 527-33255-02
80/24 CPU PCB 527-34208
Battery PCB 527-34232
Battery Backup PCB 527-34233
Battery Backup PCB 527-34233
Scrub Track Control Panel PCB 527-34271
Station Control PCB 527-34271
Track Control Panel PCB 527-34271
Track Control PCB 527-34271
Pneumatic Station Control Panel PCB 527-34272
Station Control Panel PCB 527-34272
Station Control PCB 527-34272
Indexer I/O PCB 527-34445
Process I/O PCB 527-34454
Process I/O PCB 527-34454-04
Process I/O PROCESS PCB 527-34454-05
Spin Motor Analog PCB - High Level 527-34455
Spin Motor Drive Analog PCB 527-34455
Spin Motor Drive Analog PCB - Low Level- 527-34455
Spin Motor Drive Analog PCB 527-34455-02
Spin Motor Drive Analog PCB 527-34455-03
Backplane Digital PCB 527-34456
Digital Backplane LSI PCB 527-34456
Operator CCU PCB 527-34457
Operator CCU PCB 527-34457
OperatorCCU PCB 527-34457-05
Operator CCU PCB 527-34457-0x
Station Push Button PCB 527-34572
Station Interface PCB 527-34573
24 Volt Regulator PCB 527-34798
Spin Motor Drive Digital PCB 527-34821
Spin Motor Drive Digital PCB 527-34821-03
Spin Motor Drive Digital PCB 527-34821-03-00
HI/LO Alarm PCB 527-34877
On / Off PCB 527-34925
On / Off Switch PCB Assembly 527-34925
Digital Backplane LSI 527-34956
Digital Backplane LSI PCB 527-34956
Wafer Lot Control Interface PCB 527-35093
Wafer Lot Control Interface PCB 527-35093
Wafer Lot Control Display PCB 527-35094
Wafer Lot Control Display PCB 527-35094
Indexer I/O PCB 527-35206
Indexer I/O PCB 527-35206-07
Temperature Controller 527-35269
Temperature Controller PCB 527-35269
Temperature Controller I/O PCB 527-35269-05
80/24 CPU PCB /SINGLE BOARD COMPUTER PCB 80/24 527-35397
Hot / Cold I/O PCB 527-35430
Hot / Cold Oven I/O PCB 527-35430
Hot / Cold I/O PCB 527-35430-02
24V Regulator Power Off Vacuum 527-35457
Power - Off Vacuum 24V Regulator PCB 527-35457
Universal Interface PCB 527-36120-01
Photo Sensor PCB 527-36865
Process I/O PCB 527-36922
Brushless Spin Motor 527-37314-01
24 Volt Regulator PCB 527-37753
VPU Interconnect 527-37820
MSD Driver Assembly PCB 527-39262-01
Indexer Interconnect Filter 527-39406
Shuttle Interconnect Filter 527-39441
CPU PCB 527-39442-01
Battery Back-up 527-39459-01
Indexer / Oven I/O PCB 527-39471-01
Dual PCB Assy Sensor 527-3982-02R
Memory PCB 527-50021-01
High Voltage PG Series Stack 590
Accel Decel Power Supply 5980-0059-0001
Fiber Optic Converter PCB 1493903
Multi-Function PCB 5990-0013-0001
Process Control PCB 5990-0016-0001
Magnet Terminal Data Link PCB 5990-0017
Beam Current Amp III PCB 5990-0024
Scan Amplifier PCB 5990-0031-001
Motor Stepper Control PCB 5990-0048
Process Control PCB 5990-0063-001
Filament Power Supply Controller PCB 5990-0066
Scan Systems II PCB 5990-0086-0002
Beam Current Amp IV PCB 5990-0097
High Voltage PCB Assembly 5990-0113-001
Tilt Controller PCB 5990-0130-0002
Data Conversion Data Link PCB 5990-0131
Conversion PCB 5990-0133-0001
Flat Align Interface PCB 5990-0160-0001
Universal Dose Controller PCB 5990-0180-0001
Universal Dose Controller PCB 5990-0254-0001
Power Distribution Center 6946-0100, REV. D
Shutter Control Mechanism 6946-0143, REV. B
Fuse / Switch Assembly 8400370, REV. D
Nylon Brush 2703162
Split Level Sensor 970-3545
Logic PCB 970-3632
Logic PCB 970-3632/910-3633
Clock PCB 970-3633
Interlock PCB 970-3640
Opto Isolator PCB 970-3642
Relay PCB 973-3352
PCB 973-3500
PCB 973-3500
TM990/310 PCB 994752-000
Vertical Vane C0033054-001
Output Buffer PCB D-1500370
Beam Controller Remote I/O PCB D-15S0243
Control Reactor E0029933-002
I/O Port PCB E-1500181
I/O Port PCB E-1500182
Log A/D Converter E-1500620 Rev D3
35 Volt Dc Power Supply n/a
4090 Process Monitor PCB n/a
4095A AC Power Distribution n/a
A/C Harness Wiring Diagram n/a
A6 Chamber Controller n/a
Accelerator Status Control PCB n/a
Air Interface # 1 n/a
Air Products Rotary IRO4 W Compressor n/a
AMU Interconnect Diagram n/a
AMU Readout PCB n/a
Anarak Valve n/a
Arc Supply n/a
Assembly Sequence Panel n/a
AT4 Elevator Left Hand n/a
AT4 Elevator Right Hand n/a
Auxiliary Panel Model 5000 n/a
Bake / Spin / Bake Interface Instruction n/a
Battery Backup Interconnect Wire Diagram n/a
Beam Controller Interconnect n/a
Beam Monitor Power Supply Chassis n/a
BSB Indexer Interface n/a
Card Cage (Drivers) n/a
Card Cage (Logic) n/a
Card Rack Assembly Low Voltage Power Supply n/a
Carriage Control PCB Assembly MOD II n/a
Carriage Motor Assembly n/a
Cassette Plate Assembly Input / Output n/a
CCU Cabinet n/a
CCU Cabinet Harness n/a
CCU Electronic Module n/a
CCU Electronic Module n/a
Clamp Lifter Assembly n/a
Clock PCB n/a
Contactor Box n/a
Contactor Box PCB n/a
Contactor Box Power n/a
Contactor Box Power PCB n/a
Control Box Harness 120V Single Phase n/a
Control Box Wiring n/a
Control Housing Bus n/a
Control Panel PCB n/a
Control Panel Readout n/a
Control PCB n/a
Control PCB A n/a
Control PCB Assembly Photo Resist Pump n/a
Conveyor Assembly n/a
Conveyor Assembly n/a
Conveyor Drive n/a
Conveyor Drive PCB n/a
Data Aquisition Intrconnect PCB n/a
Dc Power Supply Rack n/a
Detailed Logic Diagram TM 990/101 MA n/a
Detailed Logic Diagram TM 990/310 n/a
Developer Aspirated Plumbing Diagram n/a
Developer Aspirated Plumbing Diagram n/a
Developer Pressurized Plumbing Diagram n/a
Developer Thumbwheel PCB n/a
Developer Valve Box Diagram n/a
Diagram Chamber Controller n/a
Disk Door Pneumatic n/a
Disk Faraday Filter Assembly n/a
Display Harness n/a
Door Panel Assembly Pneumatic n/a
Dual Developer Pressurized Plumbing Diagram n/a
Dual Developer Value Box n/a
Dual Developer Value Box n/a
Dual Dispense Pump n/a
Dual Dispense Pump n/a
Dual Dispense Pump With Primer n/a
Dual Dispense Pump With Spray Wash n/a
Dual Dispense Pump With Spray Wash n/a
E.S.P.D. System n/a
Elevator Motor Indexers n/a
EMO Panel n/a
End Station Controller Assembly n/a
Extraction Power Supply Chassis 20KV, 15MA n/a
Extraction Power Supply H.V. Section 20KV, 15MA n/a
Extraction Power Supply PCB 20KV, 15MA n/a
Faraday Burn Thru Sense Assembly n/a
Filament Power Supply Chassis n/a
Flat Sensor Assembly n/a
Focus / Deflector Power Supply 6 Output Glassman AD/KA - HP996 n/a
Focus / Deflector Power Supply 6 Output Glassman AM-KA-HP996 n/a
Forward Stop Assembly n/a
Front Panel PCB n/a
Gaussmeter Probe With Connectors n/a
H.P. Filament Power Supplies Wiring Diagram n/a
H2O Distribution System n/a
Harness LSI-46 Dispense Coater n/a
Head Wiring n/a
High Pressure Scrubber Sensor PCB n/a
High Voltage Terminal Data Link n/a
I.O Transporter n/a
I/O Card Acknowledge Interface PCB n/a
I/O Mother PCB 3 TRK n/a
ICO System 4000 Oven, 120 Volt Single Phase n/a
ICO System 4000 Oven, 208 Volt 3 Phase n/a
ICO System 4000 Oven, 208 Volt Single Phase n/a
ICO System 4000 Oven, 230 Volt 3 Phase n/a
ICO System 4000 Oven, 230 Volt Single Phase n/a
ICO System 4000 Oven, 230 Volt Single Phase n/a
ICO System 4000 Oven, 230 Volt Single Phase n/a
Indexer Interconnect LSI-46 n/a
Indexer Interface Memory n/a
Indexer Logic PCB n/a
Indexer Port, Unload Station n/a
Indexer Wiring Diagram n/a
Indexer Wiring Diagram n/a
Indexer Wiring Diagram n/a
Input Air Track Assembly n/a
Input/Output Elevator n/a
Interconnect Diagram n/a
Interconnect Diagram DOSE Controller n/a
Interconnection Diagram n/a
Interconnection Diagram Vacuum Controller n/a
Interconnection Electrode Suppresion Power Supply n/a
Ion Source Control PCB n/a
Ion Source Terminal Wiring Diagram n/a
Isolation Transformer n/a
J1/J2 Ribbon Harness n/a
J16 Wiring Diagram n/a
Leak Valve Actuator n/a
Level Sensor Harness n/a
Light Source Assembly n/a
Liquid Nitrogen PCB n/a
Load / Unload PCB n/a
Load Station Interconnect n/a
Load/Unload Thumbwheel PCB n/a
Loading Hub Indexer Assembly n/a
Logic Mother PCB n/a
Logic Mother PCB n/a
Logic PCB No. 1 n/a
Logic PCB No. 2 n/a
Lot Control Module n/a
LSI 45 Electronic Module Power Wiring PCB n/a
LSI 45 System Wiring PCB n/a
LSI 45/50/60 Interconnection Diagram n/a
LSI 60 Control Box Wiring n/a
LSI 60 Pneumatic n/a
Main Assembly PG-02 180 KV, 5MA H.V.P.S. PCB n/a
Main Frame Harness Assembly n/a
Main Frame Harness Assembly n/a
Mass Flow Gas Panel n/a
Matrix PCB n/a
MOD II Load / Unload Motor Assembly n/a
Model 4000 Drawings n/a
Mother Chassis n/a
Mother PCB n/a
Motor Driver PCB n/a
Nupro Valve n/a
Operator Panel PCB n/a
Option Panel n/a
Opto Isolator PCB # 6 n/a
Oscillating Dispense Harness n/a
Output Air Track Assembly n/a
Oven Control Box Harness Wiring Diagram n/a
Oven Drawer Wiring Diagram n/a
Oven Drawer Wiring Diagram n/a
Oven Power Interface Harness n/a
Oven Sensor n/a
Oven Sensor Wiring Harness n/a
Oven Sensors Assembly n/a
Oven Tach Encoder PCB n/a
Oven Wiring Diagram n/a
Oven Wiring Diagram n/a
P1BX Ribbon Harness n/a
P505 Wiring Diagram n/a
Phase Separator Vent Solenoid Control Interconnect Diagram n/a
Photo Resist Pump Assembly n/a
Photo Sensor PCB n/a
Photo Sensor PCB n/a
Photo Sensor PCB n/a
Photoresist Pump Harness n/a
Photoresist Pump PCB n/a
Photoresist Pump PCB n/a
Platform Wiring Diagram n/a
Pneumatic n/a
Pneumatic Air Distribution Panel Module No. 1 n/a
Pneumatic Control Panel n/a
Pneumatic Elec System n/a
Pneumatic Mechanical System n/a
Pneumatic Regulator Panel n/a
Pneumatic Spinner / Developer n/a
Pneumatic Valve Interface Module # 2 n/a
Positive Develop Interconnect n/a
Positive Develop Plumbing Diagram n/a
Positive Develop Valve Box n/a
Positive Developer Interconnect n/a
Positive Developer Plumbing Diagram n/a
Power Distribution Box Assembly n/a
Power Distribution Electronic Module n/a
Power Distribution Source n/a
Power Harness Wiring Diagram n/a
Power Module AP-PG-02/03 180KV, 5MA H.V.P.S. PCB n/a
Power Supply And Card Cage n/a
Power Supply Mother PCB n/a
Power Supply PCB n/a
Printed Circuit Assembly Front Panel PCB n/a
Process / Transport I/O PCB n/a
Process Control n/a
Process I/O LSI n/a
Process Monitor Model 4080 n/a
Pump Assembly High Pressure Scrubber n/a
Pump Assembly High Pressure Scrubber n/a
Pump Valve n/a
Radio Frequency Power Supply n/a
Rear Stop Assembly n/a
Receptacle Assembly Beam Module n/a
Reflective Sensor PCB n/a
Relay Chassis n/a
Relay PCB n/a
Resist Dispense Pump n/a
RF Amplifier - A/B Set Point PCB n/a
Rotary Drive Cont System n/a
Scribber Process Thumbwheel PCB n/a
Scrubber Valve Box n/a
Scrubber Valve Box n/a
Search Sensor Assembly n/a
Shuttle Interconnect n/a
Single Dispense Pump n/a
Single Dispense Pump With Primer n/a
Single Dispense Pump With Spray Wash n/a
Single Dispense Pump With Spray Wash n/a
SOL Fusing PCB n/a
Spin Motor Drive Harness n/a
Spin Motor Drive Harness Wiring Diagram n/a
Spin Motor Drive PWA n/a
Spin Process Thumbwheel PCB n/a
Spindel Assembly n/a
Spindel Motor Assembly n/a
Spindle Drive System Interconnect PCB n/a
Spindle Elevator Assembly PCB n/a
Spinner Valve / Draw Back Assembly n/a
Standard Power - Unregulated Power Supply Models 12V & 24V n/a
Station Control Module n/a
Station Control Module Red/Green On/Off Switch n/a
Stepper Motor Assembly Flat Aligner n/a
Stepper Motor Controller System n/a
System 4000 208V Single Phase n/a
SysteM 4000 Oven 120V Singel Phase n/a
System 4000 Oven 208V 3 Phase n/a
System 4000 Oven 380V-415V 3 Phase n/a
System 4000 Oven, 230 Volt 3 Phase n/a
System 4000 Oven, 230 Volt Single Phase n/a
System 4000 Wiring Diagram n/a
System 4000 Wiring Diagram n/a
System 6000 System Wiring n/a
System Block Diagram n/a
Temperature Control PCB LSI 45/60 Fixture n/a
Terminal Control Sub-Panel n/a
Terminal Equipment Rack n/a
Terminal PCB n/a
Timer PCB n/a
TM 990/201-TM 990/206 Detailed Logic Diagram n/a
Transport Module n/a
Tub Group n/a
Uniplane 4000 I/O & Power Supply, Harness Diagram n/a
Uniplane Illustrated Parts n/a
Uniplane Indexer Fixture n/a
Uniplane Logic Mother PCB n/a
Uniplane Mainframe Harness n/a
Uniplane Manual n/a
Uniplane Sensor PCB n/a
Universal Oven n/a
Universal Oven PCB n/a
Unload Latch Assembly n/a
Unload Station Interconnect n/a
Up Driver Mother PCB n/a
Up Track Interlock PCB n/a
Vacuum Chuck, Flat Aligner n/a
Vacuum General Mass Flow Relay Interface n/a
Vacuum System n/a
Valve Plate Harness n/a
Vectrol Inc. 31Y463 & 31Y464 n/a
VPU Block Diagram n/a
VPU Installation Drawing n/a
Wafer Load / Unload n/a
Wafer Transporter Left n/a
Wafer Transporter Right n/a
Brushless Spin Motor RBEH-012-03-B01
TM 990/201-42 Modification TM990-201
Three Axis Amp PCB 1521700
Angle Valve 309211
V2 Valve 11008070
Multi compressor Power Supply 07-603567
Turbomolecular Pump ET300WS-A
Turbo Molecular Pump Controller Model 305W-A
Turbo Molecular Pump Controller Model 306W-TF
Turbo Molecular Pump Controller Model 1606W-TF
Fan w/ Flywheel RR2E225-BB47-09
12 VDC Power Unit ES1D86-001873-1
System Interconnect PCB 5266-00
Temperature Controller 6416
Controller PCB 1400
Gas System Module 33001871
Gas system Module A52859000
Gas System Module (Series 2) A53259000
Active Gauge D14545000
Active Gauge D14641000
Helium Leak Detector Model Spectron 600D D155-04-000
MK II Controller D37205000
Electris Module D37207000
Sensor Module D37208000
Pump, Dual System W/Cabinet IQDP80
658AB Trans 1 TR W/Bellows K658-A0-04
658AB Trans 1 TR w/Bellows K658-A0-08
658AB Trans 1 TR w/ Bellows K658A009
Pump PE-20M PTFE
Vacuum Pump QDP40
TCU Chiller TCU 40/80
Range Multiplier (Model 1050) W10500000
Model 1800 Pressure Controller W180-01-100
Model 1850 Throttle Valve W18508001
Model 655 Pressure Transducer W655-14-611
Mass Flow Controller 2215048
Mass Flow Controller 300 XP
Mass Flow Controller 300 XP
Baratron 600A-10T-R12
Mass Flow Controller 821
Mass Flow Controller 822
Mass Flow Transducer 831
Mass Flow Transducer 832
1101 Controller B38618000
Gate Valve Model GVI 100M B65301000
1101 Controller D3861700
1101 Controller D39566000
Mass Flow Controller Model 824
Mass Flow Controller Model 825
Mass Flow Controller n/a
Mass Flow Controller W82491433
Turbo Valve PV40PKS B
Processor PCB 2800004
Power Supply R20/X1500MT-STE
Power Supply Type 022/01400-19-STE
C-V Plotter Model 410
Dual RF Generator 0190-40009
Thermal Control PCB 90475-A
Qube Power/Comm PCB 90490-A
Qube-Pak Control PCB 90522-A
Quad V+5 Voltage Regulator PCB 90523-A
Voltage Regulator PCB 90523-A
Switching power supply J50-5
Power Supply P150-24
ESC Power supply 660-094652
DI Water Pump B-125-VS-GAS
DI Water Pump B-125-VS-GAS
VS Metering Pump Controller B-125-VS-GAS
Measurement Probe 02-101176-00
Conductivity Monitor T21-CDH/MA-CFM-ALUM-ALZ
T21 Process Transmitter T21-COH/MA-UMS
Motor Model B2002 7-45630
Motor Model B2003 7-537331-1
Brushless Servo Drive Model BRU- 200
Brush Servo Drive Model MAX-430
Theta Stage Servo PCB 108408
Short Arc Lamp Power Supply Model 1230
Power Supply n/a
Resistivity Monitor T21-RS/MA-CFM-ALUM
Motor Joint 2 560c 43-0081
Motor 43-0533
PWM Servo Drive Model MAX-100
Spin Motor 0050-09-062
Servo Motor (model E240) 0240-06-018-007
Spindle Motor Model E288 0288-32-003
Servo Motor (Model E540) 0540-04-032-007
Spin Motor 0550-00-003
Spin Motor 0550-09-053
Spin Motor 0550-09-062
Automatic Motor Generator -492254
586 Spin Motor 0586-24-024
Servo Motor Model # M1144 1140-001-0729
E530 Spin Motor -135113
Spin Motor 2002-00-002
Spin Motor 2002-00-004
Spin Motor 2002-00-008
Spin Motor 2002-00-011
Servo Motor (Model 286) 286-019-0106
Servo Motor Model #372 372-001-0996
Motor Joint 3560C 43-0428
Spin Motor 530-20-016
DC Servo Motor Model E19-1 642-025-0772
Spin Motor 83-K31550R/13560-6
Motor Controller E-550 9014-0025
Motor Controller E-552 2625821
Spin Motor A102-2-56
Spin Motor B2003-00-008
Motor Controller DC-45L Model DC-45L
Motor Controller Model E550
Flat Panel Screen 024138-001
Single Axis Pulse Control PCB (A6) 100004
Setup & Auto Sequencer Control PCB 100012
Prober Cycle Control (A3) 100016
Interface Control PCB 100020
A5 PCB 100032
Slope & Align Load Control PCB (A-1) 102420
Motion Control PCB 102944-001
Motion Control PCB 102944-009
A2 Motion Control PCB 102944-011
Operator Console II Assembly PCB 114807-001
28V Solenoid Driver PCB 114824-001
Chuck PCB 114993-001
Indexer PCB 244190-001
Tester Interface PCB 244288-001
Power DAR PCB 244425-001
Material Handling Logic PCB 244636-001
Material Handling Logic PCB 244636-002
Pre-Align Driver PCB 244639-002
Theta Z Inner Drivers PCB 244736-001
Edge Sensor Unit/Profiler Box 244856-002
4 Port Serial I/O Assembly II PCB 246067-001
PL Temp Logic MUX 246713-001
CRT Controller III PCB 247191-001
4-Point Power Supply 247911-001
System Memory PCB 248981-001
System Memory PCB 248981-002
Theta Drive Assembly 251060-001
LSTD Assembly 25107-1-001
Power DAR 2 PCB 251074-001
Power DAR 2 PCB 251074-002
CPU 020 PCB 251411-003
Chuck Interface PCB 251820-001
A14 Assembly 251883-002
A911 MUX Driver PCB 252158-001
Flex Disk Controller PCB 255524-001
Tester Interface II PCB 255732-001
CRT Controller V Assembly 255987-001
CPCS II PCB 256703-002
Power DAR 3 PCB 256938-001
TC 2000 Controller IV PCB 258158-001
Camera Assy, DPS 2 -633328
A14B Material Handler PCB -625658
Camera Assembly, DPS 2,4090 -450707
FET Power DAR 1034003
Power supply Module (PSME) Model PSME
Drive Assembly unknown
Theta Z Function II PCB 245023-001
Power supply Module PSM-B Model 2001 CXE PSM
Power supply Module (PSMD) Model PSMD
Motor 4336DIE
Astra Convey Motor Control PCB C-MH-23-785 CM
Lamp Power Supply Emki 150-40-0561
Lamp Power Supply EMX PS Or EMK PS
Power Supply EMX/EMK PS
Power Supply Extreme PS
1A6 Source Magnet Power Supply 473108
Filament Power supply 4731145
Power Supply EMS25-25
Power Supply EMS-25-25-20-0080
TCR Power Supply TCR-20-50
Multi-Prom 64/256 8000D088AW-B
Multi-cage Model SBC 6012
Vacuum control assembly AMD-22-CCB
IR Radiation Source Controller/Head Assy. S7916-413-0011
PCB AMD-8085
Ion Gauge Control PCB CB2052
PCB CB3011
Darlington Optical Driver PCB CB3012
AD/DA Converter PCB CB3017
AD/DA Converter PCB CB3017J
APC Pressure Control Card CB3033
Gas Interlock PCB CB3082
RF Control Card CT-7021-10
RF Generator 6200 ETLF24
Power System Model # 15829-001
Power Supply 1760
PCB- 2 PCB's and display connected together FPC500
EMS Power Supply 4731327
Process chamber control card assembly PCB 238401
Brushless Servo Motor HT01501-A13-HE
Communication PCB 10083-22
Communication PCB PT1010458-04
Disk Controller PCB QU0110402
Cassette Loader Model 7162
Upper/Lower Robot Driver 1033181
Firing Module FPE 603 FHR
MW Controller RFC-6-01
DC/PS, 2MHZ 000-1093-076
27 MHz RF Generator 000-1093-077
Power Amplifier 1040L
RF Amplifier 104OLS
OEM-12 / RF Power Generator 4117-2-D-271-988
Power Amp PCB 511274
OEM- 12 Power Supply AMP PCB A223B
RF Power Generator ACG-10
RF Power Generator ACG-10B-xx
RF Power Generator (MRC) ACG-10-MRC
RF Power Generator ACG-10T
ACG-5XL RF Generator ACG-5-01M14
RF Generator ACG-6B-02
Power Amplifier AP400
DC Plasma Generator (DCG) DC22D-A0311000211
DC Plasma Generator (DCG-100) DCG2R-A001200020
Model DPGD-10 RF Generator DPGD-10-04
RF Generator DPGD-10-05
Power Generator EGR-96CAFL-21111
Cable Assembly, Serial I/O ENI1
Genesis RF Generator GEW2527MA-B1C00-L4
Genesis RF Generator GEW3040MA-F2H00-01
RF Generator GHW25A-13DF#N0-001
Genesis RF Generator GMW-25
RF generator Settings GMW25A Settings
Genesis RF Generator GW2502MA-B1C000-xx
Genesis RF Generator (GMW-25) GW2502MA-B1C001-xx
RF Power Generator HF-1
RF Power Generator HF-1T
Power Amplifier HF-300
Harmonic Filter HF-3000-50
Solid State Power Generator LPG-12A
RF Power Generator LPG-2AT
RF Power Generator LPG-6A
RF Amplifier 250K-150 MHZ Model 3100LA
RF Power Generator Model ACG-3M3
RF Upper Match Model MWH-25-04
RF Match MW10-21191
RF Match Controller MW10-21191
RF Match Controller MW10-23194
RF Matching Network MW-10DM2
RF Matching Network MW-10T
Model MW-2-30 RF Match MW2-30-02
RF Match Network MWD-25LD-02
RF Match Network MWD-25LD-06
RF Lower Match Box MWM-25-02X
RF Genesis Generator NOVA-50A-02
RF Generator OEM 25-XL
RF Generator OEM-1250
OEM-12A / RF Power generator OEM-12A-21041-51
OEM-12A Generator OEM-12AB3-21041
OEM-12/RF Power Generator OEM-12AL-01
OEM 12/ RF Power Generator OEM12AL-21311
OEM -12 / RF Power generator OEM-12B-02
3-Phase RF Generator OEM-12B3-02
RF Generator OEM-12B-xx
OEM-12 / RF Power Generator OEM-12x
RF Generator OEM-2000-01
RF Power Generator OEM-25
RF Power Generator OEM-25A
RF Power Generator OEM-25B-01
RF Power Generator OEM-25M
RF Power Generator OEM-28B-xx
RF Power Generator (OEM-50) OEM-50N-11601
RF Power Generator OEM-6
RF Power Generator OEM-650A
RF Power Generator OEM-6AM-1-x
RF Power Generator (650A) OEM-6A-xxxx
RF Power Generator OEM-6B
RF Power Generator OEM-6L
RF Power Generator OEM-6M
RF Power Generator OEM-6M-01
RF Power Generator OEM-6M-B
RF Power Generator OEM-6R
Plasmaloc 2 - HF Power Amplifier PL-2HF
RF Power Generator PL2-HF
RF Power Generator Serial Communications Serial Communications
Power Amplifier VPA-1987-21121
Non-Volatile Memory PCB 10764
Programmable Sequencer APS-4 Model 7101
Temperature/Power Control PCB 01-000-0D-658
Temperature/Power Control PCB 01-000-0D-659
Comparator PCB#10 01-000-0D-663
Pattern Generator Board Assy. AMFPG
Controller ESC-201
Pre-Aligner w/ controller PRE-3195/ ESC-201
Robot Controller 4100-0076-02
"Robot Wafer Arm Assembly 6""" 715-080387-001
Robot w/Controller ATM-1333/CTL-1442
Robot w/Controller ATM-1889/ESC-100
Robot w/ controller ATM-4779/ESC-100
Robot Controller ESC-100
controller ESC-210
DNS Spin, Motor
spin motor 
Servo Motor DNS Coater repair
Developer DNS Spin Motor repair
AC Motor Servo DNS SPIN Coater repair
repair idexer disk spin motor DNS
2-39-54184 spin motor
2-39-54184 200skw
2-39-52474 motor step
motor, step  2-39-52474
2-39-52474 stepping motor
2-39-51854 step motor
2-39-51854 motor step
2-39-64685 dc servo motor motor dc servo
5-39-01444 driver motor
5-39-01445 driver motor
5-39-01477 Motor Servo reversable
7-39-03335 Motor DRIVER MOTOR
7-39-03351 AC SERVO MOTOR  S/D
7-39-04949 ACSERVO MOTOR
7-39-05508 Motor Stepping UPD 596TG10-A
UPD 596TG10A
7-39-29125 Stepping Motor DNS
9UVP0032  Stepper Motor

2-39-12432 MOTOR
TS3510 DNS Motor
2-39-20861 Motor
TS3413N1E4   Motor repair
2-39-39962  Y (Y) STEPPING MOTOR
2-39-40329 Motor stepping schrittmotor dns
2-39-45689 AC SERVO MOTOR
2CSM-101 5" GEAR MOTOR RB35 1/30E
TS3413N6E4  Spin motor 627
2-39-39122 stepping motor repair
2-39-41344 motor drive
2-39-41901 DRIVER MOTOR
2-39-43110 Stepping Motor 2-39-45633 AC Motor m/A Y
2-vc-13736 Synchronus Motor
HA-SA352  4141M-037
TS3510N30E61 5" SPIN Motor Coater 627CO
2-39-00605 Synchronous Motor COATER  Synchronmotor DNS
2-39-43197 Motor Servo  AC
W-39-50178 UPK596H Motor Stepping Motor
repair of dainippon screen spin motor servo motor
23939335 spin motor dns
23943197 spinmotor
23953547 motor spin servo motor ac
Robot Controller ESC-212
TTR-100 Controller (Handset) Model 8045R2-2
Robot Arm Cylinder Model ATM 105-x
Equipe Robot model DD-50
MDAXYPED Wheel Driver Assy. ESA-10/75HC
Joystick for ESI 740-501-130
PCI/ MMB Interface PCB 83579
X/Y Galvo Controller Assy. 85077
Power PCB A-802-004-00
Motor PCB A-803-005-01
CRT PCB A-803-005-02
Keyboard PCB A-804-010-00
Loader PCB ESP 444-00E3
Control PCB ESP 447-00E3 FD/MK
Terminal ESP6110+
Monitor w/Keyboard S-086-003-00
Indexer Board 000-8850-020 Rev.A5
Motherboard PCB 1002516-1 Rev F
Motherboard PCB 1002516-2
System Module 1443
PS Interface Board ABX-X272
SS Driver, 1.8 MHX-2 MHZ ABX-X278
Solid State Driver Board ABX-X348
RF Generator Controller PCB ABX-X355
Digital Controller MODEL 808
Temperature Controller Model 818S
Temperature Controller Series 900 Model 906D
Digital Controller MODEL 919
Type 125 Programmer / Type 126 Auxiliary Unit n/a
Millivolt Source Type 039
PCB (EV659) 231
10KV Scanner 12008106
2 Channel Converter PCB E-F3217001
DC Motor Driver 30V-2A PCB (Z80-DC1) 2000504
DC motor Driver 30V-4A PCB 2000505
RST 100 Process PCB 2001995
Air cylinder -C-5-X
Chamber Door FPS-1395-5
Air cylinder LSS-34
Air cylinder UG-221-XC4-J-MR
Analog I/O MUX 97420311-xx
HS Pin Control PCB 97435503-xx
Phase/Marker Generator PCB 97436201-xx
Line Driver PCB 97436902-xx
PMU Analog Driver PCB 97482608-xx
Memory Error D & C PCB 97490102-xx-
Power supply A1000/5V
Power Supply G15-24A
Power Supply G24-5S
Power Supply G48-7-5A
Controller Assembly N050R201
Switching Power Supply NT-FAR-N50
Advanced High Voltage Power Supply OL8000/104/01
Power Supply Type M3
pump 7131-0062
Light Pen 1200-00027
Encoder Motor 2233R0012S
Relay Meter 120350
Relay Meter 120350
Temperature controller AZ44C5-001
Temperature Controller AZ44CS-001
Temperature Control DMR-5FR
Power Supply ER200/24/CPT
Multifunction Clamp/Free Unknown
Analyze ASML Equipment for future repairs N/A
Circulator / Chiller Assy FC-1060
Clean Room Fire Sensor RS2CR-0010 (B)
Gas Cabinet Control Box Model 164
Automatic System Controller Model ASC 110
Automatic System controller Model ASC-100
Process Controller 1720A
Process Controller 1720B
Process Controller 1722A
Dual Serial Interface PCB 1722A-3010
Digital Thermometer 2168A
Single Board Computer PCB 705235
Digital Multimeter 8505A
Micro-System Troubleshooter Program Transfer 9010A
Multimeter Model 73
Multimeter Model 77
Process Meter Model 787
Multimeter Model 79
Multimeter Model 8060A
Multimeter Model 87
Control Drawer 01056296-501
Chempure Pump -CDP - 0500T
Control Drawer D1056296501
Cempure Pump Mini Classic B Mod
Master Controller 5 VLF-MC1005-02
Frequency Synthesizer PCB C1062910-1
Valve none
SYS68K/SASI-1 PCB 300000
SYS68K/SIO-2 310004
SYS68K/SIO-2 310004
Serial PCB SYS68K/SIO-2
Thyristor PC Unit PHF-15A2-03-02
Polyethelene cassette guides -
Diagnostics Test Fixture 01-386SXF2.1
Spin Motor Control PCB 150 02-01038-003-X1
Spin Motor Control PCB 1A 02-01038-X1 (1A)
Spin Motor Control PCB 1A 02-01038-X2 (1A)
Spin Motor 02-01456-X1
Spin Motor, Nickel Plated Case 02-01456-X2
Stabilization Modifications 03-02329-X1
Stepper Motor Driver 1
Timer, Temperature Controller 800-2909-F1
Foss Motor Mod., (SSI 150 Motor Control PCB) 80-76-01
Foss Motor Mod., (SSI Motor Control PCB) 80-76-01
Piggy Back for 1A Control Board 80-97-01
Optical I/O PCB 87896-565-01
Capacitive Proximity Switches - in Lot of 14 EZK-X4ME1
Eyepiece Spacer Ring FIEY001
RF Test System FRTS
Chamber Covers n/a
F to V Converter Fixture n/a
Frequency To Voltage Converter Fixture #1 n/a
Multibus Test Fixture n/a
Nozzle Tips n/a
Photo Tube Base Assy n/a
Plastic Spit Shield n/a
Polished Stainless Steel Locator Pins n/a
Qty. 5 Plexiglass Spit Shield/ Clear PVC n/a
Resist Bottle Opener n/a
Stage lock- Delrin N/A
Stainless Steel Washer (0.020 thickness) n/a
Stainless Steel Washer (0.020 thickness) n/a
Stainless Steel Washer (0.025 thickness) n/a
Stainless Steel Washer (0.025 thickness) n/a
Stainless Steel Washer (0.030 thickness) n/a
Stainless Steel Washer (0.030 thickness) n/a
Stainless Steel Washer (0.035 thickness) n/a
Stainless Steel Washer (0.035 thickness) n/a
Stainless Steel Washer (0.040 thickness) n/a
Stainless Steel Washer (0.040 thickness) n/a
Support Ring N/A
Tach. Generator Fixture, (SSI Motors) n/a
Temperature Probe Jig n/a
Thermco 9900 Test Fixture n/a
"Machine Foot Plates 6"" x6"" x3/8""" n/a-
Test Fixture, (SSI Motor Control PCB) TF3001 PS
Burr Brown VFC42 to VFC32 conversion VFC42
4 Point Probe Control PCB 94V-03297
Resistivity Monitor 921x
PCB K0143AC-x
Pressure Transducer Type 140
Pump 1603006402
Digital PCB 290138-200
PCB Assembly, I/O, 96 292033-400
AX90 PCB and filter Assembly 294024-200D
TRN/VME PCB 294041-200
Bake Plate Interface PCB 294045-401x
Bake Plate Interface PCB 294045-403x
Transducer PCB 294106-200A
Transducer PCB 294106-200AX1
Transducer PCB includes sensor 294106-200B
Transducer PCB 294106-200C
Heater Control PCB 294130-400
Heater control PCB 294130-401
Heater Control PCB 294130-402
96 I/O PCB 294148-401
Battery Back- up PCB 294174-200A
Motor Speed Control Assy. 905516-001E
Controller I/O Adapter PCB D-131-295-01
motor controller 232608-001
I/O Adapter PCB 280419-003
System I/O PCB 290017-400
PCB 290019-200
Power Supply PCB 290019-400
2800 Interface PCB 290020-200
Interface PCB 290020-400
System Interface PCB Rev F 290028-400
PCB Cover 290030-400
System Interface PCB 290037-200
Heater Control PCB 290044-200
PCB 290055-200
PCB 290055-400
Drain Valve PCB 290062-200
Interface PCB 290063-400
CPU 2800 PCB 290077-400
Digital Flow Controller 290078-110
Digital Flow Controller 290078-400
Chemfill Interface PCB 290104-400
PCB 290116-400
Circuit Board 290134-400
I/O digital discrete PCB 292033-400
Spinner Interface PCB 292048-400
Network, Token Ring PCB 293003-200
Network Token Ring PCB 293003-400
Matrix PCB 293005-200
Exhaust PCB 293010-200
Heater Control PCB 293011-400
PCB 294115-400
Drain Valve Board 301202-001
Motor Speed Control (FSI) 900180-001
Motor Speed Control 900180-001 G
Motor Speed Control 900180-001 H
Motor Speed Control 900180-001 I
Motor Speed Control 900180-001 J
Digital Flow Controller 900292-001
Digital Flow Controller 900292-002
Digital Flow Controller 90029-2002C
Digital Flow Controller 900292002L
Digital Flow Controller 900292992D
Flow Controller 900662-001
PCB 900662007
1200 Process Controller 900-696-001
Program Loader Cassette Assembly 902070-001
2-Cycle Flow Controller 902199-001
Resolve Digital PCB 903275-001
SECS Communication PCB 903277-002
SEM Motor Speed 905516-001C
Current Limiter PCB 906313-003
Spin Motor 908-FSI-118-03
Control Electronics 909-055-9
PAC PCB 96-FSI-061-001
Digital display DPM 3
Power Amp PCB ELXX0-0001139 Rev B
Power Amp Unit MG-E-2000A
150PC Chuck Assembly #63621 n/a
150PC Chuck Interface Card #61981 n/a
150PC Human Interface Card #61951 n/a
150PC Lamp / Power Supply Interface Card #16961 n/a
High Voltage Power Supply #68610 n/a
Irradiator M150 With Choke n/a
Solenoid Pneumatic Zeus n/a
System Control #62161 n/a
Wafer Handler Interface Card #61991 n/a
Wafer Handler M150PC n/a
Zeus n/a
RF Power Amplifier Unit MG-E-2000A
Recirculating Chiller Model RC-00178-A
Recirculating Chiller Model RC511ZLAM
Recirculating Chiller Model RC75D0101TEL
Recirculating Chiller Model RCD151ZLAM
Recirculating Chiller RC-00178-A
Throttle Valve Assembly RS-50-SP02
Y Axis Controller Type FRH 300
Programmable Controller FPU-250C-A10
Pressure Controller FPC-1
Pressure Controller FPC-2
Screen Display FPF8050HRUM-201
Plasma Display Graphics Unit FPF8060HRUM
Printer DX2000 Series Model M3349H
DC Motor Driver Loader Unit PCB MORCOS-2
SWECD PCB PS16B-7317-0891
Suckback Valve SBVM 144
Photo Cell Assembly 72771
Asher Process Chamber PCB 265571
Lamp/Power Supply Interface PCB 265842
150PC System Interface PCB 269162
System Interface- Ver II w/ ISO SECS II 269591
Asher gas Control, 3 channel 288611
2X-MCU lamp Control PCB 315811
Module Front Panel 342432
L/R Dual Serial Interface PCB 343281
System Interface PCB 344281
Ultra Clean 6 MFC-6AS Box Interface Board 386601
Dual HV-SMPS Controller Interface PCB 386641
Dual HV-SMPS Controller Interface PCB 386642
Dual Chamber STD Bus I/O Extender PCB 391232
Display, rear Gemini 39813
Display panel, touchscreen 398131
M200 PCU Chuck Control,Insitu probe PCB 44224-2
Chuck Control PCB with Insitu UV probe 46247-1
2X-MCU Lamp control PCB 490821
Thermo chuck, GPS-I, 208V w. Center Pins 536566
Chuck Interface PCB 61981
Controller 988S-10CC-NRBU
Wafer Handler STD Card, 3 Axis PCB 249251
3-Axis Robot Base PCB 249291
240X128 Graphic LCD Driver PCB 285871
Wafer Detection Tower PCB 302762
Dual HV-SMPS Controller Interface PCB 386643
Dual Chamber Std Bus I/O Extender Card 391231
3-Axis Robot Base PCB 429291
M200PCU Chuck Control, Insitu Probe PCB 442241
Human Interface PCB 61951
Chuck Interface PCB 66010
Power Supply Interconnect PCB 79031
High Voltage Power Supply 79422
CPU PCB 9058
Wafer Handling PCB 95291
Thermal Chuck PCB 202581
Asher gas exciter control PCB 238603
Model m200-ACU Ozone Generator 241333R
8086 CPU PCB 248411
Head Wafer Transport PCB 249331
Lamp/Power Supply Interface Card 265841
Asher gas monitor w/catalyst PCB 288321
Wafer handler STD Card, 3 Axis 437581
Interface PCB 61961
PCB 61971
Fusion Assembly PCB 61991
Power Supply Interconnect PCB 62721
Power Supply Interconnect PCB 62721B
RF Detector Probe 91581
150PC Chuck Assembly PCB n/a
High Voltage Power Supply PCB n/a
Human Interface PCB n/a
Interface PCB n/a
Irradiator M150 PCB n/a
Irradiator With Choke n/a
Lamp Power Supply Interface PCB n/a
System Control n/a
Wafer Handler Interface PCB n/a
Wafer Handler M150PC PCB n/a
High Voltage Power Supply 268661
Module High Voltage Assembly 283321
Temp Controller 988S-10CC-NRBU
Dual Headed Graphics Processor PCB 0660-90060
Video Interface PCB 501-03367-00
Motion Control PCB 258A8E-GAL
Motion Control PCB DMC-1020
Motion control PCB DMC-1030
Motion Control PCB DMC-300
Motion Control PCB DMC-420
Motion Control PCB DMC-610
Motion Control PCB DMC-620
Motion Control PCB DMC-630
Motion Controller, 2 Axis DMC-720-PSX
Power Supply ESA-10/160H
Power Supply PCB Assy. ESA-10/75H
Motion Control PCB ICM-1100
PC Bus Motor Controller n/a
Motion control PCB SSV-800
30 Second Delay, Power Failure
Power Supply 13389-01
Automatch assembly 15133-01
Microwave Power Source(includes magnatron) 16474-01
Remote Display Assembly 16800-01
Chamber Door assembly 17329-01
CLTC Probe 17332-01
Power Supply PCB 61-0018-01
System Monitor Protection PCB 85-220 Rev E
Valve Control PCB 90-1002-07
PCB 90-1026-01
MFC/MFM Interface PCB 90-1036-01
EPO Control PCB 90-1045-01
Interlock driver PCB 90-1064
Opto Isolator daughter PCB 90-1076
Plasma Failure Detection PCB 90-1079
I/O Interface PCB 90-2590
Controller PCB 90-2607
PCA- Display Panel Assembly 90-2678
Magnetron 95-0501
EOP controller 95-0506
Process Minicontroller 95-0541
PEP 3010 Lamp Controller 95-2824
Gas Box Controller 95-2977
Microwave Power Supply 95-2992
2-Piece Enhanced wave guide Assy. 95-3014
Process Minicontroller 95-3153
Process Minicontroller 95-3154
Process Minicontroller 95-3157
Process Minicontroller 95-3458
Process Mini Controller 95-3564
Lamp Controller 95-3606
Lamp Controller (PEP 3010) 95-3677
PEP3010/Lamp Controller 95-3677
Misc Mini Controller 95-3798
Angle valve w/CHO-Rings A22-025-010
Power Stripper Controller A61-001-01
Vacuum Gauge AMP PCB A90-002-01
Interlock PCB A90-003-01
Controller PCB A90-005-00
Controller PCB A90-005-01
Aura Controller Board Pick and Place A90-005-02
Controller PCB A90-005-07
Aura display PCB A90-010-01
Display Panel A90-010-01
PCB A90-011-01
Display Decoder PCB A90-014-02
Lamp alarm PCB A90-020-01
Failure Detection and Signal Interface PCB A90-028-01
Plasma/lamp Failure Detection PCB A90-031-01
A3000 Lamp Controller A90-042-01
Aura display PCB A95-030-01
EOP Assembly A95-060-02
Alarm Assembly n/a
H2 Controller PCB n/a
Loader PCB n/a
Logic Controller PCB n/a
Valve Control PCB n/a
Little Giant Expansion PCB SBC200F2
Alarm PCB SC90-1001-01
Cluster Misc. Controller 95-3155
AC Power Controller Assy., Left 95-3002
Lamp Tray Assy. 95-3009
Vacuum Pump 1531-107B-6557X
Whitey Check Valve 466
AW27 PCB * Not Repairable * 005645G1
AW31 PCB ** Not Repairable ** 005708G1
Stepper Controller 1447093
PreAmp Servo PCB (AU53) 005866G1
Servo Output Amps PCB 005869G1
Stage Extender Interface 005908G1
EG-150 Oven Module Driver PCB 0060164G01-C
EG-150 Oven Module Driver PCB 0060164G01-C
EG-150 Oven Module Driver PCB 0060164G01-C
AU67 6024
Control Valve 6292
Power Supply + 5 Volt 6790
Anarak Check Valve 7322
Power circuit 787801
Control PCB 788101
Anarak Valve 8786
Wiring Diagram Spinner Phase 2 -448211
Spin Motor Driver Assembly -432111
DC Power Wiring Diagram - Phase II Master 012-329120-04
Electronics Enclosure Micro 220V AC -86591
Wafertrac Phase II Oven Module Wiring Diagram 84342
Wafertrac Drop In Oven Module 111735
Micro Electronics Enclosure A 115022
Mask Aligner I/F 342934
Spinner Assembly Valve Drawer 598603
DSW / Wafertrac Interface 690280
Index Module Wafertrac Phase 2 013-327900
Electronics Enclosure Micro A 013-329369
Electronics Enclosure Micro B 013-329370
Slave Micro Enclosure Worldwide 013-329541
Wiring Diagram Micro Enclosure W/W Standard 013-329541-01
Level Detect Sub-Assembly 013-329613
Micro Electronics Enclosure B 013-329893
Purge / Exhaust Shutdown System 220V 013-330998
Purge / Exhaust Shutdown System 110V 013-330998-01
Heatsink Assembly Spin Motor Driver 013-332086
Phase II Master Controller Interconnect 016-329913
Dual Bake Wafer Sensor 016-331709
Spin Motor 020-92200
Spin Motor 2092201
Circuit Card Assembly Heater Element Driver Drawer 021-32334
Multiframe System 024-330015
Harness Card File To Pump 024-330091
Pump Assembly Interconnection 024-330091
Scrubber Head 024-330091
HP Scrubber Interconnection 024-330092
Worldwide Enclosure Fan MOD. 024-331316
Batch ID Display 024-331423
Pick and Place Interface PCB 26061
Power Supply / Driver PCB 028522G1
Power supply 028522G3
Turntable PCB 028533-G1
I/O PCB 02-8802G7
I/O RMS PCB 028802-G7
Turntable RMS PCB 028875-G1
Aligner PCB 028878-G1
Reader Bar Code 028890G1
Track Switch & Mask Aligner 029-329817
8085 Microcomputer 030310G1 REV.C
Oven Controller PCB 030535G2
Spin Motor 30736
Spin Motor 030736G1
Thermocouple Conditioner, Rev. D 030751D
150MM Spinner Interconnect PCB 30754
150MM Spinner Interconnect PCB 30755
Spinner Interconnect Assy. PCB 030755G2
150 MM Spinner PCB 031101G
CCA Spin Motor Driver 031405G1
Shuttle Drive PCB 031405G1
Shuttle Driver PCB 031405G1
Spinner I/O 031763G1
Spinner I/O 031763Gxx
Oven Controller PCB 032091 G3-1
I/O Spinner PCB 034-01532968
Optical Sensor 034-328286
Heater Element Driver DWR 034-328840
Local Control Panel Interface 034-329302-04
Dual Solenoid Driver Photo Resist Pump 034-329308
Level Sense Indicator 034-329557
Track Switch Driver 034-329571
Power Control Relay 034-329671
I/O Spinner PCB 034-329682G
I/O Spinner PCB 034-329685
Oven Temperature Control Module 034-329753
Data / Power Bus Mother 034-329764
Tape Reader Interface 034-329848
Multi-Frame Buffer 034-329875
Indexer PCB 034-329926
Track Switch I/O 034-329943
Pump Scrubber PCB 034-330387
Elevator Control 034-330425
Batch Display Console 034-331226
Batch Display I/O 034-331229
Aligner Interface 034-331323
Dual Bake Wafer Sensor 034-331706
Pump Control PCB 034-360000
I/O Spinner PCB 034-802064G4
Heater Control S/M 034-806034
Pneumatic PCB 034-806094
Galvo Controller PCB Auto Focus II AU65 37295
Cursor / Controller 037-330532
Power Supply, I/F 045196G3
Oven Controller PCB 056563G1-A
Oven Controller PCB 056563G2-A
Vertical Sweep Controller 6200
Spin Motor Torque Systems 327107 TS
CRT Monitor 329128
15cc Resist Pump Assembly -82146
Indexer I/O PCB 329680
I/O Spinner PCB 329685
Spinner I/O 329698
Indexer PCB 329926
Microcomputer Interface PCB 330339
Computer Set 540592
Micro Set 1010 w/ S-W 540592
Heater Element Driver Box, CC 331681
Spin Driver Box 332086
Temperature Controller 66440
Spin Motor 7527106
ISBC 88/25 88/25
TUTHILL Pump 9145
Focus Led Driver AU5 9262-20
Sensor PCB 9262-205
Cable Assembly 9280-43
I/O PCB 980306219
Stage CPU Interface AU32
AU43 PCB AU43 PCB(9262-185-G1-6)
Bar Code Reader Sensor PCB B028525G1
Servo Amp - AW17 C002789
Error Resolver C002967
Logic Diagram Stage Extension Interface AU34 C9280-47
Atmospheric Compensation System E128952
"1 1/4"" Chuck" n/a
"1 7/8"" Chuck" n/a
115V AC Power Supply n/a
"12"" CRT" n/a
15cc Resist Pump assembly n/a
"2 1/2"" Chuck" n/a
230/10 +10V Control Relay n/a
230/10 +10V Power Supply n/a
28V Stop Switch Duplex n/a
9280 Computer Interface Logic Diagram Axis Control PCB n/a
9280 Computer Interface Laser Conditioner PCB n/a
9280 Computer Interface Stage Extension Interface PCB n/a
9280 Computer Interface Wiring Diagram n/a
9280 Computer Interfacer Logic Diagram Axis Control AU 33 PCB n/a
AC Power Failure Module n/a
Aligner Interface PCB n/a
Aspirator Panel Assembly n/a
"Assembly - Elevator 0 - 8""" n/a
Assembly - Gauge Panel n/a
Assembly - Track, Tee, 3 Solenoid n/a
"Assembly , 12"" CRT" n/a
Assembly , Micro-Enclosure Harness Master n/a
Assembly Arm n/a
Assembly Motor with Gear Head n/a
Assembly Purge Exchange Sense Module Autopower Shutdown n/a
Assembly Regulator Control, H.I.P. Valve n/a
Assembly Solenoid Side Scrubber - Predyne n/a
Assembly, Vacuum Distributor Ring n/a
AU2 PCB n/a
AU33 PCB n/a
AU34 PCB n/a
AU40 PCB n/a
AU46 Autofocus PCB n/a
AU46 PCB n/a
AU46 PCB n/a
AU53 PCB n/a
Au54 PCB n/a
AU57 Board n/a
AU58 PCB n/a
AU60 Board n/a
AU64 PCB n/a
AU64 PCB n/a
AU64 PCB n/a
AU65 PCB n/a
AU66 Focus Error Generator n/a
AU66 PCB n/a
AU67 PCB n/a
AU67 PCB n/a
Auto Focus II Focus Error Signal Process n/a
Auto Focus II Manual n/a
Automatic Photoresist Coater/Developer n/a
AW17 n/a
AX5 PCB n/a
AX5 PCB n/a
Base Memory PCB n/a
Block Diagram Aligner Interface D.S.W. n/a
Block Diagram Card Cage Duplex n/a
Block Diagram Head Assembly Positive Develop Spray n/a
Block Diagram Indexer n/a
Block Diagram Kit Dispense Positive Develop n/a
Block Diagram Oven n/a
Block Diagram Pivot Brush Scrubber n/a
Block Diagram Positive Develop Kit n/a
Block Diagram Positive Develop Spray Aspirator Assembly n/a
Block Diagram Positive Develop Structure n/a
Block Diagram Pressurize Develop Acsry Cable n/a
Block Diagram Spin Motor Driver n/a
Block Diagram Spinner n/a
Breaker Box Assembly 230/10 n/a
Cabeling Information n/a
Cable Assembly - Flat, M/F General Purpoose n/a
Cable Assembly - GND Strap, Braid n/a
Cable Assembly - Head n/a
Cable Assembly - J4 To TB2 Fan MOD W/W Enclosure n/a
Cable Assembly - Local Control Panel Dual n/a
Cable Assembly - Local Control Single W/W n/a
Cable Assembly - Main Power 220 AC IN n/a
Cable Assembly - Mask Aligner Console Interface (PE) n/a
Cable Assembly - Mask Aligner Console Interface (PE) n/a
Cable Assembly - Mask Aligner Console Wafer Sensor n/a
Cable Assembly - P9 MOD to Enclosure 220 AC n/a
Cable Assembly - Power, Mask Aligner Console n/a
Cable Assembly - Scrubber Head n/a
Cable Assembly - Selenoid Jumper n/a
Cable Assembly - Slave Control n/a
Cable Assembly - Spin Motor Driver Exteneder n/a
Cable Assembly - Spinner n/a
Cable Assembly - Spinner Module J5 n/a
Cable Assembly - TB2 to TB3 Fan MOD W/W Enclosure n/a
Cable Assembly W/W Local Control Single n/a
Cable Assembly 115V AC Customer Input n/a
"Cable Assembly 12"" CRT. Master Controller DC Power" n/a
"Cable Assembly 12"" CRT. Phase II Master Control" n/a
"Cable Assembly 12"" CRT. Signal PCB to Rear Panel" n/a
"Cable Assembly 220 V Pwr Cord 12"" CRT To R. Panel" n/a
Cable Assembly 230 VAC/10 Customer Input To Circuit Breaker n/a
Cable Assembly 230/10 Slave Input n/a
Cable Assembly 230/10 35V Spin Motor Power Supply n/a
Cable Assembly 230/10 Card Cage Output Power n/a
Cable Assembly 230/10 DC Power Output n/a
Cable Assembly 230/10 Fan Power Supply n/a
Cable Assembly 230/10 Oven Power, Input Power Supply n/a
Cable Assembly 230/10 Oven Power, Power Supply n/a
Cable Assembly 230/10 Stop Switch Power Supply n/a
Cable Assembly 230V AC/10 Circuit Breaker to Power Supply n/a
Cable Assembly Cover Up Switch n/a
Cable Assembly Data Buss Extension n/a
Cable Assembly Data Buss Interim n/a
Cable Assembly DC Power n/a
Cable Assembly DC Power Duplex n/a
Cable Assembly DC Power Interim n/a
Cable Assembly DC Power Scrubber n/a
Cable Assembly Elevator Control n/a
"Cable Assembly Elevator Control 1/2""" n/a
Cable Assembly Elevator Power n/a
Cable Assembly Enclosure to Spin Motor Driver (Intermin) n/a
Cable Assembly External Oven ExtensionA n/a
Cable Assembly FAN to P4 Fan MOD W/W Enclosure n/a
Cable Assembly Flat PCB to D-Connector n/a
Cable Assembly Head Up Switch n/a
Cable Assembly Heater Extension n/a
"Cable Assembly Informer PCB TO 12"" CRT" n/a
Cable Assembly Local Control Panel Quad n/a
Cable Assembly Local Control Panel Dual n/a
Cable Assembly Local Control Panel Triple n/a
Cable Assembly Mother PCB Power n/a
Cable Assembly Motor Extension n/a
Cable Assembly Multi-Frame External n/a
Cable Assembly Power Cord Heater Element Driver n/a
Cable Assembly Power Supply to Card File n/a
Cable Assembly Power Supply to Spin Motor Driver n/a
Cable Assembly Pump Prime Power n/a
Cable Assembly Scrubber Brush Motor n/a
Cable Assembly Switch n/a
Cable Assembly Vacuum Stop DSW Wafertrac Interface n/a
Cable Assembly, DC Power n/a
Cable Assembly, AC Power n/a
Cable Order Worksheets n/a
Cap. PCB n/a
Card Cage Assembly High Pressure Scrubber n/a
CCA 115V AC Power Failure Module n/a
CCA 230V AC Power Failure Module n/a
CCA Batch ID I/O n/a
CCA Batch ID Display n/a
CCA Cursor / Controller n/a
CCA Dual Bake Wafer Sensor n/a
CCA Extender n/a
CCA Non - Bypass Indexer Combo 170 n/a
CCA Power Control Relay Duplex n/a
CCA SYN Delay PCB n/a
CCA, Tape Reader Interface n/a
CCSA HP Scrubber Nozzle Control n/a
Circuit Card n/a
Circuit Card Assembly - Optical Sensor Vertical n/a
Circuit Card Assembly Indexer Combo n/a
Circuit Card Assembly Level Sense Indicator n/a
Circuit Card Assembly Local Control Panel Interface n/a
Circuit Card Assembly Multi-Frame Buffer n/a
Circuit Card Assembly Oven Wafertrac n/a
Circuit Card Assembly Spinner (W/W) Canon I/O n/a
Circuit Card Assembly Spinner (W/W) Combo I/O n/a
Circuit Card Assembly Track SwitchI I/O n/a
Circuit Card sub-Assembly uComputer I/F (IBM) n/a
Circuit Card Sub-Asssembly n/a
Controller n/a
CPU n/a
Delrin Chuck n/a
DI Flood Rinse, Swage Fit n/a
Drain Tube Assembly n/a
Driver Assembly, Spin Motor n/a
Driver PCB n/a
Dual Solenoid Driver PCB n/a
Electric Control PCB n/a
Electro / Pneumatic Diagram Track Switch n/a
Enclosure Assembly Heater Element Driver n/a
Enclosure Assembly Oven Temperature Regulator n/a
Extender Cable Assembly - Vavle Drawer n/a
Extension PCB n/a
External Facility Connections Scrubber n/a
Flat Cable Assembly 26 Condition Tape Reader n/a
Flat Cable Assembly Canon to Canon General Purpose n/a
Flat Cable Assembly P3 Spinner n/a
Flat Cable Assembly P3, P5 Indexer n/a
Flat Cable Assembly P4 Oven n/a
Flat Cable Assembly P4 Spinner n/a
Harness, Card File to Pump n/a
Head Assembly High Pressure Scrubber n/a
Head Assembly Positive Develop Spray n/a
Head Assembly, Pivot Brush Scrubber n/a
Heater Control PCB n/a
Heater Control PCB n/a
Heating PlateAssy (Modify/Repa) n/a
Heating PlateAssy (Repair) n/a
High Pressure Scrubber Maintenance Manua n/a
Hotplate I/O PCB (M200) n/a
Hotplate I/O PCB (M200) n/a
Hotplate PCB n/a
HP Scrubber PCB n/a
HP Scrubber Nozzle Control n/a
HP Scrubber Pump Control n/a
I/O Spinner PCB n/a
Indexer / Wafertrac n/a
Indexer Assembly n/a
Indexer Assembly-Nickle Plate n/a
Indexer PCB n/a
Indexer,I/O PCB n/a
Interface PCB n/a
Interface PCB n/a
Introduction Hand-Out / Wafertrac n/a
ISBC 80/10 and ISBC 80/10A (SBC) n/a
Keyboard n/a
Laser Interferometer Interface PCB n/a
Lateral Track Indexer n/a
Local Control Panel (Dual) n/a
Local Control Panel (Single) n/a
Local Control Panel (Triple) n/a
Logic Diagram CPU Interface AU 32 PCB n/a
Low Cost Programmer n/a
Master Controller n/a
Memory PCB n/a
Memory PCB n/a
Memory PCB n/a
Messages Hand-Out / Wafertrac n/a
Micro P Cannister n/a
Micro Set 99 w/ S-W n/a
Micro Set Seb-Assylt n/a
Micro Set Sub-Assy n/a
Microcomputer Interface 2 n/a
Microprocessor Control Oven I/O n/a
Microset Mother PCB n/a
Modifications / Wafertrac n/a
Modified Vendor Part 80/10 Computer PCB n/a
Module n/a
Mother PCB, HP Scrubber n/a
Motor n/a
Motor n/a
Motor Drive PCB n/a
Motor Elevator Cable n/a
Motor Index n/a
Non - Bypass Indexer Combo I/O n/a
Nozzle Assembly n/a
Operators Manual / Wafertrac n/a
Oven n/a
Oven Assembly n/a
Oven Driver Box n/a
Oven Driver Box n/a
Oven Electric Drawer Assembly Fused 1 Track n/a
Oven Electric Drawer Assembly Fused 2 Track n/a
Oven Electric Drawer Assembly Fused 3 Track n/a
Oven Electric Drawer Asssembly Fused 4 Track n/a
Oven Electronics Drawer Assembly n/a
Oven Hot Plate PCB n/a
Oven Hot Plate PCB n/a
Oven I/O PCB n/a
Oven I/O PCB n/a
Oven I/O PCB n/a
Oven I/O PCB n/a
Oven Maintenance Manual n/a
Oven PCB n/a
Oven PCB n/a
Oven PCB n/a
Oven Temp. Comp. PCB / Box n/a
Oven Temp. Comp. PCB / Box n/a
Oven Temp. Comp. PCB / Box n/a
PCB n/a
PCB n/a
PCB n/a
PCB n/a
PCB n/a
Pilot Mount Assembly n/a
"Plate Assembly Cup, 3"" Stroke" n/a
Plumbing Diagram Positive Develop Access Cabinet n/a
"Pneumatic Diagram 1/2"" Elevator Track" n/a
Pneumatic Diagram High Pressure Scrubber n/a
Pneumatic Diagram Wafertrac Spinner n/a
Pneumatic PCB n/a
"POS DEV W/3"" Stroke Block Diagram" n/a
Positive Sequence of Spin Drive Scrubber n/a
Powe Supply +12volt n/a
Powe Supply +12volt n/a
Powe Supply +12volt n/a
Powe Supply +15volt n/a
Power Supply n/a
Power Supply n/a
Power Supply +12volt n/a
Power Supply +15v & +12v n/a
Power Supply +15volt n/a
Power Supply +24volt n/a
Power Supply +5volt n/a
Power Supply Assembly 115V AC n/a
Power Supply Assembly 230/1 Phase + 10V n/a
Pressure Servo PCB n/a
Pressure Servo PCB n/a
Pressure Switch 5000 PSI n/a
Scrub Assembly n/a
Shaft Mount Assembly n/a
Slide Body Assembly n/a
Slide Side, Spinner n/a
Solenoid Assembly N2 Dispense n/a
Solenoid Cable Assembly - Valve Drawer n/a
Solenoid Plate Sub-Assembly Cross Track n/a
Spin Drive Assembly n/a
Spin Motor n/a
Spin Motor n/a
Spin Motor n/a
Spin Motor n/a
Spin Motor Box n/a
Spin Motor Drive PCB n/a
Spin Motor Driver n/a
Spin Motor Driver n/a
Spin Motor w/Extender Shaft n/a
Spindle Assembly n/a
Spindle Assembly n/a
Spindle Housing Assembly n/a
Spindle Housing Assembly n/a
"Spinner - Valveless , 3"" Stroke" n/a
Spinner Cable Asssembly - Valve Drawer n/a
Spinner Drive Assembly n/a
Spinner I/O n/a
Spinner I/O PCB n/a
Spinner Input I/O n/a
Spinner Mechanical Function ROM 1 n/a
Spinner Mechanical Function ROM 2 n/a
Spinner Mechanical Function ROM O n/a
Spinner Module, Long Stroke n/a
Spinner PCB n/a
Stop Switch Assembly 28V, Duplex n/a
Switch Assembly Vacuum n/a
Switch Assembly, Reed n/a
System Diagram - High Pressure Scrubber n/a
Temperature n/a
Test Fixture n/a
Thermocouple Conditioner PCB n/a
Thermocouple Container PCB n/a
Top Assembly 115V Single Power Supply n/a
Top Assembly 230/10 +10V Dual Duplex Encoder n/a
Top Assembly 230/10 +10V Single Power Supply n/a
Track Switch & Mask I/O (Data Bus) Aligner n/a
Track Switch & Mask I/O (Data Bus) Aligner n/a
Track Switch Driver n/a
Truth Table Track Switch Control Prom Add Map n/a
Truth Table Track Switch Solenoid Prom n/a
V&A System Coater and Developers n/a
Vacuum Venturi Sub-Assembly n/a
Valve Drawer Assembly n/a
Valve Drawer Assembly, 3 or 4 Track n/a
Wafer Sensor Assembly Dual Bake n/a
Wafertrac Indexer Data Bus Interface Signal Assign n/a
Wafertrac Mask Aligner Data Bus Interface S A n/a
Wafertrac Oven Data Bus Interface Signal Assign n/a
Wafertrac Phase II Interconnect Diagram n/a
Wafertrac Spinner Data Bus Interface S A n/a
Wafertrac Spinner Data Bus Interface Signal Assembly n/a
Wafertrac Spinner Mech Sequencer Flow Chart n/a
Wafertrac Spinner Process Program Flow Chart n/a
Wiring Diagram Spinner Module n/a
30W power supply programmable controller 90-30
Controller CPU Module IC610CPU105C
AC Motor 5KH32GN5589X
Servo Motor RS130ER1114
VP/Display Kit Custom #014 90-400-014
Motor 5KH3RGA1134T
Series A Module plug CR245A113A
Axis Positioning Module IC693APU301K
Input 24 VDC Power supply IC693MDL645D
30W Power Supply IC693PWR321P
Adjustable Speed Drive Motor n/a
Single board Computer PCB GMS V06-01
Control PCB 4802A CCA-11146-3
Proc. EXH Left hand ring 02-006400E01
Proc. EXH Left hand ring 02-006400E02
PC Effecter PCB 03-004876D01
Boatloader PCB n/a
Excess Temperature Controller n/a
DC Power Supply N/A
Monitor N/A
Wafer Handler Controller -
System Controller Model S08RP Ver. 21
PCB 13052-00A
PCB 14476-01
Digital Isolator PCB 145734
PCB 398-18359-2
Power Supply 6480014
Gas Module n/a
A/D Converter PCB GESADC-12A
D/A Converter PCB GESDAC22B-8945
Disk Drive Controller GESMOC-1-9145
video PCB SP-025850
Power Supply - 9KV Focus 0350-0025-0003
Power Supply + 9KV Focus 0350-0025-0006
Power Supply Extraction 5980-0014-0002
Power Supply Focus 5980-0019-0002
Power supply 5980-0103-0001
Power Supply EXQ10P3
Focus/Deflector Power Supply Model PS/KA-HP996
PS, Accel, 150KV, +10MA, 8200 Model PS/LT150P010XU8
Power Supply n/a
9KV Focus Power Supply PCB PCA 1033
15KV Quad Power supply PCB PCA-1120
Regulated HVDC Power Supply PS/HG-20P12.5M3
Focus/Deflector Power Supply PS/KA-H996
Constant Voltage/Current Power Supply PS/KA-PG-Driver
1A8 Quadrapole Power supply PS/KAQ15PN2
Power Supply Extraction PS/WG-20P-15-M3
Power Supply PS/WX75N12
Power Supply Focus PSKA-H996
Constant Voltage/Current Power Supply PSPG-180P005KA
Horizontal Amp PCB GA5505-100011-01-1
Vertical Amp PCB GA5505-100211-1
Speed Controller 90-0064-093
PCB 99-001-534
Z 44 Floppy/Winchester Controller PCB GMS6529-01-C
Single Board Computer V06-05-E
Computer n/a
Model PVS Autoloading Programmable Voltage Source n/a
Valve n/a
Strip Chart Recorder GTA 0201/0203
Controller AS-884A-101
Controller AS-884A-201
Controller AS-P800-003
X/Y Plotter-Recorder series 6000
Motor Drive Model 6018
Motor Drive n/a
Circulator FH15D
Remote Control Unit n/a
Temperature Controller n/a
ION Gauge Power Supply 307005/06
Convectron PCB 012141-102
Convectron PCB 012685-102
275 Mini Convectron 275905
275 Mini-Convectron 275801
332 Penta Convectron PCB 009874-104
Ion Gauge Controller 270004
Gauge Controller Series 270 270036
Ion Gauge Controller 270043
Ion Gauge Controller IG-2 270045
Ionization Gauge Control PCB -595343
Ion Gauge Power Supply -595312
Ion Gauge Controller Series 280 2800XX
330 Vacuum Gauge Controller 330018
Ion Gauge Power Supply 332102
340 Vacuum Gauge Controller 340018
Ion Guage Controller 350001
354 Micro-Ion Module 354002-YE-T
Vacuum Process Controller Series 303
Convectron Gauge Model 275
Chart Recorder SR6411
Auto Focus Assembly 2-397-013
Motor PMI 60-30 5258719
PM1 60-30 Motor 5938109
Shuttle Motor (PMI 60-30) 6670471
Pump CHI-2-60-A-W-G-B
Pump with Motor CRNE4-60AX-C-G-BUBE
Pump W/Motor CRNE 4-60/A-C-G-BUBE
Interconnect Box 720-0003-00
Micro Tune Temperature Controller 2073
Heated Bath Circulator 195-2741
Heated Bath Circulator n/a
Emersion Heater type KS 6 P01115
Brochure For Models E8, D8, AND D1 n/a
Silicon Controlled Controller 2Z4890
Power Control n/a
Power Control n/a
SCR Power Controller Series LZF-1
Power Supply MPS 22/23
UV-Spot Light Source Model L6599-02
Spindle Amplifier ASE16
AC Servo Motor BSS-400
AC Servo Control Unit HA-400-2-115-S3
Hi-T Drive Servo Actuator RH-14-3002-E100AL-SPA0484
Hi-T Drive Servo Actuator RH-14-3002-E100AL-SPA822
Controller EC101D
Control Resist n/a
Motor Control PCB n/a
Controller PM101D
WATT Controller For 2000 Henry 2000D
RF Generator Assembly W/Watt Controller Model 1500D, 2000D, 2500D, 3000D