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Description      PN
Monochrome Monitor Model SM 1411
JES-PWM PCB 17000142-R
Door Valve Pneumatic 17000486-B
Digital I/O PCB 6067
Mass Flow Controller GFC Series
Recirculator Chiller n/a
Test Head Control Logic I 403654
Pin Relay I PCB 423012
Translator PCB 458440
MPM I PCB 440209
Memory PCB 304-0289-001
Receiver PCB 40624
Driver PCB 40645
TTR PCB 40717
argon laser JDS Uniphasae
KLA Tencor Laser refurbishment  
KLA-Tencor Laser refurbishment
Tencor Laser repair refurbishment
Surfscan Laser
Surfscan Laser repair refurbishment
Sufscan 4500 laser
Surfscan 6200 laser
Surfscan 6220 laser refurbishment repair laser retubing
Surfscan 6400 laser refurbishment repair laser retubing
Surfscan 6420 laser refurbishment repair laser retubing
Surfscan 7600 laser refurbishment repair laser retubing
Surfscan 7700 laser refurbishment repair laser retubing
KLA Tencor 6200 laser 30mW refurbishment
KLA Tencor 6220 laser refurbishemnet repair prealigned
KLA Tencor 6400 laser refurbishemnet repair
KLA Tencor 6420 laser refurbishemnet repair
KLA Tencor 7600 laser refurbishemnet repair
KLA Tencor 7700 laser refurbishemnet repair
Particle inspection 4500 Tencor Surfscan
Particle inspection 6200 Tencor Surfscan
Particle inspection 6220 Tencor Surfscan
Particle inspection 6420 Tencor Surfscan
Particle inspection 7600 Tencor Surfscan
Particle inspection 7700 Tencor Surfscan
Therma-Wave Laser
Therma-Probe laser
Therma Probe laser
Thermaprobe laser
Therma-Wave laser refurbishment repair
Laser ALC 60B/C  thermaprobe therma-probe
Thermaprobe TP 200 TP200 laser    ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Thermaprobe 240 TP240 laser    ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Thermaprobe 300 TP300 laser   ALC 60B / C ALC 60C
Thermaprobe 400 laser TP400  ALC 60B/C   ALC 60C 
Thermaprobe 420 TP420 TP420 laser    ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Therma-probe 200 laser   TP200 ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Therma-probe 240 laser   TP240 ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Therma-probe 300 laser   TP300 ALC 60B / C ALC 60C
Therma-probe 400 laser   TP400 ALC 60B/C   ALC 60C 
Therma-probe 420 laser   TP420 ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Therma-probe 200 laser   TP200 ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Therma-probe 240 laser   TP240 ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Therma-probe 300 laser   TP300 ALC 60B / C ALC 60C
Therma-probe 400 laser   TP400 ALC 60B/C   ALC 60C 
Therma-probe 420 laser   TP420 ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Therma Probe 200 laser   TP200 ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Therma Probe 240 laser   TP240 ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Therma Probe 300 laser   TP300 ALC 60B / C ALC 60C
Therma Probe 400 laser   TP400 ALC 60B/C   ALC 60C 
Therma Probe 420 laser   TP420 ALC 60B /C ALC 60C
Semitool SST 421-280
SST 421 280
SST 741 280
SSt 741-280
SST Semitool
8 inch SST
8" SST
Polymer stripper
Polimer remover
polymer removal
photo resist stripper
resist stipping
resist stripper
photo resist removal
photo resist removing
ACT 928

Controller Motor 1/2 HP 230V Open Int Shunt
Used in Semitool SST, SAT European Voltage 220/230VAC
LC5 Automotion

Controller Motor Brushless 230V Int Shunt
Used in Semitool SRD's European Voltage 220/230VAC
LC5 Automotion

Controller Motor 1/2 HP 120V Open Int Shunt
Used in Semitool SST, SAT
US Voltage 110VAC
LC4 Automotion

Controller Motor Brushless 120V Int Shunt
Used in Semitool SRD's
US Voltage 110VAC
LC4 Automotion

Heater Blanket with two Thermal Discs 220/230VAC
Used in Semitool SRD's

Heater Blanket with no Thermal Discs 220/230VAC
Used in Semitool SRD's

Heater Blanket with two Thermal Discs 120VAC
Used in Semitool SRD's

Heater Blanket with no Thermal Discs 120VAC
Used in Semitool SRD's

Heater Cartridge 375W 120V
N2 Heater
Used in SRD's

Heater Cartridge 375W 220/230VAC
N2 Heater
Used in SRD's

Seal Bowl Viton  - Rear Bowl Seal
Used in SRD's

RSP Slow Acting
Rotor Stop Positioner
Used in SRD's

RSP Slow Acting
Rotor Stop Positioner
Used in SRD's

Boar Assy Optical Switch
Tach & Rotor UP
Used in SRD's

Board Assy Optical Switch
Used in SRD's

Seal Bowl Rear 

Cartridge Ferrofluid
SYS Chem Temp  

Cartridge Ferrofluid

Seal Door 260 White Viton - Seal Inflate Door
Used in SRD 260S, 260F, 460S, 460F, 860S, 860F

Seal Door 270 White Viton - Seal Inflate Door
Used in SRD 270S, 270F, 470S, 470F, 870S, 870F

Seal Door 280 White Viton - Seal Inflate Door
Used in SRD 280S, 280F, 480S,  480F, 880S, 880F

Seal Door 2300 White Viton - Seal Inflate Door
Used in SRD 2300S, 2300F, 4300S,  4300F, 8300S, 8300F

10892-511       Window 240 LH
10892-512       Window 240 RH
123R0013-545  Window 260 LH/RH
123R0013-501  Window 260 LH
123R0013-502  Window 260 RH
123R0013-546  Window 270 LH/RH
123R0013-503  Window 270 LH & VAD
123R0013-504  Window 270 RH
123R0004-01   Window 280 LH/RH 6 Screws
123R0005-01   Window 2300 LH/RH 8 Screws
61510 Switch Pressure Non Adjustable

LASER repair AMAT Orbot WF 736 laser refurbished refurbishment
LASER repair AMAT Orbot WF 736-300 laser refurbished refurbishment
Main Matrix Realy PCB 433100 rev. A1
n/a 692-6220
Controller 93-1002-01
DC Regulator Module C40684-D4
+ OR - 120V Switch n/a
+/-5, +/- 24V SPS n/a
+12V, 10A Regulator Module n/a
+13.3V Interface Regulator n/a
+15V SPS n/a
+225V Switch n/a
+5 SPS 7900 Power Unit n/a
+5V Interface Regulator n/a
10 Ground Fault Indicator n/a
-12V, 10A Regulator Module n/a
24K Memory PCB n/a
24V Floppy Regulator 7800/7900 n/a
32K Serial Access Memory PCB n/a
7900 Power Unit Control Logic n/a
AC Control Block n/a
AC Control PCB n/a
AC Monitor PCB n/a
Address Generator n/a
121R0001-507 SEAL INFLAT DOOR (2400) WHT VITOn
121R0001-509 SEAL INFLAT DOOR (2600) WHT VITON
123R0005-01 WINDOW 2300 8 SCREW ACRYLIC
123R0009-01 WINDOW 270 VAD SRD SAT
123R0013-501 WINDOW 260 LH
123R0013-502 WINDOW 260 RH
123R0013-503 WINDOW 270 LH & VAD
123R0013-504 WINDOW 270 RH
123R0013-507 WINDOW 300 LH
123R0013-508 WINDOW 300 RH
123R0013-509 WINDOW 2400 LH/RH
123R0013-519 WINDOW DOOR 2300 SRD AUTO
123R0013-523 WINDOW 2600 VAD
123R0013-525 WINDOW 260 VAD
123R0013-527 WINDOW 270 VAD
123R0013-529 WINDOW 280 VAD
240R0001-01 Cartridge Ferrofluid (SRD)
240R0001-501 Cartridge Ferrofluid (Sys) CHEMTEMP
Semitool SRD
SRD 240S
SRD 260S
SRD 270S
SRD 280S
SRD 460S
SRD 470S
SRD 480S
SRD 840S
SRD 860S
SRD 270S
SRD 880S
SRD 2300S
SRD 4300
SRD 8300S
Semitool SRD 240S
Semitool SRD 260S
Semitool SRD 270S
Semitool SRD 280S
Semitool SRD 460S
Semitool SRD 470S
Semitool SRD 480S
Semitool SRD 840S
Semitool SRD 860S
Semitool SRD 270S
Semitool SRD 880S
Semitool SRD 2300S
Semitool SRD 4300
Semitool SRD 8300S
Semitool 240S
Semitool 260S
Semitool 270S
Semitool 280S
Semitool 460S
Semitool 470S
Semitool 480S
Semitool 840S
Semitool 860S
Semitool 270S
Semitool 880S
Semitool 2300S
Semitool 4300
Semitool 8300S
Trebor 610
Analog PCB n/a
Blower Sensor n/a
Buffer PCB n/a
Capacitor Switch Module n/a
Clock Distribution n/a
Console AC Control n/a
Continuity PCB n/a
CRT Interface PCB n/a
Data Generator n/a
DC Regulator Module Dual +5.0V 5A n/a
DC Regulator Module n/a
DC Regulator Module Dual + Or - 15.0V 2 Amp n/a
DC Regulator Module Dual +5.0V 5 Amp n/a
DC Regulator Module Dual -2.0V 5 Amp n/a
DC Regulator Module Dual -5.2V 10 Amp n/a
DC Regulator Module Dual -5.2V 5 Amp n/a
DC Regulator Module Dual -5.2V, 5A n/a
DC Regulator Module Single +5.0V 10 Amp n/a
DC Regulator Module Single +5.0V 10 Amp n/a
DC Regulator Module Single 5.0V 10A n/a
DMA Controller PCB n/a
Dual +5V Interface Regulator n/a

2213-75SLRAM072 argon laser

2213-75SLRAM072  Orbot WF736 Orbot WF 736 laser
2213-75SL    laser refurbishment
2213-15VL     repair laser
2213-75GL    rebuilt laser
2213-75SLRAM072 Orbot WF 720 Orbot WF720 laser


ORBOT WF736 Laser
ORBOT FW720 Laser
ORBOT WF-736 Laser
ORBOT FW-720 Laser
ORBOT WF 736 Laser
ORBOT FW 720 Laser
E0X Detector n/a
Error Logic PCB n/a
Floppy Disk PCB n/a
Floppy Regulator & Rectifier PCB n/a
Format PCB n/a
Front Panel Switch PCB n/a
GFI Manual Test n/a
Isolated Power Supply n/a
Keyboard Control Logic PCB n/a
Keyboard Control Logic PCB n/a
LED Indicator PCB n/a
Line Printer Interface PCB n/a
Line Sense System PCB n/a
Lockswitch Panel PCB n/a
Main Matrix Relay n/a
Master PCB 40A +5V Regulator n/a
Matrix & Head Decoder n/a
Matrix & Head Interface n/a
Micro Volt Meter n/a
Microvoltmeter Logic PCB n/a
Module Control & SD Latch n/a
Multipurpose Module 2 n/a
Operator Console Display n/a
Operator Console PCB n/a
Operator Console Switch n/a
Operator Switch PCB n/a
Pattern Generator Self Test Load PCB n/a
Phase Generator n/a
Pico Ammeter n/a
Pico Ammeter Logic n/a
Pico Ammeter Logic I n/a
Pin Relay PCB n/a
Power Input Panel n/a
Pre Regulator Control Logic PCB n/a
Pre Regulator H.V. Switch PCB B n/a
Pre Regulator Reg. Module Control n/a
Pre Regulator Shutdown Latch n/a
Pre-Con. Power Supply n/a
Preregulator H.V. Switch PCB A n/a
Prober / Handler Interface n/a
Prober/Handler Interface PCB n/a
Program Output Control n/a
Programmer Input Control PCB n/a
Programmer Timing PCB n/a
Reactor Control PCB n/a
Receiver Module n/a
RS232 Interface PCB n/a
Self Test Load PCB n/a
Slave PCB 40A +5V DC n/a
SPS Switch PCB n/a
Strip Printer Adapter PCB n/a
Strip Printer Connector PCB n/a
Strip Printer Driver PCB n/a
Strip Printer Interface PCB n/a
Strip Printer Panel PCB n/a
T0 Generator n/a
Terminator PCB n/a
Test Head & Formatter Interface PCB n/a
Test Head Control Logic n/a
Test Power Relay n/a
Test Supply n/a
V/I Force PCB n/a
Blower Sensor W82491433
Temperature Controller 1258E
Temperature Controller 1258H
Temperature Controller 128D 128D
Temperature Controller 128 8183302
Temperature Controller Model 128E
Power Supply JF751 B-3000-9041
Power Supply 12D3.4
Power Supply, Low Voltage 24V 24N5. 4-9
24V Power Supply Notch 24N5.4-9
+15V Power Supply 680-0146-006
TR300 Power Supply 96531
Power Supply, 5V JF101G-2000-9032
Power Supply JF750P
24V Power Supply Notch n/a
Power Supply, 15V NV10-160
Power Supply RMV2231-2330-0000
Power Supply, 5-15-24VDC RQ304-9
Power Supply, 24V RS224N13-6
24V Power Supply RS24N13-6
Power Supply, 5V 100 Amp RSF501B-2000
Power Supply RSF501B-3000
Power Supply, 5V/+15V/-15V RT302-9
TR300 Power Supply TR300
TR300 Power Supply TR302-4
Power Supply, 24V TR302-9
Power Supply, 5V TR302-9
Power Supply Model SPS40D
Unregulated Power Supply U1000Y10
Action Pack Power Supply 2222-3853 NT
Action Pack Power Supply 2222-3853S
Converter PCB (1640) 0342-0770-2001
350 Robot 022254-03
DNS Spin, Motor
spin motor 
Servo Motor DNS Coater repair
Developer DNS Spin Motor repair
AC Motor Servo DNS SPIN Coater repair
repair idexer disk spin motor DNS
2-39-54184 spin motor
2-39-54184 200skw
2-39-52474 motor step
motor, step  2-39-52474
2-39-52474 stepping motor
2-39-51854 step motor
2-39-51854 motor step
2-39-64685 dc servo motor motor dc servo
5-39-01444 driver motor
5-39-01445 driver motor
5-39-01477 Motor Servo reversable
7-39-03335 Motor DRIVER MOTOR
7-39-03351 AC SERVO MOTOR  S/D
7-39-04949 ACSERVO MOTOR
7-39-05508 Motor Stepping UPD 596TG10-A
UPD 596TG10A
7-39-29125 Stepping Motor DNS
9UVP0032  Stepper Motor

2-39-12432 MOTOR
TS3510 DNS Motor
2-39-20861 Motor
TS3413N1E4   Motor repair
2-39-39962  Y (Y) STEPPING MOTOR
2-39-40329 Motor stepping schrittmotor dns
2-39-45689 AC SERVO MOTOR
2CSM-101 5" GEAR MOTOR RB35 1/30E
TS3413N6E4  Spin motor 627
2-39-39122 stepping motor repair
2-39-41344 motor drive
2-39-41901 DRIVER MOTOR
2-39-43110 Stepping Motor 2-39-45633 AC Motor m/A Y
2-vc-13736 Synchronus Motor
HA-SA352  4141M-037
TS3510N30E61 5" SPIN Motor Coater 627CO
2-39-00605 Synchronous Motor COATER  Synchronmotor DNS
2-39-43197 Motor Servo  AC
W-39-50178 UPK596H Motor Stepping Motor
repair of dainippon screen spin motor servo motor
23939335 spin motor dns
23943197 spinmotor
23953547 motor spin servo motor ac
23943057 repair
23953547 repair refurbished refurbish refurbishment
23945543  exchange spin motor

Robot Arm Controller Series 350 CON-0863
Robot Arm Controller Series 350 CON-1078
XOZ Drive II PCB 021323-01
PCB MCUII 019296-06
Light Channel PCB 398-17965
PCB 398-18341-1
Flaw Handler PCB 398-18365-1
Graphics Processor 398-18398-1
Power Amplifier 10300-15400
Power Supply APS-5-3
Power Supply DPS-1
Power Supply DPS-2
DPS Series Power Supplies n/a
Power Supply AF350
Model 13GS60012 Power Supply GS600-012
Bio Rad Power Supply P500-018
Focus Power supply 0090-91806
Power Supply OL8000/104-105
Power Supply A1000/5V
Robot Power Supply NS240024
Manifold, Ultra Low Pressure 5267436-005
Power supply A1000/5V
Over Ride Relay PCB 1073
Nanometer Interface 3230
Nanometer PCB 3244B
Boatloader Module 50024
PCB 91001C
CVD (DDC Control Only) Model 726S5P
4 Flow Power Supply, Large 4 Ear Universal n/a
4 MFC Override (With Delay) n/a
4 MFC Override With Delay n/a
ACS Microprocessor Control W/4 Ear PCB n/a
MFC Power Supply 2 Ear n/a
Teos Accelerator 38269
DPS Dome Cover 2105785-01R
DPS Dome Handle 2155092-01R
MDX Magnetron Drive Power Supply 2194-005-xx
10K MDX Slave DC Power Supply 2194-008-x
10K Master Power Supply 2194-013x
Model MDX-20K Master Power Supply 118034
Servo Card (AZX90-004) 2305183-C
PDX-1400 Low frequency Generator 27-028379-00
RFG-3000 2.75KW HF GEN 27-034212-00
RFG 5500 Generator 27-034213-00
PDX5000 Low Frequency Generator 27-113711-00
RFG 5500 Generator 27-115617-00
Inverter Pre-Accel 3003-000-D
Inverter Focus Power supply 3005-000-02
Inverter Focus Power Supply 3005-000-C
RF-10S/Mattson ICP 871530
RF-10S/Mattson Triode 871530
RF-10S 871805
RF-20RWC Generator 887572
Mercury 3013 Match Network 3150274-xxx
Atomic Flourine Generator 3151801-xxx
10K Master Power Supply 1667912
MDX Magnetron Drive Delta Power Supply 3152194-022x
GenCal Meter 3152288-000
DC Pinnacle Power Supply 3152326-xxx
Power Supply (Model MDX-L6) 3152343-000
MDLX-18M RF Generator 3152345-100
Pinnacle DC Power Supply 1729606
Pinnacle DC Power Supply 3152412-xxx
Pinnacle 300 DC Power Supply 3152420-114
Pinnacle 10k Slave Power Supply 3152422-112
Pinnacle DC Power Supply 3152426-112
Suppression Power Supply 3153007-000
ATX-600/RFX-600 Assembly 3155021-000
RF Generator (RFG1250) 2702644
RF Generator (RFG1250 HALO) 3155027-028
RF Generator RFG 1250 3155027-xxx
RF Match Network (AZX-90) 3155031-004x
RF Match Network (AZX-90) 2704196
RF Match Network (AZX-63) 3155031-014
RF Match Network (AZX-63) 3155031-020
RF Match Network (AZX-63) 3155031-023
RF Match Network (AZX-63) 3155031-xxx
Match, AE 150 3155036-001A
RF Match Network (AZX-10) 3155036-006A
RF Generator RFDS 2000-2V 3155038-013
RF Generator (RFG 3000) 3155038-xxx
RFG/AZX Controller 3155050-003x
RF Generator (RFDS-A) 2714119
RF Generator (RFDS) 3155059-026
AZX, DPS Dome 315506-001C
Center Impedence 3155077-003x
Power Generator HFV 8000 3155083-002x
RF Dome Match 3155086-000
AZX, DPS Dome 2723981
AZX, DPS Dome 3155086-001CR
AZX Dome- Recess Etch 2724012
AZX, DPS Dome 3155086-002C
AZX, DPS Dome 3155086-002CR
DPS, Dome Conversion 3155086-102C
AZX Dome- Recess Etch 3155086-102x
RF Generator (RFG 3001) 2725197
Center Impedance Multifunction Adapter 3155094-003x
RF Generator (RFG 1251) 3155107-001x
PDW-2200 RF Generator 315600-006A
PDW 2200 Generator 3156011-002
PDW 2200 Generator 3156011-xxx
AE PDX 1400 MF Generator 3156024-141
PDX900-2V RF Generator 3156024-xxxx
PE 10K AC Plasma Power Source 3157507-011D
AC Plasma Power Source PE Power Pack 3157512-008C
PE II 10K Power Supply 3157600-004
RFX-600 RF Generator 5002-000-K
ATO RF Matching Network 5015-000-01
RF Generator (RFG1250) 5027-000-J
RF Generator (RFG1250) 5027-000-X
RF Match Network (AZX-90) 5031-004-A
RF Match Network (AZX-90) 5037-004-A
PDW 2200 Generator 6011B
PDP 2500 RF Generator 6012-002A
RF Match Network, ISO Chamber 660-021964-001
Generator (RFDS) 660-024637-016
RF Generator (RFDS) 660-024637-026
RFG 3000 generator 660-024637-100
RF Generator (RFG 1250 Halo) 660-024637-xxx
RF Generator (RF25M) 660-096650-xxx
RF Match 660-099301-002
Manometer, Weldment Chamber 853-440550-003
ID3501 Power supply ID 3501
Ion Beam Drive ID-3500
Power Supply MDX-L12
Slave Main Board MDX-L12
Master Main Board MDX-L12M
Power Supply MDX-L12M
Power Supply Schematics MDX-L12M
Power supply MDX-L12M-650
DC Power Supply MDX-L18M
ATO Control PCB n/a
Contactor Drive PCB n/a
Dual ISO Drive n/a
MDX 208 Uni Drive III PCB n/a
MDX Aux I Mode II PCB n/a
MDX Comp Predrive PCB n/a
MDX Composite Mother PCB n/a
MDX Composite Power n/a
MDX Dio Bridge III PCB n/a
MDX Display 89 PCB n/a
MDX Fast Ramp II PCB n/a
MDX Logic III PCB n/a
MDX Mini Panel Driver II PCB n/a
MDX Mini-Panel Display PCB n/a
MDX Power Distribution n/a
MDX Transductor 91 PCB n/a
Output Cap PCB n/a
Output Filter n/a
Passive II Display PCB n/a
PE 1.25KW Inverter n/a
PE 2500 Display n/a
PE 40KHZ Frequency Module n/a
PE Series DC Support n/a
PE Series Logic n/a
PE Series Schematics PE Series
AC Plasma Power Source PE-1000
PE 2500 System Power Supply PE2500
AC Plasma Power Source PE-5K
PEP 2500 RF Generator PEP 2500
RFG2000-2V RFG2000-2V
RF Generator RFX600
Amplifier, RFA-420 6023-000-C
Amplifier, RFA-420 STQD800-CC50-M6-PVDF
Amplifier, RFA-420 STQD800-CC50-MC2
Motor Driver 2400-101-0
Backplane Board Assembly 2400-1070-0
Logic Board Assembly 2400-111-0
64D / 128K RAM n/a
Brushless PWM Servo Amplifier B25A20ACP
Brush Type PWM Servo Amp C30AACIA
Driver Board PC3XC-PF1
Brush Type PWM Servo Amp S25A
Brush Type PWM Servo Amp S50AA
Power Supply Assembly PCB 38133
Micon III Process PCB 103405
Motor Control PCB 01DW20271
Digital I/O PCB 03-1075040001
Display Driver / Keyboard Interface 03-107556
Display Driver PCB 03-107556D01
Display Driver PCB 03-107556D01
Assembly Processor, DTC MOD 03-108401D01
In-Board PCB 03-108997D02
Control PCB 03-109964D01
SCL Interface Signals 03-110711D01
Boat Loader Controller 03-118051D01
STD-09 Memory PCB 03-13200-10
Remote Keyboard PCB 03-900107DOZ, Rev. G
SCL Interface Signals 03-9004711D01
Digital I/O PCB 03-900474
Digital I/O PCB 03-9004-74D01
Analog I/O PCB 03-900478C01
Analog I/O PCB 03-9004-78C0I
Analog I/O PCB 03-9004-78D0I
Analog I/O Card PCB 03-900478xxx
RF Generator Control PCB 03-900526C03
Auxiliary Timing PCB 03-900687D02
Auxiliary Memory/Timing/Thermocouple Amplifier PCB 03-900687XXX
Processor PCB 03-9007-06C01
SCR Firing PCB 03-900809001
Firing Circuit PCB 06-015558
Gate Valve Assembly 080954B18
Peripheral Interface 2031
Motor Driver PCB 2035A
Motor Driver PCB 2035B
Power Control DC / DC 232620022,1
Video Driver PCB 232-720-110
Timer 255171
Spindle 300476
Demod. Pre Amp 4022-422-4715
Termination PCB 4022-422-4916
WAF QUAL-AMB 4022-422-49380
DIPOD Control 4022-422-5861
P Chuck Drive 4022-422-77050
Table Control Card 4022-426-11000
Shutter Control Card 4022-428-10872
Motor Relays PCB 4022-428-10940
Voltage Current PCB 4022-428-10970
Table Control 4022-428-11000
Wafer Edge PCB 4022-428-1278
Table Control 4022-502-20393
Power Supply 42-1062-01A05
Bellows Valve 50-108456A33
Vaporizer Controller 54-107950A03
Controller 61011-C-CMT2-R-AM
Analog I/O PCB 63 27 20320
Motor Drive PCB 632-610-107-00
Distribution PCB 64-13194
CPU PCB 6809 (84DW2073B)
MPU Interface Micon I 900016
Display Driver/Character Generator 900018
Time Base Generator PCB 900021
Tweeker PCB 900070
Driver PCB 900073
Front Panel (Micron III) 900106 Rev. A
Auxiliary Memory PCB 900114
Auto Manual PCB 900132
Analog I/O PCB 900478
9600A MPU Modified Processor PCB 90054/900710
Micron III Power Supply PCB 900687-Z
PCB's Inside Micron 90-105480
Power Supply PCB 90-105480A49
Power Supply PCB 90-105480A91
Power Supply PCB 90-105480A93
Power Supply PCB 90-105480A96
Power Supply PCB 90-105480A98
Bearing / Cast 901101-001
Micon III Processor Unit 95-3200-0300
Micon III Processor PCB (+5V PROMS) 9600A MPU Rev. C
Mass Flow Controller AFC-202
Mass Flow Controller AFC-260
Mass Flow Controller AFC-260V
Mass Flow Controller AFC-261
Mass Flow Meter AFM-302
Mass Flow Meter AFM-360
Mass Flow Meter AFM-361
RAM 1 PCB KX00039
Power Supply LR9702
Mykrols repair
FC-2900 repair
FC-2910 repair
FC-2920 repair
FC-2952 repair
Mass Flow Controller - Dual Channel MFC
Box Cooling System Failure (Plasma IIIA) n/a
California Auxiliary Power Supply PCB n/a
California DC Main Supply PCB n/a
Cover Inspection-CLG System Failure - Signetics (Plasma IIIA) n/a
Digital I/O Card PCB n/a
Display Driver / Keyboard Interface II PCB n/a
Gas Schematic-LTO-4 LOOP-(MU) PCVD-W / Micon III n/a
LTO Standard 4 Loop With Micon III PCB n/a
Micon 1A Fixture n/a
Micon III Processor PCB +5 Volt PROMS n/a
Micro Module PCB Micon 1A n/a
Mother PCB, Micon-3 n/a
PC500 Distributor PCB #2 n/a
PWB Universal Power Supply PCB n/a
PWB Universal Relay PCB n/a
Stamp Up / Down PCB n/a
System Interface PCB n/a
Universal Relay Card PCB n/a
Universal Relay Card PCB n/a
Power Supply PE1258 30 U
Power Supply PE1261 00 U
Power Supply PE1261030 U
Power Supply PE1267 00 U
Power Supply PE1268 00 U
Power Supply PE1269 00 U
PCB KX00003
Input Module DEP216
Mass Flow Controller FC-7700
Mass Flow Controller FC-7800
Mass Flow Controller FC-780C
Mass Flow Controller FC-781A
Mass Flow Controller FC-786C
Mass Flow Controller FC-D980C
APC Controller Valve Model RC-100G
Linear Servo Controller Model 4020
Power Module Assy. 90562A/90567A
Chiller Model WWG-030K-MP07CB
Adj. Isolation PCB n/a
Adj. Isolation PCB n/a
Sensor Control Interface SCI-PLUS
Equipe Robot 4100-0039-02
Power Module 200/208 VAC
ATP Board 7100-2586-002
Card Cage 7100-0606-02
Disc Drive 7100-1252-01
Relay panel PCB 7100-2262-01
ATP Board 7100-2583-003
ATP PCB 7100-2586-03
3 Phase Zero Crossing Detector PCB 7100-3128
Six Gas Interlock PCB 7100-3617-02
Analog Interface PCB 7100-4277-01
OCB PCB 7100-5080-009
ERP Linearizer PCB 7100-5128-0x
RMS PCB 7100-5168-07
Oven Control PCB 7100-5174-01
Advanced Temp Processor PCB 7100-5177-0x
3 Cassette I/O Interface PCB 7100-5189-00
Analog 410 RMS PCB 7100-5209-02
Analog Interface PCB 7100-5210-xx
Six Gas Interface PCB 7100-5425-03
3 Phase Zero Crossing PCB 7100-5633-02
Advanced Temp Processor PCB 7100-5667-01
ATP Board Assembly 7500-5190-02
Sensor I/O PCB 9830-2030
Robot 4100-0039-049
DS I/O PCB / SB8420PCB 2100-0080/10003A
PCB E4000-66550
Microwave Control Module 3 Kilowatts D13450
High Voltage Power Supply 1.25kw C12932-2
1.25KW Microwave Generator C12935-x
1.25 KW Microwave Generator includes magnetron C13170
Assembly I/O Track Interface 99-AIO-900
CPU PCB 99-AIO-901
Versa Vac 5 Vacuum Controller 0511-0164-2
Versa Vac 5 Controller 0511-0164-1
Transducer PCB 2F4013
Gun Controller CV-8-110
Power Supply Controller CV8A-111
thin film deposition controller Model FDC-8000
Electronic Control Lab Cabinet Wiring Diagram n/a
Isolation Valve n/a
Motor Amplifier PCB Assembly n/a
Vacuum Cubicle n/a
Valve n/a
Emission current circuit PCB none
Versa Vac 2 Controller Versa Vac 2
Vacuum Controller VersaVac 5
Generator 94-3075
Vacuum Pump 2004A
Vacuum Pump 2012A
Controller 796-0099223-001
Leak Detector (Model ASM 180TD) 797671
Pump ADP81
Turbo Controller CFF-450
Pump and Controller CFV10
Turbo Pump Controller CFV100
Molecular Drag Pump MDP5011
Analog PCB P0132E1
Alcatel Magnetron Gauge ZAMG210AA
Turbo Pump Model 5150CP
Gripper Bottom (bellows) 506656-00
Gripper Top (bellows) 506659-00
Meter Compuflow Anemometer FAC8885
Tag Control Unit 635345
Tag Control Unit 638348
927 Temperature Controller 927
Impression 4VX Monitor Model JD144L
Card Reader Interface AM1200-I/O
PCB T62M159.00
"12"" Data display Monitor" Model video 410
RTP Oxygen analyzer CG-1000
PCB 3100-117-0
PCB B956
5A Stepper Drive PCB n/a
Heater Driver 0190-09419
Keyboard 384T 3000227
RS-232 Optical Transceiver 501395-2
Little Board/PC Assy. A6020840G
Little Board 486E, CPU 3350845B
Little Board 486E, CPU 3350845D
Little Board 486E, CPU 3350845E
Power Supply AW0026--05
PCB RTI-815-A-32
12B+ A/D PCB 7100-5123-02
AD 2003 Meter AD 2003
AD 2004 Meter AD 2004
AD 2021 Meter AD 2021
Digital Panel AD 2576
RTD Interface Card AN25M06/AN2576
AD2022 Converter n/a
PCB RTI-1240
PCB RTI-1242
RTI-1260 Analog to Digital converter RTI-1260
Analog PCB RTI-7
Analog PCB RTI-711
Analog PCB RTI-724
Analog PCB RTI-732
Midas Output PCB D4-8624
Midas Output PCB D4-8624
Midas Input PCB F9092-1
Current Meter 2000P
Ionization Gauge M-430HG
Power Supply 2H300
Ionization Guage Controller MIG-721
Pressure Controller Model APC-3
Vacuum Motor Relay MTG-012
Electronic Interface 1830963
Extended Memory PCB 1927387
MFC Jungle n/a
Motor Controller Model CDP2407-2
RS232 Interface 20029501
K2480C Controller 203151
K2480 Compat Terminal, Less Case/Bezel 20528101
K2480 Compact Terminal 208028
Digital Surface Thermometer HFT-82
Back UPS 280 System Model Back UPS 280BC
Smart UPS 1400 Model SU1400NET
APC UPS System Model SU2200NET
I/O PCB 1710-0013
I/O PCB 209-0014
CPU Processor PCB 10816
PCB Video RAM 820-0600-A
Computer n/a
DC Power Module w/2404 16-018N-R
Ion Source Receiver PCB 2022/33/2
Top Drive Photosensor PCB 2029-T4-16/1
Terminal Fiber Optic Receiver PCB 2036/33/2
Elm Counter PCB 2044-20
Clutch Slip Detector PCB 2044-30
Logic PCB 52750
Processor Analog PCB 2044-7-2, 2044-505
Arc Control Card C055-0503
Arc Control PCB PC 2055/33B, C055-0503
Electromechanical Counter Circuit PCB Series III-A and III-X
Chamber Gas backplane 0100-65496
3000 Servo DC Power Supply 0100-71023
Gold Plated Lamp Assembly 7800 Epi Reactor
PHASE/MAG PCB -Precision P5000
Pumping Plate -
Ion TC AC Module 38277
Power Supply 38279
System +/- 15V Power supply 38288
Power Supply     0010-00033/PB
Rotation Assembly *Decon Only* 21459
Stepper Motor W/Encoder 25842
Stepper Motor w/encoder 26207
60V power Supply - 644378
Cryopump Temperature Sensor PCB -  639629
Gate Valve Actuator Assembly - 631229 0010-00171
Throttle Valve Reducer Box Assembly -  630133
Magnitude Detector PCB - 615159
RF Match Network (8300) -584843
"5"" Gripper Assembly" -582652
Gripper Assy -582287
Gate Valve -580461
Emission Detector PCB -494263
RF Match Network (ETCH) -493532
Emission Detector PCB -488784
8300 RF Match Network 0010-00799x
RF Match Network 0010-00800W
Producer configured Microwave -174676
RF Match DPS 309635
RF Match, MCVD Etch Back 817323
INT, ISRM, Module 1133257
"Outsrc Heater Assembly 8""" 1225299
RF Match Network (ETCH) 2596053
Susceptor Lift Assembly 2597880
Throttle Valve 2600436
Throttle Valve 0010-09019R
Throttle Valve 0010-09019W
Slit Valve Actuator Assembly 2601532
Throttle Valve Assy. 2606280
Throttle Valve Assy. 0010-09035W
DC Power Supply 2609568
Ozonator Power Supply 0010-09093x
Throttle Valve reducer box assembly 2636960
Throttle Valve 2647187
Throttle Valve 2657049
Throttle Valve 0010-09174W
Susceptor Lift Assembly 2658875
Wafer Lift Assembly 2659241
DC Power Supply 2659606
Ampule *Decon Only* 2665815
Temperature Control Amplifier Assy 2700149
CVD Throttle Valve 2703435
Throttle Valve 0010-09301W
Throttle Valve 2704896
5000 Platform Ampule/Teos Phase IV 2713297
Susceptor Lift Assembly 2717680
Wafer Lift Assembly 2718045
5000 CVD Throttle Valve 2740324
RF Match (ETCH) w/20A Capacitor 2745438
RF Match Network (ETCH) 2745438
RF Match Network (CVD) 2745803
RF Match (ETCHBACK) 2772466
RF Match Network (CVD) 2867429
RF Match Network (CVD) 0010-09750R
5000 CVD BWCVD Wafer Lift Assembly 2899205
HV Module Assembly 2934268
Monochromator 2934998
"Susceptor, 8"" screwless" 0010-10036
MXP + RF Match 0010-10579
MXP Plus RF Match 0010-10628
HV Module Assembly 0010-10901
Centura Platform VDS Controller 0010-10970
"P5000 Cleanroom 8"" Robot" 0010-13321
RF Match Vectra IMP 0010-13622
RF Match, HE Bias 0010-13627
DC Power Supply (Precision 5000) 0010-13657
Power Supply 0010-18247
System Controller, 15 Volt Power Supply Assy. 0010-20000
Transfer slit valve assembly 0010-20021
Lamp driver 0010-20079
24V Power Supply Assembly 0010-20211
Dual Degas Assembly 0010-20331
"RF Match Assembly, 6"" PVD" 0010-20441
RF Match, 8 RC Endura (PVD) 0010-20524
PreClean II RF Match 0010-20525
Slit Valve Assembly 0010-20664
RF Match 0010-21706
HE, Bias RF Match (PVD) 0010-22161
HV Module ESC 0010-30091
RF Match Network (ETCH) 0010-30094
RF Super Match (HE) 0010-30686
RF Super Match (HE) 0010-30686
Throttle Valve Assembly 0010-35276
Heater controller 0010-35511
Centura DPS 0010-35521
RF Match Network (ETCH) 0010-36162
RF Match 0010-36162-simple
RF Match DPS 0010-36408
Auto bias controller 0010-36940
ESC Power supply 0010-37167
5000/5200 CVD Throttle Valve Assy. 0010-38027
HV Module Assembly 0010-39867
RF Match HDP 0010-40099
Slit Valve Actuator Assembly 947350
Slit Valve Actuator Asssembly 0010-70029W
Slit Valve Actuator Assembly 969264
Slit Valve Actuator Assembly 1006518
Class I Laser 1026971
5000 Cleanroom Slit Valve 1054000
PVD Slit Valve Actuator Assy. 1054365
"P5000 Clean Room 8"" Robot" 0010-76015
DC Power Supply 0010-76155
CVD Throttle Valve 0010-76173
Throttle Valve Dual spring Loaded 5000 CVD 0010-76174
Laser (Applied) 0010-77264
Gas Panel 0010-90735
Gas Panel *Decon Only* 0010-90735
HV Filter Box Assembly 0010-93076
24V P.S. Assembly 0010-93145
15V Power Supply Assy. 0010-93146
RF Match Network ( ETCH / DPS ) 0010-xxxxx
Bellows 0015-09055
Bellows *Decon Only* 0015-09055
Bellows *Decon Only* 0015-09056
Phase Angle Con 0015-09091
Gate Valve Cover *Decon Only* 0020-00521
Helium Feedthru *Decon Only* 0020-03580
Lift Cyclinder *Decon Only* 0020-04027
External Cover 0020-09368
Ampule *Decon Only* 0020-10414
Blocker Plate *Decon Only* 0020-10936
Slit valve Assembly 0020-22413
E Chuck Controller 0020-41036
E Chuck Controller 0020-41218
Heat Exchanger 0020-70060
DTCU Poly Dome Match 0021-35675
Adaptor *Decon Only* 0040-00434
Chamber Body *Decon Only* 0040-09094
Gas Box Diffuser Plate 0040-09095
AC Window Controller PCB 0090-00045
I/O Expansion PCB 0090-00223
System DC Power Supplies 0090-01001
Cassette Motor Assembly 0090-70001
Cassette Handler Motor Assembly 0090-70008B
I/O Expansion Card Assy 0090-76040
Wafer Orienter PCB 0090-76058
ARC PSU Heatsink Assy 0090-90085
DAQ MKII Type B Assembly 0090-90966
Daq MKII Type H Assembly 0090-90967
ARC Power Assembly 0090-91049
Card Cage Linear controller 0090-91153
DAQ MKII Type H Assembly 0090-91271
+/ - 15V Power Supply Monitor PCB -657434
Stepper Driver PCB -657375
Stepper Driver PCB -657375
TC Gauge PCB -657222
Thermocouple Gauge PCB 0100-00008 Rev. J
Sync Detect, Ease PCB -657191
Ion Gauge PCB -657161
Chopper Drive PCB -657130
Chopper Drive PCB -657130
VME Counter PCB -657100
ION TC/AC Control PCB 0100-00013
Ion/TC AC Control PCB 0100-00013
Opto Detect PCB 0100-00014
Stepper Driver PCB 0100-00014
Opto Detect PCB 0100-00014 Rev. H
Position Encoder Buffer PCB 0100-00015
Position Encoder Buffer PCB 0100-00015
Gas Panel/Deposition PCB 0100-00016
Electrical Motherboard PCB 0100-00018
Opto-Limit Detector Board 0100-00021
System Interconnect PCB 0100-00022
Keyboard Interface Pcb 0100-00024
Gripper Board 0100-00027
Bidirectional, DC Motor Drive PCB 0100-00033
Robot Interconnect PCB 0100-00039
Isolation Amplifier PCB 0100-00044
AC Current Sensor 0100-00046
Analog Signal Conditioner 0100-00049
Stepper Drive PCB 0100-00052
Gate Heater Control PCB 0100-00055
Chopper Drive II PCB 0100-00060
Stepper Driver PCB 0100-00062
Step Controller PCB 0100-00063
Stepper Driver PCB 0100-00064
Emission Detector PCB 0100-00066
Stepper Driver PCB 0100-00069
Endpoint Interface PCB 0100-00073
Video Controller PCB 0100-00075
Stepper Controller PCB 0100-00077 Rev. D
Capacitive Sensor Amplifier PCB 0100-00084 Rev. J
Centerfinder PCB (125, 150, 200MM) 0100-00086 Rev. C
RF Match Control PCB 0100-00101
Flatfinder Motor Driver PCB 0100-00110
DI Controller PCB 0100-00117
MVME 202 Module PCB 0100-00127
Sync Detect, Ease PCB 0100-00132
Wafer Orienter PCB 0100-00151
Isolation Amplifier II PCB 0100-00156
I/O Distribution PCB 0100-00162 Rev. F
Serial Sideboard Assy. 0100-00165
Independent Helium Control PCB 0100-00171 Rev. C
AC Window Controller 0100-00176
Isolation Amplifier PCB 0100-00181
PCB Sensor AMP 0100-00192
Sync Detector PCB 0100-00193
End point Interface/Smoother PCB 0100-00195
Sync Detect II PCB 0100-00206
Gas Panel III PCB 0100-00208
Main Frame Interface PCB 0100-00265
Analog I/O PCB 0100-00396
SEI Interface PCB 0100-00398
5200 HDP-CVDULTIMA PCB 0100-00493
Emission Detector PCB 0100-00561
24 V Power Supply 0100-00563
Analog I/O PCB 0100-00825
RF Match PCB 0100-01000
Universal Address PCB 0100-01004
Power Fail PCB 0100-01008
Power Fail PCB II 0100-01008 II
Slave CPU PCB 0100-01013
Pneumatic Hoist Controller PCB 0100-01015
RF Match Control PCB 0100-09000 Rev. K1
Disc Controller PCB 0100-09001 Rev. D
VME Single Board Computer PCB 0100-09002
Video Controller PCB 0100-09003
Intelligent Interface PCB 0100-09006
Intelligent Interface SBC PCB 0100-09006 Rev.
Phase and Magnitude Detector PCB 0100-09007 Rev. K
Pneumatic Control PCB 0100-09008
Buffer I/O PCB 0100-09009
Buffer I/O PCB 0100-09009
System Electronic Backplane PCB 0100-09010 Rev. J
AI Multiplexer PCB 0100-09011
AI MUX/ Current Sense PCB 0100-09011
Chamber Interconnect PCB 0100-09017
Mini AI/AO PCB 0100-09022
Mini AI/AO PCB 0100-09022 Rev. H
Mini DI/DO 0100-09023
Mini DI/DO PCB 0100-09023 Rev. J1
Bus Buffer PCB 0100-09024 Rev. F
System Wiring Distribution PCB 0100-09026 Rev. D
AC Interconnect PCB 0100-09027 Rev. F1
Loader Interconnect PCB 0100-09028 Rev. G
Turbo Interconnect PCB 0100-09029 Rev. E
Helium Flow Interconnect PCB 0100-09030 Rev. D1
Remote Gas Panel PCB 0100-09031 Rev. E
Thermocouple Filter PCB 0100-09032 Rev. E
Thermocouple Amplifier PCB 0100-09033 Rev. D
Liquid Source Interface Board 0100-09034
Liquid Source Interface PCB 0100-09034 Rev. G
DC Bias Divider PCB 0100-09038 Rev. E
Liquid Source Backplane PCB 0100-09039 Rev. L
Heat Exchanger Interface PCB 0100-09041 Rev. E
Susceptor Calibration PCB 0100-09043 Rev. D
Gate Driver PCB 0100-09045 Rev. J
Ozonator Voltage Regulator PCB 0100-09046 Rev. H
Ozonator Power Supply PCB 0100-09047 Rev. F
Operator Control Panel PCB 0100-09049 Rev. A
Ozonator Distribution PCB 0100-09050 Rev. G
Analog Input PCB 0100-09054
Liquid Source SBC PCB 0100-09055 Rev. F
Remote Keyboard Interface PCB 0100-09057 Rev. E
Operator Control Panel PCB 0100-09058
Centerfinder Sensor PCB (4, 6 and 8 Inch) 0100-09060
SBC I/O Breakout Board 0100-09071
Brake Interlock PCB 0100-09076 Rev. E
Robot Cap-Sensor PCB 0100-09080 Rev. D
N2 Dryvac Distribution PCB 0100-09081 Rev. C
Monitor Lightpen Interconnect PCB 0100-09084
LVDT Voltage Regulator PCB 0100-09085 Rev. B
Stepper Power Driver PCB 0100-09086
Heater Controller PCB 0100-09094
Chamber Inter-Connector PCB 0100-09099
Chamber Interconnect PCB 0100-09099 Rev. D
Controller Distribution PCB 0100-09102 Rev. A
AC Interconnect PCB 0100-09103
Expanded Gas Panel Interface PCB 0100-09106 Rev. E
TEOS Gas Interface PCB 0100-09107 Rev. D
Sensor Level PCB 0100-09108
Thermocouple PCB 0100-09109 Rev. G
Thermal Electric Driver PCB 0100-09112
Gas Panel PCB 0100-09114 Rev. B
Gas Panel Analog PCB 0100-09115 Rev. C
DIO Fuse Board 0100-09117
Wafer Sensor PCB 0100-09123 Rev. C
Remote Wiring Distribution PCB 0100-09126 Rev. B
Loader Interconnect PCB 0100-09127 Rev. B
Mini DI/DO, PCB 0100-09136
Encoder Interface PCB 0100-09137
Robot Interconnect PCB 0100-09138 Rev. B
Robot Extension/Sensor Interconnect PCB 0100-09139 Rev. B
RS-232 Video Interconnect PCB 0100-09145
Centerfinder PCB (5, 6 and 8 Inch) 0100-09146
Gas Panel Interface PCB 0100-09153
PRS/P Chamber Interconnect PCB 0100-09158 Rev. A
PRS/P Mag Current Sense PCB 0100-09159 Rev. A
Expanded RS-232 Video Interconnect PCB 0100-09161 Rev. A
Manometer Select PCB 0100-09162 Rev. A
Heat Exchange Interface Assembly PCB 0100-09165
PRS/P Endpoint PCB 0100-09168 Rev. A
Recipe Select PCB 0100-09168 Rev. D
Expanded RS-232 Controller PCB 0100-09169 Rev. A
8 Channel Emission/Laser Endpoint PCB 0100-09172
TEOS Gas Interface PCB 0100-09174
TEOS Heater Control PCB 0100-09180 Rev. P3
60-EV Pnuematic PCB with Manifold 0100-09185 Rev. B
E Chuck Controller PCB 0100-09196
H2O VDS II Controller PCB 0100-09204
Chamber Interface PCB 0100-09214
ESC High Voltage Controller 0100-09216
Chamber Interface PCB 0100-09222
TC Amp Interlock PCB 0100-09225
Sensor bus PCB 0100-09251
Centura APC I/O Distribution PCB 0100-09285
LI/APC Matrix PCB 0100-09293
5000 Wiring Distribution PCB 0100-09304
Relay Interlock PCB 0100-09305
Analog Input PCB 0100-11000
Analog Output PCB 0100-11001
Digital I/O PCB 0100-11002
Serial I/O PCB 0100-11022
Centerfinder Sensor PCB (4, 6, 8 inch) 0100-13012
Serial/Video Dist. Board 0100-13025
TC AMP PCB 0100-16012
Chamber Interface 5200 HDP-CVD PCB 0100-18025
Chamber Tray Ultima Assy. 0100-18062
64Channnel MUX PCB 0100-20000
System Electronic Interface PCB 0100-20001
Digital I/O PCB 0100-20003
Chamber Interconnect PCB 0100-20004
Pneumatic Distribution PCB 0100-20007
Isolation amplifier PCB 0100-20012
Wafer Orienter PCB 0100-20019
Chamber/AI Mux Distribution PCB 0100-20021 Rev. A
SBC I/O Breakout PCB 0100-20053 Rev. A
TC Gauge Board Assembly 0100-20063
I/O Breakout Board 0100-20064
Analog Sync. Detector PCB 0100-20066
Stepper Controller PCB 0100-20067
CCD PCB 0100-20068 Rev. B
Wafer Orienter PCB 0100-20069
System AS Int. PCB 0100-20070
LASER Drive PCB 0100-20078 Rev. B
Cryo/Temp/AI MUX PCB 0100-20083
MFC Interconnect PCB 0100-20084
Analog I/O PCB 0100-20100
Analog I/O PCB 0100-20100
IR Lamp Fail Scanner 0100-20100
Stepper controller PCB 0100-20162
Stepper Controller PCB 0100-20173
Smoke/Water Leak Detect PCB 0100-20177
Remote Gas Box PCB 0100-20206
Serial/Video Interconnect PCB 0100-20234
Chamber Interconnect 0100-20313
DC Bias Interface 0100-20321
Main Frame Interlock Board 0100-35053
Chamber Interface PCB 0100-35054
AC Distribution PCB 0100-35064
Serial Isolator PCB 0100-35065
Chamber Pneumatic Interconnect PCB 0100-35066
Chamber Interconnect A-C PCB 0100-35082
Chamber Interconnect B-D Centura PCB 0100-35083
Rotation Drive PCB 0100-35085
System Electronic Backplane PCB 0100-35101
MAG Gen. Interface PCB 0100-35103
T/C Interface PCB 0100-35115
Seriplex I/O Distribution PCB 0100-35124
Seriplex Power Dist. PCB 0100-35173
TC Amp Interlock PCB 0100-35217
E-Chuck Controller PCB 0100-35227
Auto Bias PH4 Match Assembly 0100-37465
RF Match Control PCB Assy. 0100-38018
Seriplex I/O Distribution PCB 0100-38027
E Chuck Controller PCB 0100-38032
Chamber Interconnect A-C PCB 0100-38083
Electrostatic Chuck Power Supply Board 0100-40033
Source signal conditioning 0100-40037
High Density Plasma chamber PCB 0100-40039
Liquid Source Distribution PCB 0100-70000 Rev. C
N2 Dry Vac Distribution PCB 0100-76000 Rev. A
Chamber Interconnect A & C Centura PCB 0100-76029
Enhanced OTF Centerfinder PCB 0100-76042
Gas Panel PCB 0100-76046
Controller I/O 0100-76050
System Electronic Backplane PCB 0100-76061
Serial/Video Dist. PCB 0100-76083
Centerfinder Sensor PCB (5,6,8 inch) 0100-76088
Digital I/O PCB 0100-76124
Wafer Orienter PCB 0100-76128
5000 Wiring Distribution Board 0100-76181
Wafer Orienter PCB 0100-76259
Lower Pneumatics Distribution PCB 0100-77017
Head Pneumatic Controller (Titan) PCB 0100-77040
Power Supply, 24 V, 1 A Module 0100-90025
Data Acquisition Module 0100-90027
Contactor Drive PCB 0100-90036
Thermistor Gauge PCB 0100-90077
Arm Servo Control 0100-900773
Six Channel Detector Array PCB 0100-90126
Scan Control PCB 0100-90135
Cassette and Carousel Indexer PCB 0100-90139
Blade Control PCB 0100-90142
5 Phase Stepper Controller 0100-90172
Flood Gun Emmision Control PCB 0100-90210
Flood Gun Bias Control PCB 0100-90211
Flood Gun Power Supply 0100-90214
Flood Gun Charge Head PCB 0100-90219
Ion Gauge Controller PCB 0100-90227
Ion Gauge PCB 0100-90227
Four Phase Stepper Motor Driver PCB 0100-90228
Cassette Indexer 0100-90231
Wafer Arm Servo PCB 0100-90235
Wafer Loader Interlock PCB 0100-90271
Scan Control PCB 0100-90278
Gas Supplies Servo PCB 0100-90283
Beam profiler interface PCB 0100-90286
Wafer Arm Servo 0100-90773
PCB 0100-90837
Source Supression Clamping PCB 0100-90949
PCB 0100-91073
Digital I/O PCB 0110-11002
IG Module 011222-103
Wafer Orient Controller PCB 0120-91684
Plasma Arc 1 PCB 0120-92281
VME Single Board Computer PCB 0130-09002 Rev E
VME 7710 Color CRT Controller PCB 0130-09003 Rev D
Intelligent Interface PCB 0130-09006 Rev H
Monitor Light Pen Interconnect PCB 0130-09084
DO Fuse PCB 0130-09117 Rev B
Di/DO Fuse PCB 0130-09134 Rev B
Digital Input/Digital Output PCB 0130-11002 Rev F
Controller I/O PCB 0130-35100
Ion Gauge TC Controller 0180977-00/G
ION/TC Controller PCB 01-81759-00
RF Generator Assembly 01-81784-00
Ion/TC Controller 01-81911 02
Ion/TC Controller(Model 8100N) 01-81911-00
Analog Interface Unit PCB (Model 8100K) 01-81912-00
Power Supply Model 8100D 01-81913-00
Turbo-Baritron Interconnect Model 8100S 01-81917-00
Keyboard Display 01-81918-001C
Signal Conditioner (Range Multi) 01-82122-00
RF Match Network 01-82889-00
RF Match Network 8100 01-82889-00
Power Supply, 32V 01-829-00
Cryo Temp. Sensor 01-82930-00
VGA Video Controller Assy. 0190-00318
CRT 0190-00501
Endpoint PCB 0190-01246
Solid State Driver 0190-01292
Phase Angle Controller 0190-09009
Phase Angle Controller 0190-09009
Mag Driver 0190-09024
Amplifier 0190-09256
DPS Lamp Driver 0190-09395
Seriplex Sensor Bus PCB 0190-09547
Single Phase Driver Assy. Model P1140 0190-09560
Slit Valve Actuator Assembly 0190-09663
Upgraded Synergy (VGA) PCB 0190-09667
Seriplex Sensor Bus PCB Assy. 0190-09689
VGA Video Controller PCB 0190-13065
Light Pen 0190-13175
Power Supply 0190-35076
SCR Heat Controller 0190-35176
Lamp Driver 0190-35302
SCR Controller Model P1161 0190-35452
SPX MUX ADIO 110 PCB 0190-35651
CH B Seriplex Board 0190-35762
Seriplex Control Bus PCB 0190-35763
Seriplex Sensor Bus Assy. 0190-35773
Seriplex Sensor Bus PCB Assy. 0190-35775
Sensor control Interface 0190-35874
Heater Driver 0190-35875
Temp Control Module, 3 Channel 0190-36523
Temperature Control 0190-36524
Fan Pack 0190-70066
Monitor Lightpen Interconnect PCB 0190-70103
VGA Video controller PCB 0190-75084
VGA Video Controller PCB 0190-76050
SCR Power Controller 0190-76244
CRT 0240-17014
Slit Valve Actuator Assembly 0240-76513
Serial Communications Interface Module 0240-9623
Hex E37X Heat Exchanger 0242-13107
Onoda Ozone Generator OR-4ZA 0290-01016
Serial I/O PCB 03-02524-00
Oven Spib (CV Cobilt) 03-10113-50
Logic PCB 3 03-23001-00
32K Microprocessor PCB 03-32000-00
AMV HI Volt Data Link 0342-0652-4001
160XP Analog PCB 03-600027001-2
Control Panel Display Circuit PCB 03-64-81813-00
AC Sense 03-64-81821-00
Quad PCB 03-64-81836-00
A/D Converter PCB 03-672526-00
Digital Input PCB 03-678667-00
Digital Output PCB (Sink) 03-678669-00
Address PCB 03-70057-00
Serial I/O PCB 03-72524-00
A/D Converter PCB 03-72526-00
D/A Converter 03-72528-00
Ram Memory PCB 03-72532-00
PCB Battery 03-72534-00
DO Sink PCB 03-78229-00
Power Fail PCB 03-78635
Power Fail PCB II 03-78635 II
DC Power PCB 03-78635-00
Digital Output PCB (Sink) 03-78669-00
Digital Output PCB 03-81703-00
Control Panel Display 03-81713-00
Motor Driver PCB 03-81723-00
Laser Detector PCB 03-81733-00
Ion/TC Controller PCB 03-81759
C & D Board Assembly 03-81813-00
C & D Board Assembly 03-81813-00
C & D PCB 03-81813-00
CMOS CPU PCB 03-81817-00
Ac Sense Circuit PCB 03-81821-00
PROM PCB 03-81830-00
Synchronous Quad Opto PCB 03-81836-00
Quad Opto PCB 03-81848-00
Isolation Amplifier PCB 03-81891-00
RF Match Assembly PCB (New Design) 03-82926-00
Cryopump Temperature Sensor PCB 03-82936-00
Interrupt Decoder PCB 03-82999-00
Hex Position Decoder 03-83191-00
Detector, endpoint 0500-01047
DA Tube 0540-01010
6-12V Power Supply 05-88111-00
Relay Power Supply PCB 05-88112-00
Pentium Card PCB 133 MHZ 0660-01857
Interface Board 06-81793-00
Driver Stepper Motor 0870-01002
150 Amp PCB 0881891-00
Onoda Ozone Generator OR-4ZA 0920-01016-
DTCU Poly Dome Match 1110-01046
Power Supply 1140-01045
Torr controller 1350-01238
Ion Source F/O Receive PCB 2022-33-2
Processor Analog PCB 52780
CPU PCB 2171003V01
Display Assembly 24504-05
Controller 253B-C
MFC PCB 256-2100-003
Mass Flow Controller SEC-4400 3030-01424
Mass Flow Controller SEC-4400 3030-01425
Mass Flow Controller UFC-1400N 3030-01549
Mass Flow Controller SEC-4400 3030-01663
Gate Valve 3870-01276
Gate Valve 3870-01835
Turbo controller 3930-01036
Gate Valve 477-9577
Gate Valves 477-9577
A/D Convertoer PCB 5400-D-0029
Alphanumeric PCB 5400-D-0037
Mother PCB 540-D-0053
AFC-550 Mass Flow Controller 600108
AFC-550, Mass Flow Controller 600109
AFC-550 Mass Flow Controller 600255
Mass Flow Controller (AFC-550) 600260
Power Supply 600300
Controller PCB 600362
Auto Temperature Controller 600366
Auto Temperature Controller 600369
SCR Controller 600422
SCR Controller 600423
LED PCB 600603
Regulator PCB 601570
Chopper Control PCB 601675
Versatyme 3000 Power Supply 602059
Versatyme 32 Channel Assy 602097
Versatyme 32 Channel Assy 602100
A5 CPU PCB 602-178
Versatyme 32 Channel Assy 602182
Mass Flow Controller (AFC-550) 602590
Mass Flow Controller (AFC-550) 602599
ATC-2 Automatic Temperature Controller 60369
H8O PCB 606916
Pressure Servo PCB 650104
Temperature Controller 650217
RF Power Servo PCB 650428
Relay PCB 650520
RF Capacitor PCB 650540
PS-300 External Retrofit 650700
Opto PCB 655274
SPIB PCB 670052
Slave CPU PCB 670054
Universal Address PCB 670056
Temperature Preamp PCB 670090
PCB 670197
Keyboard Interface Assy. 670204
I/O PCB Assembly 670255
Versacontroller Power Fail PCB 670362
Transducer Type 140 670448
PCB 670474
PCB, Versa Controller 67056
Universal Address PCB 670776
SCR Firing PCB 60HZ 670777
CPU PCB 672522
Serial I/O PCB 672524
A/D Converter PCB 672526
D/A Converter PCB 672528
Alphanumeric PCB 672530
RAM Memory PCB 672532
Battery PCB 672534
I/O Assembly PCB 673197
I/O Assy PCB 673198
Relay #3 PCB 676012
Relay/Oscillator PCB (PCB #4) 676014
Right Lamp Module 676652
Left Lamp Module 676654
Temperature Monitor PCB 676685
Digital Output PCB (Source) 678611
Digital Input PCB 678613
Auto Interior/Exterior PCB 678617
Setpoint Control PCB 678619
CPU PCB 678622
CPU PCB 678623
Temperature Control I PCB 678631
Temperature Control II PCB 678633
Power Supply PCB 678635
Lift Assembly PCB Rotation 678643
DI Sink PCB 678667
Versacontroller PCB 678667
Digital Output PCB (Sink) 678669
Address PCB 678692
Address PCB 678709
Temperature Control I PCB 679763
Control Panel Display 681713
Motor drive PCB 681722
Quad Opto PCB 681848
Universal Address PCB 682899
Power Supply 7200-1043
Reducer Box Assembly PCB 7500-5152-03
Generator 7510313018
SCR Controller 7801D1439
Universal Address PCB 7802-D-5053
Thermistor Gauge PCB 90077
Panel Volt Meter 951058
Opto PCB 9600 C992, Rev. A
Temperature Controller Model 230 961023
Motor Control PCB 961054
Switching Power Supply 964069
Analog PCB 964110
Motor Controller 981006
Firing PCB 999-801
Mass Flow Controller AFC-550
AFC-550 Mass Flow Controller AFC-550 V
Mass Flow Controller AFC-60590
Phase and Magnitude Detector Assy AM-20-I19010075
Contactor Interlock PCB APS-A-2857-16
Automatic Temperature Controller ATC-2
Full Flow Ozone Sensor FFOZ
End point MPU150-4000
Color CRT Controller MZ7710
- n/a
10 KW DC Regulator Power Stack PCB n/a
10 KW AC/DC Converter n/a
10 KW AC/DC Converter Regulator PCB n/a
10 KW High Voltage Stack n/a
100 Watt Section PCB n/a
117 CPU Motherboard n/a
13.8 Volt DC Power Supply PCB n/a
2.5KW Inverter Circuit Pre-Acceleration n/a
2.5KW Inverter Circuit, Focus n/a
2.5KW Power Supply Unit Control PCB n/a
2.5KW Power Unit Overall (Focus) n/a
2.5KW Power Unit Overall (Pre-Acceleration) n/a
2.5KW PSU Control PCB n/a
2.5KW Thermal Feedback Unit n/a
2000 Watt Section PCB n/a
3 Source Switch Box PCB n/a
32V Power Supply n/a
40KW Multiplier and Smoothing Assembly n/a
5 KW Inverter n/a
5 KW Inverter Control PCB n/a
800 Logic PCB 2 n/a
8100 Autoloader PCB n/a
Alphanumeric PCB n/a
Analog Buffer Computer Interface PCB n/a
Analyzing Magnet Amplifier PCB n/a
Analyzing Magnet Power Supply n/a
Analyzing Magnet Pre-Stabilizer PCB n/a
Analyzing Magnet Supply Motherboard n/a
Arc Heatsink Supply PCB n/a
Arc Linear PCB n/a
Arc Power Supply Motherboard n/a
Arc Supply Fiber Optic Latch-up Detector PCB n/a
Arc Supply Switchmode PCB n/a
Argon Bleed and Charge Monitor PCB n/a
Automatic Internal/External PCB n/a
Auxilary Supplies PCB n/a
Auxilary Supplies PCB n/a
Auxiliary Box PCB n/a
Auxiliary Monitor and Interface PCB n/a
Auxiliary Monitor Interface PCB n/a
Auxiliary Supplies Motherboard n/a
Auxiliary Supply 12V, 0.5A n/a
Beam Profiler Interface Circuit PCB, 200 mm n/a
Beam Profiler Micro Controller PCB n/a
Beamline Instrumentation Interface PCB with Rotating Pole Control n/a
Beamline Instrumentation Motherboard with Rotating Pole Control n/a
Beamline Instrumentation Relay PCB n/a
Beamline Pneumatics PCB n/a
Beamline Vacuum Interlock PCB n/a
Beamline Vacuum Manual Control PCB n/a
Beamline Vacuum Motherboard n/a
Carousel Indexer Interface PCB n/a
Carousel Indexer Interface PCB n/a
Computer Interface Box PCB n/a
Constant Power Unit PCB n/a
Control & Display PCB n/a
Control And Display PCB n/a
Control and Monitor PCB n/a
Control Box 1500 PCB n/a
Control Box PCB n/a
Control Panel PCB n/a
Control Section PCB n/a
Control Target System Vacuum Manual PCB n/a
Control Unit Motor Potentiometer PCB n/a
Controller n/a
Cryopump Compressor n/a
Crypump Temperature Circuit PCB n/a
Current to Voltage Converter PCB n/a
Current to Voltage Converter PCB n/a
Current to Voltage Power Supply Relay PCB n/a
Current to Voltage Profiler PCB n/a
Current to Voltage PSU/Relay PCB n/a
DAQ Power Supply n/a
Data Acquisition Inverter PCB n/a
Data Aquisition Analog Expansion PCB n/a
Data Aquisition Digital Expansion PCB n/a
Data Aquisition Full Expansion PCB n/a
Data Aquisition Microprocessor PCB n/a
DC Amplifier PCB n/a
DC Link PCB n/a
DC Power Supply Box n/a
DC Power Supply PCB n/a
DI PCB n/a
Display n/a
Drive Unit PCB n/a
Engineering Option Panel PCB n/a
Engineering Option Panel PCB (Dual Exhaust/Versatrak) n/a
Engineering Option Panel PCB (Tylan / Versatrak) n/a
Fault Logic PCB n/a
Filament Power Supply Control PCB n/a
Filament Power Supply Motherboard n/a
Flood Gun Motherboard n/a
Focus PSU Motherboard n/a
Focus Resistor PCB n/a
Frequency To Voltage Converter n/a
Fuse PCB n/a
Gas Pressure Servo PCB n/a
Gate Transformer PCB n/a
Gate Transformer PCB n/a
Gripper Interface PCB n/a
Gripper Interface PCB n/a
Ground Power Distribution Unit Motherboard n/a
Hexode Position Interrupt Decoder PCB n/a
High Voltage Assembly Interface PCB n/a
High Voltage Power Supply PCB n/a
Input PCB n/a
Interface PCB n/a
IO PCB n/a
IO PCB 2 n/a
Ion Gauge Controller PCB n/a
Ion Gauge Power Supply n/a
IR Lamp Fail No. 20 PCB n/a
IR Lamp Fail No. 30 PCB n/a
IR Lamp Fail PCB n/a
Isolation Amplifier PCB In The Analog Interface Unit n/a
Lift Control PCB n/a
Liquid Nitrogen Temperature Sensor PCB n/a
Main System Power Control Box n/a
Mains Sense Circuit PCB n/a
Maintenance Panel PCB n/a
Meter Panel PCB n/a
Meter Panel Switch PCB n/a
Metric Meter Panel PCB n/a
Micronet Autofab Utility PCB n/a
Mother PCB n/a
Mother PCB n/a
Mother PCB n/a
Motor Potentiometer Motherboard n/a
Multiplier 2.5KW Power Suppy Unit n/a
Oscillator Unit PCB n/a
Output PCB n/a
Panel Support n/a
PAVD/PA Control Motherboard n/a
Phaselock PCB n/a
Plasma II A W/PS-300 RF Power Servo n/a
Plasma II, IIA RF Power Servo PCB n/a
Plastic Laminate Control Panel n/a
Power Supply Fuse PCB n/a
Power Supply PCB, RF Match Network n/a
Power Supply Versatyme 3000 Controller n/a
Pressure Control PCB n/a
Programmable Logic Controller Panel PCB n/a
PWB Gas Supplies Motherboard n/a
PWB Gas Supplies Servo PCB n/a
PWB Video Controller PCB n/a
Quad Opto PCB n/a
Reactor Test PCB n/a
Readout (Display) Box PCB n/a
Relay Isolation PCB n/a
Relay PCB Spin/Scan Power Chassis, Safety n/a
Remote AC Power Box PCB n/a
Remote System AC Power Control Box PCB n/a
Remote System Coolant Diagram, Metal Heat Exchanger PCB n/a
Remote System Coolant Diagram, Plastic Heat Exchanger PCB n/a
Remote System Diagram, Metal Heat Exchanger PCB n/a
Remote System Diagram, Plastic Heat Exchanger PCB n/a
RF Control Panel PCB n/a
RF Match Assembly PCB (Old Design) n/a
RF Match Unit PCB n/a
RF Sensor PCB, RF Match Network n/a
Scan Clock PCB n/a
Scan Control PCB n/a
Sensor Head n/a
Serial Communication Interface Motherboard n/a
Serial Communications Interface Driver PCB n/a
Serial Communications Interface Multiplexer PCB n/a
Serial I/O PCB n/a
Serial I/O PCB n/a
Seven Channel Array PCB n/a
Single Opto Sensor PCB n/a
Slotted Opto PCB n/a
Spin Clock PCB n/a
Spin Motor n/a
Spin/Scan Controller Motherboard n/a
Spin/Scan Controller PCB n/a
Spin/Scan Detector Circuit PCB n/a
Spin/Scan Error PCB n/a
Spin/Scan Interlock PCB n/a
Step Down Transformer PCB n/a
Suppression Power Supply Unit n/a
Suppression Resistor Chassis n/a
Suppression Supply Interface PCB n/a
Suppression Supply Interface PCB n/a
Susceptor Assembly N/A
Switch And Display PCB n/a
System AC Wiring Diagram n/a
System DC Power Supplies PCB n/a
Target Chamber Wafer Temperature Interface PCB n/a
Target System Instrument Motherboard n/a
Target System Instrumentation Motherboard A n/a
Target System Vacuum Control Interlock PCB n/a
Target System Vacuum Motherboard n/a
Temperature Controller Motherboard n/a
Temperature Controller Servo PCB n/a
Terminal PDU Motherboard n/a
Thermistor Gauge Head Socket Wiring n/a
Thermocouple Amplifier PCB n/a
Thyristor Firing PCB n/a
Tuner PCB, RF Match Network n/a
Vacuum Control Drive PWB PCB n/a
Vacuum Control Feedback PWB PCB n/a
Valve And Switch Interface PCB n/a
Versatrak Mother PCB n/a
Video Controller PCB n/a
Wafer Arm Electronics Motherboard n/a
Wafer Arm Electronics Motherboard n/a
Wafer Arm Interlock PCB n/a
Wafer Arm Interlock PCB n/a
Wafer Arm Potentiometer PCB n/a
Wafer Arm Potentiometer PCB n/a
Wafer Arm Power Supply n/a
Wafer Arm Servo Electronics PCB n/a
Wafer Arm Servo Electronics PCB n/a
Wafer Loader Control Motherboard n/a
Wafer Loader Interlock PCB n/a
Wafer Loader Interlock PCB n/a
Wafer Loader Motherboard n/a
Wafer Loader Pneumatics PCB n/a
Wafer Loader Vacuum Control Interlock PCB n/a
Wafer Loader Vacuum Control Manual PCB n/a
Wafer Loader Vacuum Motherboard n/a
Term Receive A PCB PC 2036-33-2
E/M Counter PCB PC 2044/20
Click Detector PCB PC 2044/30
Logic PCB PC 2044-602
Data Aquisition Module - Type D PI-9200
4-In-5-Out Temp Control Board RA541D-04
Processor Electronics Unit Series III-A And III-X
Analyzing magnet amplifier STP8311
Data Acquisition Module Type A
Data Acquistion Module Type A
Data Acquisition Module Type C
Data Acquisition Module Type D
Data Acquistion Module Type D
Alphanumeric Display 05-88009-00
Radiometer Amplifier LA729
S-RAM PCB MM6500 0100-00137
VME SBC PCB 0190-09312
VME SBC PCB 0190-20048
"6"" Susceptor Calibration Kit" 0240-33231
7710 Video PCB 0190-09368
Heat Exchanger 960863
Heat Exchanger 961228
Heater Jacket 1410-01129
A/D Converter 13842-01
Multiplex 12 Bit A/D Converter ST 4303
Controller AP2600SHM
MPU Controller PCB (MPU 900) 01-14001-00
Transport PCB 01-17001-00 Rev A
Driver PCB 01-17002-00
Driver PCB 01-17002-00E
MPU Controller PCB (MPU 9100) 01-17005-00
Elevator PCB 01-17006-00A
End Point Detector PCB 01-17008-00
MPU 9000 PCB 01-17013-00
Mother PCB 01-17434-00
Transport PCB 01-18030-02C
Transport Controller PCB 01-18400-00
End Point Detector PCB 01-19259-00
Spin Motor 07-00037-00
Front Control Panel 22-14001-00
Pneumatic Control Module PCB 36-00003-00
Gas Manifold 5260764
Gas Manifold 5260764-004
Transport PCB n/a
Front Panel Assembly O1-17013-00/01-17002-00
24VDC UPS Model US 02 44113
Alphanumeric Display 03100-02-032N
Power Supply 47-440HZ
Smart Port PCB 0185-014
Power Supply PCB 80008-03
Power Supply SMP/PF5024
Power Supply 200011-563-6
5V Power Supply Model M3001-1E/CPM-281M 549935
Bin Display PCB 70-0222-00
Solenoid Driver PCB 70-0247-00
Stepper Motor Control PCB 70-0264-00
Stepper Motor Control PCB 70-0264-01
Temp Driver PCB 70-0634-00
Camera and Control Unit 012703-006
RPS Control PCB 03-109296D01
TC MUX PCB 23-26-20014-11
Motor Driver PCB 2506718-21
Power Amp Control Board 4022-430-1247-617
5500 Power Amp PCB (includes OP AMPS) 4022-430-1422
5500 Power Amp PCB (includes OP AMPS) 4022-430-1422
Power Supply 32V 4022-430-15901
Logic Supply PCB 4022-436-1064
Wafer Dipod PCB 4022-436-1552-x
Pre-aligner 4022-436-1555-x
DC to DC Converter PCB 4022-436-1607
Slave Box (wafer stage) includes transducers 4022-436-1848
AMP PCB 40224362510
Edge Sensor (wafer handling) 4022-436-3517-x
Pre-Aligner 4022-452-5038-1
Robot (Long) RTM 410A245
Robot (Short) RTM 410A245
Table Bearing Housing Assembly 943-0220-001
Assy, Touchscreen Display 2506874-01
Assy, Touchscreen Display 2531860-01
Temperature Control Panel 2600331-01
Element Control Panel 2552779-01
Element Control Panel 2600315-01
Element Control Panel 2517655-01
Power Amp PCB (includes OP AMPs) 4022-437-0198
PS 2 Power supply 410410-003
Lamp Power Supply PCB 19255D
Power Supply 19278B
Hypot Plus II AC Voltage Tester Model 05500DTC
CC-832 PCB 1280267
Power Supply 500087-B
Module Controller N/A
Power Supply 73-125-021
Power Supply MP6-1E-1Q-1V-4LL-00
Power supply, 145W SA145-3420
Switching Power Supply AC8151
RF Matching Box ATH-100RS
Microwave Control Module ARX-X491 0190-00398
Generator Model# S15ITBC 0190-09264
Magnetron Unit 0190-09265
Model F120620 RF Generator 0920-01124
Integrated E-Chuck Power Supply 80-P01-HP
Integrated E-Chuck Power Supply 80-P01-HP
Rf Generator Controller PCB ABX- X355
300W Driver Board ABX-X234
Wattmeter Board ABX-X276
Wattmeter Board ABX-X279
ABX-X286 +/- 24V Power Supply board ABX-X286
RF Generator Controller ABX-X355 Rev. M
Driver Board ABX-X490
2500W Microwave Power Generator AX2050
1500W Microwave Power Generator AX2115
Smart Match AX3060-10
Ozone Generator (AX8200) AX8200A
High Voltage Power Supply 1.25kw C12932-2
1.25KW Microwave Generator C12935
1.25 Microwave Generator C13170
1.25 Microwave Generator C13170
Magnetron Head D13449
3.0 KW Generator (Smart Power) F120160-x
Microwave Match Network- Smart Match F120611W
CPS Smart Match (SM) FI10001
Magnetron Head Assy. (MH) FI10002
Microwave Match Network-Smart Match FI20045
ULVAC Maghead FI20162
Flourine Generator 3 Phase FI20620-x
Wave guide w/detector Model DC7CPRUG
1.25 Microwave Generator includes magnetron OEM-C13170
Magnetron Assembly SXRHC 0190 09265
Magnetron assembly SXRHC 0190-09769
Microwave Power Source(includes magnatron) 94-1104
GASO PWA Controller 812133
Controller PCB B12133
Motor, RC Gear End Effect BZ4-C
Wafer Map PCB Assembly 3200-1060-01
Maintenance Control Panel 9700-2241-02
Indexer Receiver Assy. 9700-3444-01
Smart-COMM (HS80) 9700-4774-04
Control PCB 3200-1044-01
Control PCB 3200-1045-01
Asyst Indexer PCB Assembly 3200-1065-03
Elevator Arm Assembly ALU-2150 W/O Tilt
Arm Control PCB 3200-1000-xx
Servo amplifier 6900-1284-01
ALU 2000 Elevator Arm Assembly 970024041
Elevator Arm Assembly (Model 2200) SMIF Arm 9700-3250-01
Asyst Indexer Assembly 9700-3260-01
Indexer Receiver 9700-3580-01
Indexer Receiver 9700-3618-01
Handheld Keyboard Terminal N/A
Temperature controller XT16 16JCBxxx
Process Controller 6000 Series
Process Controller 1497617
Temperature Controller 6075 Series
AC Servo Motor M406D-B30-71-0
Motor Horizontal/Vertical Controller 66K018V
6 Inch Video Monitor 6VM917
Multiport Vacuum PCB 702243
Dual Cylinder 4022-455-72431
Controller 4119839
DCBL Motor Control ALC0800-010-100
DC BL Motor Control Assy ALC0801-010-1000
DC Brushless Motor Control LC-1
DC BL Motor Control Assembly LC4B01100
DCBL Motor Control LC4BP01002
DCBL Motor Control LC4BP11000
DCBL Motor Control LC4BP12000
DCBL Motor Control LC4BP13002
Motor Controller LC4CP21002
Motor Speed Controller LC4CP23002
DCBL Motor Control Assembly LC5B010010
DCBL Motor Control Assembly LC5B010012
DCBL Motor control Assembly LC4A01100
Heater Jacket Controller 168355-004
Wave Form Generator AVR-D2-C
Electrotrostatic Clamp Controller 0906-1010-0002R
Scanner head SK-1012BLT
Intra-Red Gas Transmitter Series 4600-IR
Amplifier, JT Assembly 20618CC
AC Brushless Servo Control BTS 10/20
Water Pump HP75CN-600-06111-PEO
Oil Pump PN2-547-332-999
Servo Amp PCB UM3015H0-100
Video Monitor TD Series n/a
Cold Cathode Gauge BGG20001
Compact full range gauge BGG26001
Valve BP-V08005
Flap Valve BP-V08005/404
High Vacuum Valve BP-V08-0051
EVAO40 Hi-Vac Valve BPV6001/3124
Turbo Pump PMP01210A
High Vacuum Valve V08005/436
PCB 818-B
Time Control PCB B-883AM
Driver PCB B899-2000
Monitor PCB B955AWD
Controller 121L-10022-001-1-00
Controller 121L-10022-031-0-00
Solid State Controller Series 520
Single Current Output Controller 520 Series
Controller 523-C40110050100
Oven Controller 580
Temperature Controller 580
Temperature Controller 590
Temperature Controller 590
Series 100/150 Temp. Control 601143-01
Torch Controller Model 590
Flatmaster LCD-Monitor FM-14TS
Binocular Micro Scope n/a
Binocular Micro Scope n/a
Chiller HRE-HT-30650-DI-SS
Chiller LT-HRE-1650-4850
Precision Gearhead Box NE42-005-GME
Multimeter HD 110T
Encoder L25G-F3-1000-ABZC-7830-ED15-S
Encoder Motor 924-01008-1350
Encoder Shaft 924-01008-1350
Motor with encoder 924-01029-1384
Power Supply Type PESP-753
Regulator Type 10-HR
SCV Vacuum Valve IVBH80 SCA-NWKL63
Match Top, Applied HDP Centura 0010-18129
Match, Side HDP 0010-18130
Control Box 0110-18033
RF Isolation box 02-00399-00
Process controller
2-Axis Turbo Controller BAM-232T
Machine Works Controller MWTX-8-MNET
AC Brushless Servo Motor ASM1211-A-O
Turbo Controller 4-Axis BAM-432T
TS-4000-V-TBI TS-40-V-TBI-AUX-3
Multi-Axis Universal Servo Amp USA2-11-28-UR
Multi-Axis Universal Servo Amp USA2-22-35
Multi-Axis Universal Servo Amp USA4-13-20
Multi-axis universal servo amp USA4-22-35
Universal Servo Amp USA4-35-70
Multi Axis Universal Servo Amp USA4-11-28-UR
Power Supply,Series 2C, 3C, 5C, 6C Model 602B-50P
High Voltage Power Supply Series 225R
High Voltage Power Supply Series 230
Gas Control Monitor n/a
High Temperatrue Controller 985CA-328-R03
High Temp Controller 985CA-R02
Plating Controller 985PA
Subambient Controller 985SA-R02
Rinse Controller 985DA-R03
Temperature Controller 985NA-328-R01
Subambient Controller 120 VAC 985SA-328-R03
Subambient Controller 24 Vac Model 985SA-328-R02
Air Cylinder 092-DX UG
"6"" Assembly Lifter Cylinder" D-52403-A
"6"" Assembly Lifter Cylinder" D-78831-A-5
410 PC Combo I/O PCB 94V-0
Dummy Load 8890-300
Wattmeter Model 43
RF Power Meter model 4421-101
Directional Power Sensor Model 4021
Power Supply Model 1711
DC Power Supply Model 1760
Temperature Controller C03A57
Temperature Controller C03B-3-11
Temperature Controller, PCB C03B-3-27
Temperature Controller C03B-3-3
Oven Power Controller E03M-11
SSP-280 PCB E03M-6
Temperature Controller STAT 1900
Ozone Analyzer BMT 963
Programmable Sweep 0040-1054-2
Slurry Pump Motor 32X5BEPM-W2
Motor Spinner (Mask Scrubber) 350111
Motor Type-NSH 11D5 536
Motor Controller 935
Motor Control PCB BSH-250
PM Motor Control DPM-6130E
PCB For Kasper Oven n/a
Minimotor SA PCB BLD 568A
Capacitance Meter 71CR
Model 71CR PCB n/a
Model 50W 115V Power Supply n/a
Vertilift Gear Reducer 700 series -290001
Gear Box Series 700
Computer with Monitor M23-125GH
Automatch PCB 2706
RF Generator (1500W) 04015-X
RF Generator, High (Model PM132) 11895K
Automatch Network 12390-1
DC. Driver PCB 13014
Mother PCB 13104-02
Opto Input PCB 13840-01
Opto Output PCB 13841-01
PWA, CPU-Supervisor PCB 14124-01 A
Mother PCB 14674-01
EOP/ Pressure Controller PCB 15451-01
I/O Interface PCB 16495-xx
Display Driver PCB 16498-01
Controller/MFC 2000C
PCB 409-4563
Orbitron Assembly 7100-14-
RF Power Generator 7312301
PM 732 Automatch Assembly 732
Automatch PCB 804-13284-01
EOP PCB 804-15884-02
(A2) 12V Power Supply PCB PM 112 General B03399C
Display PCB C02890D
Display BD C02892
High Voltage Regulator PCB C03394 Rev. E
High Voltage Regulator PCB C03409
High Voltage Regulator PCB C03409-02
High Voltage Regulator PCB C03409-F
High Voltage Regulator PCB C03409-N
Oscillator PCB C03448
A6 Regulator & Vacuum PCB C06512A
Regulator & Vacuum PCB C06514
Fan Detector PCB C10250
Automatch PCB C12145-01
Thumbwheel PCB CO2888
Regulator & Vacuum PCB CO3409
931 DAC PCB CO4199A
Mother Board D02884
Logic PCB D02884/CO2888/C02892
(A2) 12 V Power Supply PCB n/a
+ and - 12V Regulator PCB n/a
120V 60 HZ Transport System PCB n/a
120V 60 HZ Transport System PCB n/a
4000C Controller TC Gauge Vacuum Circuit PCB n/a
931 DAC PCB n/a
Automatch PCB n/a
Automatch PCB n/a
Automatch PCB n/a
Automatic Impedence Matching Network PM 702,703 PCB n/a
Computer/Cassette PCB n/a
Detector Head DPS 2300 PCB n/a
DPS 2300-9 Reactor Center PCB n/a
Fan Detector PCB n/a
High Voltage Rectifier PCB n/a
HV Regulator n/a
HV Regulator n/a
Logic PCB n/a
Master, CPS-2300 PCB n/a
Oscillator n/a
PM 906U 3-C Logic PCB n/a
PWA, CPU-Process PCB n/a
PWA, CPU-Wafer Mover PCB n/a
PWA, Memory BD. Banker PCB n/a
Reactor Center S3000 & S4000 PCB n/a
Regulator & Vacuum PCB n/a
Regulator PCB n/a
Test Fixture For RF Control Box n/a
Thumbwheel PCB n/a
Timer PCB n/a
Ton Meter Regulator n/a
Transport PCB n/a
Vacuum Meter & Control Circuit Option PCB n/a
Wiring Drawing Compact Reactor Center n/a
Switch PCB 12345
Servo Controller Assembly TBF60/5R
Motor Driver PCB 6KSD-9003
Temperature Control Unit 1231-CCN-DI-001
Temperature Control Unit 1231-CCN-DI-001
Temperature Control Unit 1231-CCN-DI-001
Pump ED71MRH
Digital Viscometer Model DV-I
Digital Viscometer Model DV-II
Mass Flow Controller 0550E
Controller Model ESC-200
Orbitran Assembly 000-6100-xx
Orbitran Assembly 000-7100-76
Z-BOT 000-7100-93
Z-BOT (indexer) 001-0000-27
Z-BOT (indexer) 001-0000-41
Z-BOT (indexer) 001-0000-41, 001-1070-02
Wafer Aligner 001-0080-09
Z-BOT Control PCB 001-1070-02
Z-BOT PCB 001-1070-02
Hand held Robot Controller 30682
VCE Control PCB 001-3404-02
Robot Controller 001-4130-03
Gaso Vacuum Board 001-6280-01
Z-BOT Indexer 001-6300-03
MCC PCB 001-9323-01
Robot Arm 38033
200mm B-Symetric Arm 41686
I/O Distribution Hub Assy. 002-3053-01
Orbitron Assembly 6100-91
Contoller with Motor 853-492689-001
Orbitran TM Assy 95-10501
Z-BOT GR7100-93
Wafer Aligner Model 10080-09
Robot Model 7100-17
Robot/indexer 4900-0006-089
Mass Flow Controller 0550A
Control Valve 5835C
Mass Flow Controller 5835-C1
Mass Flow Controller 5835-C1-C5-E1
Mass Flow Controller 5850 E
Mass Flow Controller 5850C
Mass Flow Controller 5850Cxxx
Mass Flow Controller 5850D
Mass Flow Controller 5850Dxxxx
Mass Flow Controller 5850E
Smart Mass Flow Controller 5850Sxxxx
Mass Flow Controller 5850TR
Mass Flow Controller 5851
Mass Flow Controller 5858
Mass Flow Controller 5858
Mass Flow Controller 5858-A
Pressure Controller 5866
Mass flow controller model 5964
3 COL. Liquid Flow meter n/a
Automatic Flow Rate Calibrator n/a
Nupro Valve Type 251
Charge Board 70014581
Mass Flow Controller 5810
Mass Flow Controller 5811
Mass Flow Controller 5812
Mass Flow Controller PCB 5830 2A
Mass Flow Controller PCB 5830 A
Mass Flow Controller PCB 5831
Mass Flow Controller 5835
Mass Flow Controller 5836
Command Soft Start Circuit 5839-2B(1B)-
Mass Flow Controller 5858 E
Mass Flow Controller 5877
Mass Flow Controller 5887
3 COL. Liquid Flowmeter n/a
Temperature Microcontroller Module 9011486
Bruce series 7900 Controller 7900300
Solid State Scanner/3 Channel O.T. 9760641
EDU Module 2171785
Temperature Microcontroller(7354M)/55 9011405
Boatloader Control 9011496V14
7680 Boatload Controller 9011496V16
Temperature Micro Controller Module (7354m/7355) 9017138
Torch control (Model 5600) 2171935V05
Torch Control (Model 5600) 2171935V06
Torch control (Model 5600) 2172980V05
Serial Interface PCB Assembly 3160710x
DC Boatloader Control PCB 3161491
I/O Module Assembly 3163501
Servo controller II 3163511
Servo Controller II PCB 3163511V02
Servo Controller II PCB 3163511V03
Servo controller II 3163511V05
D.C. Brushless Motor Amplifier PCB Assy. 3163531
D.C. Brushless Motor Amplifier PCB 3163533
4 Channel Comm Interface Board 3163561
Intelligent/Temperature Control Module(Model 7640) 9025470
Input/Output Module PCB Assy. 9760131
Gas Controller Model 8115 2172589
Series 7900 Atmospheric Controller 7900560
VCVD I/F II Assembly 3163550
Servo Controller II PCB 3163551V02
Handy Termianl Z20035-01
Overdrive PCB 7680
Utility PCB 3163331V01
VIDEO PCB 182136-01
Torch Controller 217935V05
Serial Interface PCB 30-60-270
0-5V D/A Converter PCB 30-60-290
Under Temperature Alarm PCB 3121970
6 Channel Relay Driver PCB 3130032
6 Channel Relay Driver PCB 3130033
Alarm Processor PCB 3130240
Alarm Processor PCB 3130241
DC Boatloader Control PCB 3151491 V02
Binary I/0 PCB 3160031
Binary Interface PCB 3160070
I/O Binary PCB 3160071
PCB Assembly Micro Process 725/7351 Binary I/O 3160072
Analog PCB 3160080
Serial I/O Module PCB 3160081
Front Panel Logic Assy PCB 3160083
727 Front Panel Logic PCB Assembly 3160084
Control Panel Logic PCB (7351A) 3160084
D/A Converter (Late) PCB 3160180
D/A Converter PCB 3160180
D/A Converter PCB 3160181
D/A Converter PCB 3160181
LED PCB 3160190
Overtemp Alarm PCB 3160230
Overtemp Alarm PCB 3160231
OverTemp. Alarm PCB 3160233
Overtemp Alarm PCB 3160235
Low Level Amp/Freq. PCB 3160250
Low Level Amplifier Frequency PCB 3160251
Low Level Amplifier Frequency PCB 3160251
Serial Interface PCB 3160270
Serial Interface PCB 3160271
D/A Converter PCB Assembly 3160290A
D/A Converter (Late) PCB 3160292
DAC Module 5V 3160292A
Hi Level AMP/Freq. PCB 3160300
High Level Amplifier PCB 3160300B
High Level Amplifier PCB 3160301
Microprocessor 3160320
Microprocessor PCB 3160321
PCB Assembly Micro Process W/ 2716 EPROM's 3160321
High Level Scanner PCB 3160330
Low Level Scanner 3160331
Low Level Scanner PCB 3160331
Hi Level Scanner 3160332
High Level Scanner PCB 3160332
Interconnect PCB 3160340
Microprocessor Power Supply 3160360
Power Supply Microprocessor 3160361
DDC Backplane PCB 3160371
Front Panel Driver DDC 3160380
Boatloader Electronics 3160390
Gas Control PCB 3160450
Gas Panel Board 3160452
Gas Power Supply PCB 3160460
Gas Power Supply PCB 3160461
Power Fail Detector PCB 3160580
Power Fail Detector PCB 3160580D
Power Fail Detector PCB 3160581
Digital Boatloader PCB 3160600
Serial I/O PCB 3160710E
I/O PCB 3160711
Interface PCB 3160711
Communication Interface Module 3160730
Serial I/O PCB 3160741
Low Level Scan/Amp PCB 3160841
Low Level Scanner Amplifier PCB 3160841
Boatloader Interface PCB Assy. 3160891
Power Supply PCB 3160972
Binary I/O PCB (Early) 3161031
Binary I/O PCB (Late) 3161031
Serial I/O Module PCB 3161081
Serial I/O Module PCB 3161081
V-CVD Interface Expansion 3161092
Opto Input Module PCB 3161101
Opto Input Module PCB 3161101
Relay Output Module PCB 3161111
Relay Output Module PCB 3161111
Solid State Scanner, low level 3161121
Solid-State Scanner PCB, Low Level 3161122
Solid-State Scanner PCB 3161123
STD System I/O PCB 3161160
STD System I/O PCB 3161161
System Micro Controller PCB 3161170
System Microcontroller PCB 3161171
Video PCB 3161180
Video PCB 3161180
Video Display PCB (Early) 3161181
Video PCB 3161181
Video PCB 3161181
Temperature Control Module PCB 3161231
Temperature Microcontroller PCB 3161231 V02
Front panel interconnect assy (7355x control unit) 3161271
3 - Channel Overtemperature PCB 3161280
3 - Channel Overtemperature PCB 3161281
Comm. Interface Processor PCB 3161281
Battery Backup and E2 Memory PCB 3161301
Door & Overpressure Interlock PCB 3161306
Video Display PCB (Late) 3161351
Video Display Processor PCB 3161351
Video Display Processor PCB 3161352V01
Video Display Processor PCB 3161352V02
Communications PCB 3161411
DC Boatloader Control PCB 3161490
DC Boatloader Control PCB 3161491V03
DC Boatloader Control PCB 3161491V06
DC Boatloader Control PCB 3161491V07
Timer / Clock / Rate Detector PCB 3161502
Analog I/O Microprocessor PCB 3161521
Video PCB (Early Version) 3161524
Video Assembly PCB 3161524
Analog I/O Microprocessor PCB ASSY. 3161525-xxx
Gas Solenoid PCB 3161529
VAC Setpoint PCB 3161534
VAC Setpoint PCB 3161560
Timer, Clock, Rate, Detector PCB 3161590
Communications I/F Processor PCB 3161670
Communication Interface Processor PCB 3161671
Solenoid Driver III PCB, Gas I/O, Alt Vendor Series 8000 for 7354/5 3161700/3161529
Solenoid Driver II PCB 3161720
Solenoid Driver II PCB 3161721
Solenoid Driver II PCB 3161721
Solenoid Driver II PCB 3161722
Solenoid Driver II PCB 3161722V01
Gas 55 VCVD Interface PCB 3161730
Gas 55 VCVD Interface PCB 3161731
V-CVD Backplane 3161762
DC Power Status PCB 3161911
Microprocessor Boatloader PCB 3161931V08
Boatloader/Microprocessor 3161931V12
Analog I/O Microprocessor PCB 3161932
Gas Analog I/O PCB 3161932
Analog I/O Microprocessor PCB 3161933
Gas Analog I/O PCB 3161933
Video PCB 3161934
Analog I/O Microprocessor PCB 3161936
System Controller II PCB 3161950
System MicroController Assy. PCB 3161951
System MicroController Assy. PCB 3161951V05
5 Zone Triger Interconnect PCB 3161960
V-CVD Interface Expansion 3161990
Logic Processor Board 3162000
Logic Processor Board 3162001
Logic Processor 7900 PCB 3162003
55 VCVD Interface PCB 3162092
Gas 55 VCVD Interface PCB 3162092V01
51 VCVD Interface PCB 3162093
Logic Proccessor 7900 PCB 3162152
Logic Processor 7900 PCB 3162154
Boatloader Driver PCB 3162261
Communication Interface Processor II 3162281V03
Communications Interface Processor PCB 3162281V05
Motor controller amplifier PCB 3163071
Motor controller amplifier PCB 3163201
Motor amplifier assembly 3163202
Utility PCB 3163331V02
External Torch Controller PCB 3163361
Temperature Controller Module 3300214 & 3300743
D/A Converter PCB Assembly 3300676
4 Channel Power Supply 3300751
PPN Zero Switch Trigger PCB 4756525
PPN Zero Switch Trigger PCB 4756525 PX
PPN Zero Switch Trigger PCB 4756532
4 Channel Power Supply 512636
7351 Front Panel Furnace Display 7351
Boatloader PCB 9000467
Low Level AMP/Scan Set PCB 9000786
6 Channel Overtemp Module 9011086
Bruce 7180 Boatload Controller 9011496V06
Temperature Microcontroller Module 9017138V01
Temperature Microcontroller Module 9021251
Scanner PCB set 9760001
AP PCB 9760045
Output Module PCB 97-60-131
Opto-Input Module PCB & I/O Module Assy. 9760132
Relay Output Module & I/O Module Assy. 9760132
Temperature Control 9760155
7351C Control Unit 9760400
Boatloader Control PCB 9760473
Temperature Micro Controller Module 9760538
Scanner/3 CHANNEL O.T. (MODEL 7601SS) 9760629
7650 Multiplexer 9870148
7650 Multiplexer,CPU DVME 105 PCB 9870189
RF Control PCB B03407-02
Low Level Scanner/OT Limit Model 7601
Bruce 7680 Boatload Controller Model 9011496V12
3 Channel Overtemperature PCB n/a
Alarm Processor PCB n/a
Amplifier Frequency Module PCB n/a
Analog I/O Microprocessor PCB n/a
Analog I/O Microprocessor PCB n/a
Analog I/O Microprocessor PCB n/a
Battery Back Up Assembly n/a
Battery Back Up PCB n/a
Battery Back Up PCB n/a
Battery Back Up PCB n/a
Battery Back Up W.D. PCB n/a
Binary I/O n/a
Communication Interface Processor II PCB n/a
D/A Converter DBC PCB n/a
Diffusion Furnace Alarm Processor n/a
Diffusion Furnace Functional Diagram n/a
Door & Overpressure Interlock PCB n/a
Front Panel n/a
Front Panel n/a
Front Panel Interconnect PCB n/a
Front Panel Interconnect PCB n/a
Front Panel Logic PCB n/a
Front Panel Logic PCB n/a
Furnace Wiring Cable Interconnection n/a
Furnace Wiring Diagram n/a
Gas I/O Distribution PCB n/a
Hi-Level Scanner n/a
Hi-Level Scanner / COTO 3800 Series Relays PCB n/a
Interconnect PCB n/a
Logic PCB #1 n/a
Logic PCB #2 n/a
Low Level Scanner / COTO 3300 Series Relay PCB n/a
Main Driver Board n/a
Microprocessor Power Supply n/a
Microprocessor W/2716 EPROM PCB n/a
Model 7602 Interconnect Wiring Diagram n/a
Overtemp PCB n/a
Plug In Module D/A Converter +10V n/a
Plug In Module D/A Converter +10V Model 7351 n/a
Power Fail Detector PCB n/a
Power Fail PCB n/a
Power Wiring Assembly n/a
PPN Zero Switch Trigger n/a
Ratio / Slave Processor 7900 Gas Electronics PCB n/a
Ratio / Slave Processor, H2 = O2 7900 Electronics PCB n/a
Remote Model 7351A Control Panel Wiring n/a
"Remote Model 7351C 7"" Control Panel Wiring" n/a
"Remote Model 7351C 9"" Control Panel Wiring" n/a
Serial Interface PCB n/a
Signal Processor 7900 PCB n/a
Six Channel Relay Driver PCB n/a
T/C Setpoints 7900 Gas Electronics PCB n/a
Temperature Microcontroller PCB n/a
Termibox W.D. (MOD C) n/a
Termibox W.D. (Plug In) n/a
Termibox W.D. (Wire-Up) n/a
Timed Purge n/a
Timer / Clock / Rate Detector PCB n/a
Undertemp II 7900 PCB n/a
Vacuum Setpoints PCB n/a
Video PCB n/a
Video PCB (Early) n/a
Video PCB (Late) n/a
Wire List Backplane Assembly n/a
Wire List For TC Scanner n/a
Zero Switch Trigger n/a
Board Driver Softlande PCB 3161361
Pump 33CT6M-AB-FE
Pump 33CT6MV-AB-FE
Temperature Control 1-T5-1B-1A-2-0023/a
Analog Output PCB AA23-2-4, Rev. B
Analog PCB MP8316-U
Transport PCB 600379-01
Transport Arm PCB 80157D
HCIU Track Interface Board 600386-01
Zerocon Box ZC-114
Zerocon Box ZC-ZA-20-R
Neptune Ultrasonic Generator N1000-HXMP1-240-1000/20
Ultrasonic Generator MSG-36T-208V-CLM
Neptune Ultrasonic Generator N1001-XHSB1-120-600/14
Temperature Controller (Model 9900) 991.11C
Temperature Controller (Model 9900) delete
DC Power Supply 60020704
DC Power Supply n/a
Model MC-450 Overwrite BD 016471 Rev A
Stage CD PCB BG4-6463
Main CPU PCB BG4-6626
E-CD PCB BG4-6974
Mother PCB BG6-0123
PCB #7 BG6-0124-000
PCB #8 BG6-0125-000
PCB #9 BG6-0126-000
PCB #10 BG6-0127
PCB #11 BG6-0128-000
PCB #1 BG6-0134-000
PCB BG6-0135-000
PCB BG6-0136-000
PCB BG6-0295
PCB BG6-0296
Distributor PCB BG6-0401
PCB BG6-0412-000
Scan Drive PCB BG6-0477
Y Gain Offset PCB BG6-0497
PCB BG6-0511-00
Mother PCB BG6-0586
Power Control PCB BG6-66355-00
PCB #6 BG9-0123-000
AF2/IF PCB BG9-0232
PCB BG9-0254-000
PFD SV Drive IF PCB BG9-0385
PFD SV Drive IF PCB BG9-0395
AA1 PCB BG9-0412-000
PCB BG9-0413
AA3 PCB BG9-0414-000
PCB BG9-1168
PCB AF2IF BG9-1169
A/S PreAmp PCB BG9-1419-00
PCB #14 BG9-1514
PCB BG9-1863-00
AF 3 Interface PCB BG9-2101
Reticle Changer PCB BG9-2161-000
Drive Output PCB BG9-3342
CCD Driver PCB BG9-3345
PCB BG9-3349
PCB BG9-3499
ACC-1 PCB BG9-3502
IL Shutter Drive PCB BG9-3767-000 / BH8-0784-02
Stepper TV CPU PCB BG9-4079
Stepper Main CPU PCB BG9-4083
PCB BG9-4307
Processor PCB BG9-937-0-000
Computer PCB BG9-9655
M Stage Interface PCB BH4-0850-01
Power Unit BH5-3273
FD Drive BH8-0687-01
Sensor Input PCB BH9-4651
Thermo Printer FPT-040MCS100
Pump Analog PCB HTE-PAN-A-11
GPIB Printer Model P2020
MW Unit I/F PCB PF6-2558-000
"Chuck, 5"" Wafer" 869-1146-000
AF Power Amp PCB 457490-9014
Analog PCB 457490-9111
Stepper Motor Controller PCB 614PC119
Fiberoptic Illuminator 910508-9901
Monochrome Monitor Model GM-1266
Z80 Processor 108810
Vision Camera Module 52-0302
Lamp Module 0020-31108
CD21 203X B PCB -589134
RAM/EPROM Memory PCB 620321
RAM/EPROM Memory 050155B
15V Power Supply 0010-20498
Ion Gauge Controller 260032
Htr PWR/SPLY with Controller(Model 7569-6) -HPS67110
D.C. Power Supply QT11CIF 1A
RGB100R Fiber optic Graphics Modem 390-000223-00
RGB/00T Fiber Optic Graphics Modem 390-000224-31
CRT 12V D-710
Disc Control PCB 66003910
Upper Flat-Find PCB 0553-678500
Suck Back Valve AMDSX0-X25
Suck Back Valve AMDSZ0-X0048
Power Supply, uninterruptable UPS1-1.25K-1G
Servo Motor 21DM-500-5S37AW
PM Servo Motor JGHT-4921-1
Shutter Motor AS-780D-009
PM Servo Motor MTE4225-13106
Air/Hydraulic Cylinders MO2948
Card 1 Foldes Control Box
Card 2 Foldes Control Box
Card 3 Foldes Control Box
Card 4 Foldes Control Box
Display Foldes Control Box
Enclosure Foldes Control Box
Control Box Foldes PPD
Indexer Logic PCB 03-10008-00
Oven Spin 03-10113
Utility PCB 03-10126
Logic PCB #3 03-23000
32K Microprocessor PCB 03-32000
Logic PCB #1 03-60327
800 Logic PCB #1 CA 2020, AF 2800, CA 800 03-60327-01
800 Logic PCB-#2 AF 2300, CA 300 03-60328-01
800 Logic PCB-#2 AF2800 CA800 03-60328-01
Seal/Vacuum 400-35470-X1
CA 800 Power Supply PCB CA 800
800 Aligner Wiring PCB n/a
800 Piston Photoswitch PCB n/a
Contact Or Exposute Counter PCB CA 800 n/a
Control Box Interconnection Wire Diagram CA 800 PCB n/a
Motor Drive Fixture n/a
Pneumatic PCB CA 800 n/a
Solid State Timer PCB n/a
Stage Recentering PCB n/a
Turn Table Direction Photoswitch PCB n/a
Turn Table Direction Photoswitch PCB n/a
Spin Motor TRW, GL-39777A120
4200 VM14 Assembly 203-0028-RC
Pick and Place Vision Cognex 5400 PCB 203-0032-R
Cognex 3100 Vision System Model VB1
Cognex 3100 Vision System Model VB1
VM-8 PCB model VPM-2004
PWB Assembly, VME Model VPM-4214-00
Monochrome Television Cameras n/a
Flow Control Model 7550-60
Video Integrator 310 310
Output PCB 41-03930-001
Output PCB 54-03928-001
Output PCB 54-03931-000/002
RF Generator, LF CLF5000
RF Power Source, 13.56 MHz CPS-1001Sxx
RF Power Source CPS-1001xx
RF Power Source 13.56 MHz CPS-500AS
Ultra Stable 13.56 MHZ RF Generator Model CX-600AS
DC Power Supply T1000E
RF Generator T1000E/RFG
ID3501 Power supply 3151100-xxxx
Right Cylinder, Door Mechanism Assy -
Cooling Station Assembly 1070-0455 Rev. B
Left Cylinder, Door Mechanism Assy QJ85-285B
Air cylinder QJ92-1642-9
Door Mechanism Assembly QJ92-1642-A
Air cylinder RFHD118x58
Air Cylinder unknown
51010 Power Supply 51010
Microstep Drive AX-Series 87-008145-03C
CP-C- Drive (C-Series Drive) 96062400192
C-Series Drive C-Drive
PM Driver PCB -105501
PM Driver PCB 61-001362-03
1811 Indexer PCB 71-002155xxx
PCB 71-014527-02
DB Drive 8765-00
C Drive 88-005712-03
CP-C-Drive 96050900703
Motor C57-102-MO
Motor CP-7889-C-MO
Motor CP-8912-C-MO-11161
Motor CP-C57-102-MO
Motor CP-C57-51-S-MO
Motor CP-C67-102-MO
Motor LA23ECK-131R2
Elevator Motor w/Control Box M57-102
PM Driver PCB M83-135
Compumotor CX series Model CX-DH
PM Driver n/a
OEM750 Drive OEM750
S6-Drive Assembly w/ Motor S83-93
S Series Microstep Drive S83-93
Pico Processor-Serial CRT/EIA 14630-02
Motherboard PCB 73-53500-00-F3
Processor Option Card 73-53505
CPU PCB set 73-53505, 06, 07
CPU PCB set 73-53505, 538-26
Processor Full / Card PCB 73-53506
Pico Processor 73-53630-01
8K Memory PCB 73-53641
16K Memory PCB 73-53673
8K Memory PCB 73-53677
I/O Distribution PCB 73-53701
Disc Control PCB 73-53818-01
Serial CRT/E1A Picoprocessor 74-53630-00-C
32K MOS RAM High Speed Mem w/ BBU & Parity PCB n/a
Computer Automation Programs n/a
Floppy Disk Controller n/a
I/O Distributor PCB n/a
Option card PCB n/a
Parallel Picoprocessor PCB n/a
Picoprocessor Serial TTY n/a
Processor Half Card PCB n/a
Utility Controller PCB n/a
CD1 CPU-9 86045
UMEM/SRAM-64 Memory PCB 19511
Power Supply 1720019-05
NFS300-7630 (Hewlett Packard) 700200-001
Power Supply CP-51010
Bulgin Jeta Power Supply (Model N1204-1) N1204-1
Power Supply XL160-3405/4405
DC Power Supply XL200-3601/4601
Power supply ( +5,+24,+/-12) XL200-3602/4602
Power Supply XL50
ESI 4 Channel Serial PCB 1-10016
Monitor Model DMCS-I2 01-4004-002
Open chasis Monitor 115-279
Open Chasis Monitor 115-354x
24V 9 Amp Power Supply GP7225-24
Intellicon 8 PCB 45801
Model CMX18 Transmitter PCB 601217-02A
Model CMR18 Receiver PCB 601218-02C
S102(98) PCB 9113G
STP-2m (pc) PCB 9573x
PIO-24/24 PCB 9635
SIO 2 (98) H PCB 9756A
ESC Power Supply Model ECC1-1
Match Network ( Model SRN1-2) 27-045983-00
SCR Power Controller 0190-76244
16 PT Analog Input PCB 901B-2555-A
Analog I/O PCB 50-1513
Diaphram Air Cylinder S-16-S-XX-UM
61011 Rate Alarm Option Circuit n/a
Hot Plate -655822
PAC PCB 18883
CMC Process PCB C4-03913-0000
Keyboard IPD 71-35
Multifunction Module PCB MFM-435-1
Servo Motor, Controller,& UPI set Servo Assembly
Controller, Servo Motor TSR48
Power Supply 05D-0189-01
Develop 2 Power Supply 05D-0166-02B-
Power Supply 05D-0171-41
DC Power Amp Module 69580
Disk Controller PCB 403001
CPU Board CT-N108
Undertemperature Alarm PCB 60007
Mass Flow Controller n/a
8300 Keyboard 0980-01000
Keyboard -654909
24V/4.5A Power Supply R100U-24
Camera Controller PCB 8766721
Motor Speed Controller- Model TSR48/5 048-FSI-033
PCB 501-0026
PCB 501-0063
Left Indexer Board 701-0042A
Motor Control Card PCB 701-0045A
Control Clock Stepping Motor PCB 701-0081B
Stepping Motor Control PCB 701-0082
Microstepper PCB 701-0090A/B
Microstepper PCB 7010090B/C
Microstepper PCB 7010090B/C
Microstepper PCB 701-0090C
Reg. Micro Step PCB 8840B
Slave Computer PCB 105020-X
Boatloader MC2-180
Extended Card PCB PC0080-684
Ultrasonic Generator, Power Supply 4PI5006
High Vacuum Pump 8107-108
Interface PCB 20-95
Model 400 Cryopump 8112935G001
On board Module 8113036G001
On-Board Module 8113042G002
On-Board 3PH Mtr Controller 8124063G001
Cryo-Torr High Vacuum Pump 8103055G001
On-Board 3PH MTR Controller 8124014G001
A1 PCB and 10 EPROMS (VM8), Low RES IC's/ Prober N/A
Auto Tuner PCB D-295167
Ionization Gauge Controller GIC-410
Analog Card NI0300
Indexer controller PCB 0123-3615
Robot with controller 6100
Elevator Wafer Lift PCB Model 2200
Elevator Wafer Lift PCB Model 2206
Robot Controller Model 6100
Isolated Output Driver PCB HPC3333A0
16 Channel A/D Card HPC3563A0
Quad 10 Bit D/A PCB HPC3654B0
CPU-6502 PCB PD1010A0
Video PC Expander 510-074
Personal Switch Commander 520-066
Control Module 525E
PCB -399726
Control Module Model 505E
Pump model 5126C
Pump model 5226C
Power Supply Assembly PCB 280501X3170220-02
1KG Beam BT22LC05
Motherboard Wiring PCB n/a
PC 350 LCD Display And Connection To Motherboard PCB n/a
Maitenance Pendant 80300000011
Maitenance Pendant 80326010128
Inverter Assy. PCB BFV5010D92
Converter Assembly PCB BFV5015D92
Chemical Heater CLH-2044-SH
PCB CLH-2522B-x
MEC-40V-0 PCB CLW-3327A
MEC-40V-0 PCB CLW-3327A
Infra-Red Sensor PCB DM-ID3-Z
Main CPU PCB JKP-0194
Wafer Transport driver board MSC-2637B
PCB OPC-2310A-1
PCB OPC-2401
MEC-M11 PCB OPC-2502x
PCB OPC-2505A-4
PCB SCB-3271A-1
CLW Maitenance Unit (Pendant) TRM-2577A-2
Driver PCB OPC2300A
Auto Tuner AST-2010CMD
RF Match ID80-004121-21
Controller for Daihen Generator MFG-20SA3
RF Power Generator MFG-20SA3
RF Power Generator MFG-20SA6
RF Match MFM-10M
Matching Network 8500 DP MFM-20SA2
RF Power Generator MGA-20A
RF Power Generator MGA-20A1
RF Power Generator RGA10A
MOENLB-D Robot SPR-101-X0831
RF Match Type AMN-30C10
Tank change controller CECC-201-1
Main Panel w/Touchscreen CEMP-0013
Main Panel w/Touchscreen CEMP-0016
Main Panel w/ Touchscreen CEMP-0017
5 Axis Robot Motor Controller CERD-0012
Motor Driver Model D2460 CERD-811
Uninterruptible Power System RSR31
Matrix Display PCB Assy. APD-480M021
Saw Blade Motor Drive 145-30431
Motor Speed Control 253 D
Motor Control PCB Model 253B-C
Motor Speed Control n/a
Cassette Tape Drive Unit 98000057F
Memory PCB CM 126
Power Supply Regulator Card n/a
MMX3 PCB 394000
Hard Drive Control PCB 38269
DTC-5x0x 10-00009-xxx
DT 2726, DT 2727 n/a
Touchscreen LMX-12R
Scanner NLB9665/001
32K PROM PCB C-1849
CPU PCB Rev G C-1854
Digital Input PCB C-1857
16 Digital Output PCB C-1861
8DAC Schematic C-1901
SCR Control C-1987
Power supply C1994
SCR Control C-1994
Scrubber PCB C-2131-15
Motor Control PCB C-2134
Digital Panel Meter C-6531
Panel Meter DM3100N
I/O Analog Assembly PCB (ANA - 10) 13872
I/O Analog assy. PCB (ANA-10) 13872
RF AMPS A/B Setpoint PCB 963-3431
Split Sensor LN Controller 970-3545
Relay Chassis PCB 973-3352
Interlock PCB n/a
Mother PCB 139-591 Rev C
Scan Head PCB 139-595
Controller Motor PCB 601750-104
Lamp Power Supply SM70-45D
PMAC (DSP) PCB 05-13279
Power Supply 5V+/-15V 11482XA
Power supply 11579XA
Power supply 11621XA
24V Power Supply FM12C6-xx
Power Supply ST150
V500 Switcher Power Supply V500
VQ and World Series Power Supplies VQ
V300B Switching Power Supply V300Bxx
Light Pen I/O PCB 27280-001
Rinse Controller DX2300
Subambient Controller Model 2200
Rinse Controller Model 2300
Controller IAS 27-122
Power Supply 2-VC-06337-5
PCB 2-VC-10746
Heater Controller 2-VC-34885
Console I/F PCB 5PW-511A
Console PCB 5PW-511A
Indexer PCB AP-1032B
Indexer PCB ASSY. AP-1032C
Indexer Control Assembly (2 PCBs) AP-1198A
Spinner Control PCB Assy. (3 PCBs) AP-1351A/AP-1192A/AP-1193A
Bake Oven PCB Assembly AP-1352A
Transport Unit PCB (1 PCB) AP-1353A
EEW PCB Assembly AP-1368B/AP-1369B
Interface B-Control PCB Assy. AP-1368B/AP1370`B/AP-1371B
Servo Amp AU3575N223
PCB BP-0011B/Gerc-002
Power Supply CEYD-0018
Brush Weight Controller GEJC-001
Transport Unit Model D1810-5
Servo Motor TS3510N
Hand Held Terminal VL-800
Card Reader MCT141-1A0130
TGS Detector -530361
Serial Communication Board 30000784
Bio-Rad System Box 013-4550-1
2 Driver Type 1245029
Power Supply 1322009
UD5 PCB Assy. 1343-068
Power Supply SU310-313
I/O controller 27-10157-00
Power Supply 30-34690-01/H7819-AA
DEC Server 200/MC 36-25984-14-C1
Power Supply HC200-527
Power supply KCB150-454
Video Controller Model VT284-F
TVX120/DEC Monitor n/a
Hard Disk Drive RZ24L-E
Touchscreen VRC20-HA
Video Controller VS286-F
Monitor VT420-B4
Monitor VT520
Color Graphics Display GDM-17EVE VRTX7-KA
Alphanumeric Printer Model 6470
Thermal Printer Model 6870
Logic PCB #1 n/a
Logic PCB #2 n/a
PM112 HV Rectifier n/a
PM112 RF Generator n/a
Temperature Controller PM 921C
D-1 Input PCB 00FU27
D-1 Timer PCB 00FU28
D2 PM Driver PCB 00FU46
D2 PM Driver PCB 00FU46
Cable Servo Drive Unit 83H
1500W Spindle Inverter DV-509M-1500
"Input ""B"" PCB" EAUA-001901
9M081 PCB EAUA-002001SK
DI Sensor Interface PCB EAUA-002200
Pulse Monitor Control PCB EAUA-002303
Main Control PCB EAUA-002900
Operation Panel & Interrupt I/O PCB EAUA-011200
Pulse Motor Driver PCB EAUA-023600
PCB 0143 EAUA-025300
D3 CPU PCB EAUA-082300
Sub Control Panel II EAUA-083900
Operation Panel PCB EAUA-088200
Pulse Motor PCB EAUA-163003
9M081 PCB EAUA-201500
Loader I/O Card PCB EAUA-249403
Motor control PCB EAUA-283000
Display Panel PCB EAUF-004501
Robot, MCON2 (ROBOT-R) ENWH0027
Grinder Height Gauge MAENR014-D
DC Motor MODBX 058
Stepping Motor Driver Model AK-X120
Dc Power Unit PCB n/a
Driver Control-1 (X,Y) PCB n/a
Driver Control-2 (Z,Theta) PCB n/a
Driver PCB (X,Y,Z,Theta) n/a
FP2 DC2-A Circuit Diagram n/a
Input / Output PCB n/a
Main PCB n/a
Output PCB n/a
ROM 1 PCB n/a
Sensor I/F PCB n/a
Spindle Inverter 1 n/a
Touch Sensor Circuit PCB n/a
Main C.D.P. PCB OOFU34
CPU PCB SP-379-6
D-1 Timer board UA-001700
P.E. I/O Board UA-001801
Input PCB UA-1900
CRT Monitor DS 3000-155A
"9"" CRT" MD 2000
High Voltage Display CRT Module MD1500-190
High Voltage Display CRT Module MD1901-190
Analog Board 651100991
386 CPU PCB 651200978
PCB 651201012
CPU Fan w/SIRB PCB 651208540
CPU 386SX-33 PCB 651400975
386 CPU Processor Bd. (ISA Backplane) 912000900
Video PCB UA05-2036-2
Resistivity Meter AQ-10
RF Generator VMA-1
24V Power Supply PS20187
Motor Driver PCB 2-39-3903
Chiller 2-39-45751
Pit Viper 535 PCB 21-1001-0128
PCB,VGA 21-OEO1-0030
97-2784 Display PM14CVGA-RT
monitor BHO-1211
Servo Amplifier (brushless) SABL-220
Bi directional coupler 42706
Mass Flow Meter / Control Valve 2200162
Ferrafluidics 2200983-PU
RF Tuner Assembly 2500042D
Power Amp Module 2600345D
Four Port Output Combiner PCB 2600372
Microprocessor I/O PCB A 2800012 F
Microprocessor I/O PCB A 2800013
Microprocessor I/O PCB A 2800014
Analog I/O PCB 2800014 F
Analog I/O PCB 2800014 G
I/O PCB 'B' 2800015
Analog I/O PCB 2800019
Digital Switch & Control PCB 2800032
Digital Switch & Control PCB 2800034
I/O PCB B (102) 2800060
Solid State Driver PCB 2800074
Tuner PCB 2800085
Auto Tune PCB 2800086
I/O PCB MS5 2800128A
Display Panel PCB 2800131
DS 100 CPU 2800191
DS 100 CPU 2800192
Scan Laser Control 2800230
Four Port Output Combiner PCB 2800263C
50 Watt Driver Board 2800294
Pulse controller Interface PCB 2800795A
SCB-200 CPU 28080
Mass Flow Controller 3000192
Arm Controller Driver Board C211384G1
I/O PCB, MS5 n/a
Microstep Translator PCB n/a
S-100 CPU PCB n/a
RF Power Supply PA-500
AMN MK III Test (Automatic Match Network) S10612600
13.56 MHz RF Power Source 2600-560
Memory Card PCB 605-04114-002
LN2 PCB n/a
Mass Flow Controller M10D
Touchscreen Model 1021
Deflash Rectifier DCU9-250
Dynavision Burn-in-Board 14-21245A
DC Servo Motor -
Spin Motor 15511
D.C. Servo Motor 20154x
Spin Motor 22017
Spin Motor 22044
Spin Motor 5013257502
Timer CT531A6
Brushless DC Motor DB31D-54
Pump 3J-34E
Control PCB Block Diagram
Coupling 0100-00431
Solenoid, Valve, 3 Way 0101-00104
Valve, Four-Way, 24 VDC 0101-00104
Solenoid Two Way (Air) Viton 0101-00192
Solenoid Two Way (Air) Viton 0101-00192
Solenoid, Air Vacuum 0101-00192
Solenoid Two Way (Water) Viton 0101-00193
Valve, Fluid, 2 Way, Teflon Seat 0101-00193
Flow Control Valve 0101-00196
Three Way Solenoid 0101-00200
Check Valve 0101-00203
Pump Water Solenoid 0101-00208
Pump Air Solenoid 0101-00209
Regulator 0101-00217
Valve (Fluid) 0101-00245
Gauge, 0-60 PSI 01011-00240
Relay Control Center Interconnect 0302-0001, Rev. F
Discharge Power Supply 0303-0018
PCB 0303-0088
Stepper Motor Controller PCB 0303-0096 Rev.B
CPU PCB 0342-0048
Chamber Vacuum Control PCB,A14 0342-0049, Rev. R
Chamber Vacuum Control PCB,A14 0342-0049-4001
Condition Monitor PCB 0342-0050, Rev. H
Condition Monitor PCB 0342-0050/0052-4001
Beam Current Display Driver PCB 0342-0138, Rev. A
Process Control PCB, A15 0342-0139, Rev. M
A15, Process Control PCB 0342-0139-4001
PCB, YI Vertical Transformer/Filter 0342-01402-0001
Relay Driver Interface Assembly PCB 0342-0144, Rev. E
Status Interface PCB 0342-0145, Rev. E
Operator Status Control PCB 0342-0148, Rev. C
Data Display # 1 PCB 0342-0150, Rev. C
Data Display # 2 PCB 0342-0151, Rev. B
Operator Control PCB 0342-0152, Rev. B
I/O Status Display PCB 0342-0156, Rev F
I/O Card Switch Interface PCB 0342-0158, Rev. B
I/O Card Relay Driver Interface PCB 0342-0160, Rev. D
Accelerator Status Control PCB 0342-0161-4001
H.V.P.S. Control 0342-0164-4001
System Alarm PCB 0342-0175, Rev H
Extender Card PCB 0342-0191
Isolation Transformer Tank 0342-0195, Rev. U
Low Voltage Power Suppply PCB 0342-0217
Beam Monitor PCB 0342-0217, Rev. H
Beam Monitor Amplifier PCB 0342-0218, Rev. H
Gas Select Switch PCB 0342-0249
Magnet Power Supply Regulator PCB 0342-0254, Rev. C
Magnet P.S. Regulator PCB 0342-0254-3001
Source Terminal Data Link PCB 0342-0256-4001
High Voltage Terminal Data Link 0342-0257, Rev. H
METAL FLANGE 0342-0259-3001
Ion Source Control Panel 0342-0260, Rev. D
Discharge Power Supply 0342-0271-4001
Source Terminal Control Module PCB 0342-0286, Rev. B
High Voltage Terminal Control Module 0342-0287, Rev. C
Arc Discharge Power Supply 0342-0290, Rev. P
Arc Discharge Power Supply Chassis 0342-0290-4001
Filament Power Supply Chassis Assembly 0342-0291
Filaments Power Supply Chassis Assembly 0342-0291-4001
Beam Shutter Controller Assembly 0342-0318
Beam Shutter Control 0342-0318, Rev. B
Terminal High Voltage Power Supply Chassis PCB 0342-0321, Rev. L
Ion Source Equipment Rack 0342-0325, Rev. E
Mechanical Pump Power Contactors Assembly 0342-0367, Rev. B
Suppresor Battery Box 0342-0386, Rev. A
Magnet Power Supply 0342-0406
Beam Current Integration II PCB 0342-0408, Rev. G
Beam Current Amplifier II PCB 0342-0413
A16, Beam Current Amp PCB 0342-0413-4001
Chamber Control Card Rack 200A6 End Station Controller 0342-0429
Chamber Control Panel Assembly 0342-0430, Rev. A
Chamber Test Panel Assembly 0342-0431
D.C. Solenoid Interface PCB 0342-0433
Indexer Drive PCB 0342-0434, Rev. B
Load Station PCB 0342-0436, Rev. A
Wafer Cooling Control Panel 0342-0437, Rev. H
Chamber Control Panel PCB 0342-0438, Rev. C
Surge Protection Assembly 0342-0440, Rev. B
A/D Converter PCB 0342-0441, Rev. B
Indexer Isolation PCB 0342-0442, Rev. B
Test Panel 200A6 End Station Controller 0342-0443
E9, Thermocouple Amplifier PCB 0342-0445
Distribution Buss Box 0342-0446, Rev. C
Power Supply 200A6 End Station Controller 0342-0447, Rev. C
CPU PCB 0342-0448,Rev. C
CPU PCB 0342-0448-4001
Backplane Assembly PCB Power Distribution 0342-0449, Rev. A
E2, Memory PCB 0342-0450
Chamber Test Panel PCB 0342-0451, Rev. C
Interlocked I/O Port PCB 0342-0452, Rev. B
I/O Port, Interlocked PCB 0342-0452-4001
Scanner High Voltage PCB 0342-0453, Rev A
Scanner Amplifier PCB (U1) 0342-0454-3001, Rev. A
Scanner Amplifier PCB (U3) 0342-0454-3002, Rev A
Indexer Port Unload 0342-0458
Unload Station PCB 0342-0458,Rev. B
End Station Interface PCB 0342-0459, Rev. C
Scanner Amplifier U2 PCB 0342-0460-3001, Rev. A
Scanner Amplifier PCB (U4) 0342-0460-3002, Rev. A
Indexer Interconnect PCB 0342-0464, Rev. E
Indexer Sensor PCB 0342-0465, Rev. E
Wafer Senor PCB (Load & Unload Locks ) 0342-0466, Rev. D
Power Oscillator PCB, Vaporizer Source Assembly 0342-0492, Rev. B
Interconnection Assembly Wafer Cooling Option 0342-0503, Rev. A
Autoline 6 Cable Harness 0342-0536, Rev. A
Emergency Power Off PCB 0342-0544
Control Electronics Vaporizer Source PCB 0342-0552, Rev. C
Electronics Vaporizer Source 0342-0558, Rev. C
Power Oscillator Vaporizer Source 0342-0559,Rev. B
H.V.P.S. Control 0342-0576
High Voltage Power Supply Control PCB 0342-0576, Rev. E
High Voltage P.S. Control PCB 0342-0576A
Wafer Sensor PCB (Chamber) 0342-0594, Rev. A
Wafer Sensor PCB (Unload Indexer) 0342-0595, Rev. C
Filament Power Supply Control PCB 0342-0601, Rev. B
Flat Finder PCB 1521250